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Chapter 5 – The Earth is round! Translated by imakeussmile


Very quickly, the sensation surrounding the thirteenth prince’s memory started to fade away. After all, the strength or weakness of one’s memory cannot make up for the other shortcomings that he had.

At the moment, another matter was currently occurring.

Right now, the thirteenth prince was at an important stage of his life, where he had to decide what he would in the future. About the type of person he would want to become, or what kind of job, at least in name, he would want to do, for example: being a scholar, a civil official and so on.

As for why is it a job just in name? The reason is actually very simple, and it is that no one felt that the thirteenth prince would be able to take charge of the matters needed in any job. Also, they would not let him work in the actual job, rather it would be a job just for the title. To put it simply, it would be so that it would be pleasant to hear that the thirteenth prince had a job. And to put it even more simply, it was a matter regarding reputation.

Of course, this choice was decided by the thirteenth prince’s parents, and this choice is the cause of Ye Cheng Tian’s and his wife’s headaches, since they did not know how to handle it properly.

This was because, with such a strong memory, the thirteenth prince could easily become a scholar, who would have access to an abundant array of knowledge, and required a strong ability to memorize,  with regards to this aspect, it wouldn’t be a problem at all, but even with this knowledge he may not be able to tell others about what he knows.

However, as far as this was concerned, Ye Cheng Tian and his wife, did not need the thirteenth prince to lecture others on any scholarly matters, and therefore, they hired a famous scholar to come and teach the thirteenth prince.

Soon after, a strange event started to happen. After the famous scholar taught the prince for a short period of time, he immediately gave in his resignation to Ye Cheng Tian and his wife, as well as telling them to find someone more qualified than him to teach the thirteenth prince. As for the reason given for his resignation, it was that he said that he was not qualified enough and didn’t possess the capability to teach the thirteenth prince at all.

At the start, both husband and wife were under the impression that it was because the thirteenth prince was too slow-witted, a rotten wood that would not be able to be carved, and that the scholar was unable to put his hand to it at all. Thus, they had no choice but to hire another famous scholar to teach the thirteenth prince.

Yet, this time it was even faster. Not even three days since the scholar was hired, he similarly handed in his resignation and also requested the Ye Family to find someone more qualified than him to teach the thirteenth prince.

Following this, the Ye Family continuously hired a few more famous scholars to teach the thirteenth prince, and yet again, none of them were able to persevere on, and the duration of their employment time got shorter and shorter. The final scholar was only able to persevere for half a day before he said a sentence to the married husband and wife ,with a frightened face and a look that said that he was about to crumble any moment.

“Your noble prince is a genius unparalleled under the heaven. I am not able to teach him. Perhaps, in this world, only god would be able to teach him.”

This situation caused Ye Cheng Tian and his wife to feel that something was fishy. No matter how stupid the thirteenth prince was, before coming here to teach him, all of these scholars knew about the thirteenth prince’s situation and thus would have definitely prepared themselves to deal with him and should not have resigned after teaching him for less than half a day.

Moreover, according to the situation, the scholars that were hired later on were getting more and more qualified, the time those scholars persevered should have gotten longer and longer. But why was it getting shorter and shorter instead?

Therefore, after being puzzled with this question, Ye Cheng Tian and his wife went to ask the thirteenth prince himself, desiring to know what happened between him and the scholars, that made the scholars behave in such a strange manner.

Don’t ask, you do not know. When asked, you get startled. After Ye Cheng Tian and his wife found out the answer to their puzzled question, they immediately severed the idea of hiring scholars to teach the thirteenth prince. Similarly, they no longer requested the thirteenth prince to become a scholar anymore.


“Thirteenth prince, today we will first understand about the origin of the continent. Long ago, before the god’s age, there were no living creatures on the ground during that time. Until when, god descended upon this world, giving life to the earth, and at the same time created us humans, elves, dwarfs, beastmen and many other intellectual creatures. “

“But within all the numerous races, us, the human race is the race that is closest to god, because god created the human race according to his own image.  Therefore, within all the races, we the human race are the most intellectual……”

During the time when the scholar was proudly talking about the human race’s superiority, the thirteenth prince who was listening at the side stared blankly for a while, then expressed his own opinion on the matter.

“The human race is actually not the creation of god. That is merely a mythology. The human race is due to the evolution of apes. This is what was written on the theory of evolution.” (GK Ed. my inner biologist is crying!!! We didn’t evolve from Apes…)

What is the theory of evolution? The scholar already did not want to know about it. He was only shocked about the thirteenth prince’s opinion. That was a type of questioning towards god, and therefore he immediately began to correct the thirteenth prince.

Just that, during the time when the scholar was correcting the thirteenth prince and explaining to him that he must not question the existence of god, the thirteenth prince once again raised a question.

“Why can’t I question it? Did you all before ever see god? Are you all sure that god really exists?”

This caused the scholar to immediately start packing his stuff and left, he was afraid that if he was to stay here and teach the thirteenth prince, he would get pulled into an enormous mess.

The following scholars were also met with a similar situation. For example, the prince saying that the Earth is actually not flat but instead round. Just that this round Earth was just too big and that no one was able to feel it or see it.


In addition, the thirteenth prince also said that the sun was actually a kind of huge fireball star and that the Earth was encircling and spinning around the sun, and that the sun was not encircling and spinning around the Earth, as it was believed.

With regards to the people in this world, everything that the thirteenth prince said, was simply going against the existence of god. If this was to be known by the church, they would definitely send punitive forces against the thirteenth prince. Even if a child’s words carried no harm, there would still be a reaction to some extent.

Therefore, after knowing this situation, all of those scholars immediately got away from the thirteenth prince. After all, they would definitely not want to invite disaster onto themselves.

After Ye Cheng Tian and his wife knew about this, their complexion also changed. They unanimously decided to not hire anymore scholars to teach the thirteen prince. If this little thirteenth prince was to once again say out some astonishing theory, what kind of disaster would happen then?

Just that, they were very baffled about one point – “Cheng Tian, where do you think he learnt all of these messy thing? From the time he was born, he hasn’t even taken a step out of the house.” Long An Qi was very baffled. Because of the specialness of her own son, up till now, he still hadn’t left the Ye Residence, and absolutely should not have been able to come into contact with such issues.

“That’s right, from small till now, apart from us and those few servant girls looking after him, there was only……” Ye Cheng Tian was very baffled and just as he was speaking, he suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Ye Lan Yu!!”

“What is it?” Little Lan Yu looked at her own parents puzzled. She felt that her parents seemed to be a bit angry, and therefore started thinking of what she had done wrong today.

“You little troublemaker! Forget about you usually being mischievous, how could you tell your little brother about those kinds of messy things? You know perfectly well that he does not know how to judge what is true or false, and no matter what you said, he would just believe it.”

“What?” Little Lan Yu did not understand, and what she did not understand was which matter they were talking about?

Obviously, this was already not the first time that she had deceived her own little brother.

However, after she knew the whole entire matter, she affirmably said in one sentence –

“Dad, mom, I really didn’t do it this time!!”

The crisis this time made Ye Cheng Tian and his wife temporary give up on the plan to raise the thirteenth prince into a scholar. In the future, they would just let the thirteenth prince read books alone, to prevent his astonishing opinions from appearing once again.

For this, they specially gathered quite a few books which consists of various kinds of content. Of course, within all these, there was not a single ‘argumentative’ book.

Since being a scholar was out of the question, why not go and try for others types of careers, for example attempting to be the empire’s feudal lord, since this was something that the thirteenth prince would have to do sooner or later. Although, when the time comes, it may not necessarily be the thirteenth prince himself that would personally take over, but rather there would be people in the Ye Family helping him out.

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