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Chapter 6 – Missing Translated by imakeussmile


After the previous experience they became more careful, and thus this time they were just glad that their decision to keep watch on the thirteenth prince seemed to be the right one.

To study on how to become a feudal lord, there was no other choice or option but to learn the laws of the Empire and understand the situation of the Empire. Just after the thirteenth prince finished looking through all the materials, he straightforwardly stated his opinions, which caused the Ye Family’s hearts to become alarmed.

“This kind of law is unfair. Why are the criterion differences between the nobles and the commoners so huge? The law should be equal for everyone. Even if the emperor breaks the law, he must be convicted too and have his head chopped off!”

“This slavery system should be abolished……”

“The nation’s leaders should be chosen by the people……”


About the matter pertaining to the thirteenth prince’s occupation-in-name, after countless times of effort and failure, Ye Cheng Tian and his wife were starting to get a headache, and were even at a point that their minds were in a such a confused state, that they actually directly wanted to ask what kind of person the thirteenth prince would want to be in the future and what he would want to do in the future.

The thirteenth prince thought for a while, then smiled saying: “I want to be a prodigal son!”

“……” Ye Cheng Tian and his wife looked at each other and after a good while, then asked: “What? Can you say it again?”

“I want to be a prodigal son.” The thirteenth prince repeated what he said a moment ago and even furthermore added on another sentence –

“A prodigal who has authority, power, money and beautiful woman! Yep, best if there were some lackeys who followed behind me too!!”

“Why do you want to be this?” At that time, Ye Cheng Tian and his wife did not know what they should say and asked a question while looking foolish.

“I want to squander money, I want to be prodigal!!”


“Ye Lan Yu!!!” Ye Cheng Tian and his wife roared towards a place, or more specifically, roaring towards a certain person, and that person was the thirteenth prince’s bigger sister, Ye Lan Yu.

From what they believed, for the thirteenth prince to have such a strange thought, the only possibility was that it was Little Lan Yu who indoctrinated the thirteenth prince with the idea to be a prodigal son. Thus right now, they were about to properly give a lesson to Little Lan Yu.

Poor Little Lan Yu, to have to once again become the thirteenth prince’s sacrificial lamb for no good reason. Similarly, the thirteenth prince also looked at his own parents while feeling somewhat baffled, as he did not understand what him wanting to be a prodigal son had to do with his own bigger sister.

Also, at this time, the thirteenth prince was merely five years old. To have such huge ambitions at this age, the thirteenth prince was worthy of being called a genius unparalleled under the heaven indeed.

In-between all of these matters, there was also another matter, which was about the thirteenth prince’s name.

Regarding this matter, the people of the Ye Family also felt something strange. Originally, they helped pick a name for the thirteenth prince, which was ‘Ye Tian You’. The idea behind the name, was that they wished that heaven would protect and look after the thirteenth prince. (In the name Ye Tian You, Tian means heaven and You means assist/protect.)

However, a point that was very strange was that after the prince had learned how to read and write, he kept on writing his own name as Ye Lang and when others called him Ye Tian You, he would not respond and only when they called him Ye Lang, would he have some sort of reaction.

Although it was very strange, but after being accustomed to it, everyone just forgot about the name Ye Tian You, and replaced it with the two words, Ye Lang. Thus, the name ‘Ye Lang’ became both the thirteenth prince’s lifetime code name and also his own name.

Ye Lang? Was this a coincidence or was there another root cause?

Whatever it was, no one currently knew and what everyone did know was that, since the little Ye prince had decided on being a prodigal son, he would need to go and spend money. And the first fact before spending money was that one needed to have money. If one doesn’t have money, how would one be able to spend it? How would he be able to squander money, and how would he be able to be prodigal?

However, this matter was very easy to solve. The little Ye prince had never left the house before and did not need to spend money, he still had his yearly allowance money, and who knows how much money he received every year? Probably, the little Ye prince’s wealth would be compared with that of a small wealthy family.

This was just merely his allowance money. If he was to open his mouth to ask for money, he would easily receive much more.


After having such an economic foundation, it was time to go and fix the second matter. This matter was the problem’s crucial point and the problem was, he would have to leave the house!

As far as most people were concerned, leaving the house was an ordinary occurrence. But, for our thirteenth prince, it was a somewhat relatively troublesome matter. In the whole Ye Family, no one would allow him to leave the house, or at the least, currently they would not allow him to leave the house.

However, a strange matter once again happened surrounding the thirteenth prince.

“Master, madam, not good, young master has disappeared!”

Following the anxious and scared voice of the servant girl, the people of the Ye Family suddenly discovered that the thirteenth prince who rarely showed himself in front of everyone had mysteriously disappeared, and even after searching the entire Ye Residence, the thirteenth prince was still not found.

At the beginning, everyone thought that Little Lan Yu was playing some sort of game with the thirteenth prince. Though very quickly, this thought was eliminated because Little Lan Yu was in the middle of a lesson and was separated from the thirteenth prince, making it impossible for her and the little Ye prince to have any sort of contact with one and another.

As a matter of fact, during that time, Little Lan Yu was in the middle of meditating and cultivating magic, and after hearing that the thirteenth prince had disappeared, she immediately stopped cultivating and urgently went to look for her little brother.

All of a sudden, the entire Ye Family erupted into a huge commotion. It not only caused a huge commotion, but it got to the point that the Ye Family’s patriarch almost mobilized the entire Ye Family’s power to search for the thirteenth prince.

At the time, even though everyone was very curious about how the thirteenth prince had disappeared, no one went to investigate it, as they were all focused on searching. After all, how could a five year old child, not to mention one that was a such an idiot, disappear with completely no trace. This point was just too strange.

At the present moment, the most important thing was to first find the thirteenth prince. No matter if the thirteenth prince was a waste individual or not, he was still the current Ye Family patriarch’s grandson and also Ye Cheng Tian’s son.

Very quickly, the people of the Ye Family appeared within all the big streets and small alleys across the imperial city. Of course, other than the people of the Ye Family, the city guard military that received the news was actually also searching for traces of the thirteenth prince as well.

This scene caused many others who did not know the truth of the matter of thirteenth prince’s disappearance to be endlessly baffled. They weren’t able to guess what had happened to cause such a huge commotion.

Thus, those people that did not know what occurred, started to go and make inquires. Although they could not find out who exactly the person being searched for was, they still found that the person being searched for was a five year old noble prince who had black hair and black eyes and the reaction of the noble prince could be somewhat sluggish.

Some people who were able to think deeply, had already guessed who this noble prince might be. After all, in the imperial capital, the amount of people who can cause such a dispersion of forces was not that many, and there were just a few individuals that corresponded with the mentioned conditions.

Right now, they were all curious as to why this little prince would have disappeared. Wasn’t he always at home?

Some people brought this question with them as they searched for the little prince, while others went to search for the little prince with some other purpose. Very quickly, the amount of people searching for the thirteenth prince in the entire imperial capital started to increase more and more.

Right now, unless the thirteenth prince was already outside of the imperial capital, he would certainly be able to be found, and it should also be very soon. Yep, very soon, at least, this was what everyone thought.

However, things weren’t as simple as how everyone thought it would be. After searching for three days straight and practically rummaging through the entire imperial capital, the thirteenth prince was still not found. Which place could the thirteenth prince have gone to? How was he able to avoid all the search parties? Could it be that he was kidnapped? All of these questions were rolling around In people’s minds.

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