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Chapter 533: 533
The Empress' Guest (3)

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Sir Tie Jing did not move after he heard Ye Lang’s remark . He answered to Zhao Yarou, not Ye Lang . He had to be very clear, plus Ye Lang even said he wanted Zhao Yarou’s misfortune .

“Hmmph . Tie Jing, break both of his arms, do not draw blood,” she said coldly, even specifically stating she did not want to see blood .

“Yes Ma’am,” answered Sir Tie Jing, preparing to break Gao Lei’s arms with douqi…

“Wait, wasn’t it supposed to be just his right hand?” Ye Lang stopped him immediately .

The father and son stared at her pitifully, as if their eyes were saying, the fox was right, wasn’t it supposed to be one right hand? Why is it two now?

At least he still had his left hand if his right hand was rendered useless . Although it would be inconvenient, at least he could still live a normal life .

But if both arms were rendered useless, then this was as if he had no arms at all . This was a huge difference from having one arm!

“His left arm can hold a sword too, I can’t guarantee he might not do this again . Break his arms,” said Zhao Yarou mildly .

Crack crack…


The sounds of bone-breaking and Gao Lei’s screams of pain echoed at the same time, every person there could feel their hearts beating out of their chests as if they were feeling the same pain .

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Sir Tie Jing did his job well, using his vibrations to break every nerve and vein in Gao Lei’s arms, at the same time shattering every bone .

Gao Lei’s arms would never heal now .

No one had expected this to happen, though they realised this all stemmed from the legendary ‘pretty boy’ .

And all because Gao Lei pointed at him with his sword too .

Just as their gazes fell on Ye Lang, the cause of so much misery, they saw him squatting on the ground and poking at Gao Lei with a chopstick . Gao Lei had passed out from the intense pain .

“Hey, are you dead yet?”

“ . . . ”

Hey, hey! He’s already like that, why don’t you just let him go?

Even Zhao Yarou was puzzled . What more did Ye Lang want? This man had both his arms rendered useless, this was already more serious than what Ye Lang intended .

When Ye Lang realised the man wasn’t responding, he switched tactics .

“Wake up . ”

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Ye Lang poured a pot of tea on his face, and they saw steam too . That meant the tea was scalding hot…

“ . . . ” The audience was silent .

“Aargh…” The unconscious Gao Lei was startled awake, first feeling the burning tea then the pain in his arms .

At this moment, if he could choose, he would have not woken up because it was absolute torture .

Everyone wondered if Ye Lang had deliberately woken him up so he could feel the pain .

“You look pitiful, so I’ll be kind enough to tell you one thing . Listen up,” said Ye Lang .

“Enlighten me then,” Gao Lei clenched his teeth, sounding every word through his pain .

“It’s actually not impossible to get your arms back to normal…” said Ye Lang .

“??” Gao Lei and his father’s eyes brightened . They suddenly forgot what Ye Lang had done . If Ye Lang could get Gao Lei’s arms back to normal, they would worship him as a god .

“Enlighten me then, sir,” said Gao Lei, becoming very polite .

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“No no, it’s just a random thought . I heard there’s a place in Miracle District of Sheng City . There are very good doctors there, perhaps you can visit them,” said Ye Lang with a smile .

“ . . . ” The crowd fell silent, not because they were shaken by such a news but because this was something everyone knew . It sounded like Ye Lang was mocking Gao LEi .

“You don’t have to tell me that, I know!” spat Gao Lei .

“Oh, you do? You may faint if you want then,” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ”

Did fainting work that way?

“Your Majesty, I shall excuse myself after today,” said Lord Gao to Zhao Yarou as he carried his son .

“Alright,” said Zhao Yarou mildly .

“Hmmph,” Lord Gao and his son scoffed at Ye Lang, their message conveyed clearly . While they dared not do anything to Zhao Yarou, they could hate Ye Lang .

“Remember, don’t tell the doctors how you got injured or they might not treat you . Just say you rolled down a hill,” reminded Ye Lang again .

“ . . . ”

Can you only hurt two arms from rolling down a hill? Roll down a hill yourself, then talk! Everyone looked down on Ye Lang instantly .

However, who would know that this was genuine advice? If those Light Doctors knew Gao Lei’s arms were broken because he pointed a sword at Ye Lang, and Ye Lang himself said his right arm should be broken, they might not treat him- or at least no treat his right arm .

They might even instruct Light Riders to chase him out of Sheng City, and banish him for life .

Ye Lang was the founder of the House of Confusion, he was an important person in Sheng City . Disrespecting him was the same as disrespecting the House of Confusion, disrespecting Sheng City and the entire Light Religion .

This was how the Light Religion dealt with people like him . If the residents of Miracle District knew, they might even break Gao Lei’s legs!

Subsequently, Gao Lei’s story had spread and he did not heed Ye Lang’s advice . He even declared publicly that he wanted to take his revenge-- which would only worsen his problems . His fate was about to take a worse turn .

At that point, Gao Lei did not know who Ye Lang was here, even directly telling Arwen this . Perhaps he wanted to impress her? In her feminine clothing, Arwen was quite attractive .
This was a man who did not learn from his mistakes . Some people did not learn their lessons, nor did they know their limits .

In a rage, Arwen stabbed Gao Lei with a few needles then passed him to Lord Feng Xing . Feng Xing then passed him to the residents of Miracles District, saying that he was a person of the Light Religion so the Lady of Light did not permit him to harm a commoner .

These residents were not dumb either, they knew he implied that he was not in a position to take action, you do what you want with him .

You dare touch our Ye Lang? You must have a death wish .

Then, a crowd charged at him, kicking and punching until he soiled himself . In the end, not only could he not use both his hands, his legs too were useless .

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