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Chapter 534: 534
Birthday Tradition (1)

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Back to the current moment . Zhao Yarou asked Ye Lang curiously, “You said they could treat his hands, is it true?”

“I think so, I’ve only heard about it too…” said Ye Lang .

“Has medicine among the Light Doctors advanced so much already? Gao Lei’s arms should not recover, I can’t believe they can treat his arms as if they were never injured,” Zhao Yarou frowned . She was a proficient alchemist so she had experience with medicine . She could see how severe Gao Lei’s injuries were, they should be untreatable in the current day’s medicine .

This meant that the Light Religion had made huge progress with Ye Lang’s help!

“What do you mean by ‘as if they were never injured’? I only mean he’ll be able to use his arms like a normal person!” replied Ye Lang .

“??” Zhao Yarou did not understand .

“It would be very difficult to treat an injury like that, making them as good as new would be impossible . But he would still be able to live like a normal person, carry stuff, perform simple tasks- that’s possible . ”

“I see . ” She understood . Ye Lang referred to a non-magic, non-douqi-wielding, regular person . It would be impossible for him to fight with a sword ever again .

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“I don’t have time for idle talk, when will the food be served? Let’s go home after the meal!” hurried Ye Lang .

“We’ll be serving soon, why are you in such a hurry? Alright, from today onwards, you’ll be by my side, we will…” said Zhao Yarou .

“No, I will never be with you! Stay far away from me!” Ye Lang interrupted her quickly, rejecting her immediately .

“Why?” Zhao Yarou took a step forward .

“Because you’re a very dangerous person!” Ye Lang was very honest .

“ . . . ” Zhao Yarou was silent, as well as the rest . No one had expected him to reject her outright .

“I want you to accompany me on my birthday . Let’s sit together today, for my birthday, can we?” she said gently . This was an emotion she had never conveyed, the crowd was stunned .

“Uh, let’s talk about this later, alright? It’ll be a while before dinner begins . ” Ye Lang was about to reject again but he’d looked into her eyes to see a look that reminded him of something . But he could not remember what it reminded him of, and he had a feeling it would not be beneficial to reject this request .

“You didn’t say no, that means you’ve agreed . I’ll make arrangements for you to sit with me!” said Zhao Yarou with a smile . At this moment, everyone could feel that her smile was genuine . She was genuinely happy .

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Perhaps she was, or how could one explain what just happened? She was a girl of eighteen years, a time of budding romance . Liking a person was very normal .

“Whatever!” replied Ye Lang . There was a flash in his eyes as if this was very familiar, but he couldn’t grasp what it was .

“You all, do you all have anything to say to me?” asked Ye Lang, puzzled, as he saw the rest of Li Yue’s admirers still standing before him .

“No, no, Mr Fox, I think you and Miss Li Yue are very suited for each other . We do not have any other opinions on this!” someone said immediately . They had already witnessed Gao Lei’s fate, then saw the peculiar relationship between him and Zhao Yarou . Who would dare interfere?

“We were only here to get to know you, Mr Fox,” said one .

“Yes, yes! We’re here to make friends!”

“ . . . ”

Ye Lang now understood what the common saying, ‘there is no such thing as an eternal enemy’ meant .

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“Make friends? Sure! We’re brothers now!” Ye Lang laughed, then started chatting with everyone as if they truly were friends .

Li Yue was very confused . Why the sudden change in attitude? Why was Ye Lang talking to them, didn’t he hate talking to these people? Here he was, initiating conversation with these men who didn’t look like they were good men .

Yep, they were not good people at all . These people had once bullied Ye Lang, or rubbed salt to their wounds when the Ye family ran from Soaring Sky . Of course, we’re referring to Ye Yi and his descendants, not the current sect of the Ye family who remained in Soaring Sky .

What was Ye Lang doing?

Li Yue did not understand at all . A more peculiar thing happened when Boss Zhu appeared-- the little girl named Zhu Ye’er . She seemed to be this party’s supplier, most of the stuff here was bought from her .

Li Yue wasn’t surprised at her attendance . With Zhu Ye’er’s current power and influence, she definitely had the right to be here . Plus she was the supplier for the party too .

Little Zhu Ye’er had immediately run up to Ye Lang so excitedly when she saw him . Li Yue did not find this weird because she had seen how Zhu Ye’er pestered Ye Lang at the Zhu Soup House’s full moon festival when they released Sky Lanterns .

What she found odd was that when Ye Lang saw Zhu Ye’er, his face turned cold . “Little girl, we don’t really know each other . Stop pestering me, go play somewhere else!”

“ . . . ” Zhu Ye’er was stunned for a moment, then left when she saw Ye Lang clench his teeth .

What was he doing? Why the sudden change in attitude? Was he previously just in a good mood, was this what he truly felt?

Very soon, the party officially began . Ye Lang was dragged to sit with Zhao Yarou in the front, this surprised everyone .

That was where Zhao Yarou was supposed to sit alone . It was very different from where the palace officials sat . Based on regular circumstances, there should not be anyone sitting with her, for that was only reserved for the person closest to her . Her partner would be the prince of the empire .

However, no one dwelled on this topic for they did not think Ye Lang would be the prince . Zhao Yarou was a psychotic, violent empress, they knew that she was unpredictable .

This party was a grand one . The best food was served along with the best dances, the best music and fun entertainment .

Zhao Yarou seemed to be very satisfied with everything, smiling from the beginning to the end of the party . Ye Lang, who was by her side, only liked one thing: the food .

During the feast, Zhao Yarou even gave Ye Lang food with her chopsticks, like a doting wife, as if she really was taking care of Ye Lang .

Ye Lang was merely surprised for a moment, then continued eating . Once he was full, he finally started to watch the performances . Props to them, the performances were actually really good .

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