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Chapter 470
Bad at Archery (3)

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Athena had thought about this . She did not NEED Ye Lang to meet up with Li Yue for they would encounter one another sooner or later!

Besides, he would have to practice archery for the upcoming group hunt . He would be prohibited from using alchemy weapons and is only limited to using crossbows and longbows .

Due to this, Athena had booked a slot for him to train his skills here in the meantime . Of course, his place was rather close to Li Yue’s, albeit not next to each other .

“Archery . . . I don’t think I have ever practised before… This is perfect for me to train!” Ye Lang picked up a longbow . He pulled the bowstring and tested the arrows to check them out .

After Ye Lang obtained the Martial Arts Treasury, he did not master all the eighteen weapons . Even upon reaching this world, he resumed his practice routine and did not include archery in it .

He’d created an alchemy weapon that dealt with long-range attacks, removing his need for the bow .

“This idiot…” Coldblood Five saw the state Ye Lang was in and knew immediately that he had never used the bow before . However, she believed that he could quickly master it .

That was because he was really good with firearms . While his aim was not bad, the problem lied in the technique, which in theory, should not be a problem as well .

“Oi, Little Fox, are you a newbie?” Some people who were waiting nearby noticed him and were slightly annoyed .

Usually, they would kindly provide pointers to Ye Lang . But now that they could not train and had to watch a newbie like Ye Lang taking their spot, it was natural that they would be displeased .

“Yep! I have never used one before!” Ye Lang ignored them and pulled on the bowstring .

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“If you never trained before, it’s best you don’t waste your time here and give your slot to people who need it, like---me!” The man smiled at Ye Lang .

“I’m sorry . I can’t give it to you!” Ye Lang replied politely, which was a farce made to trick Li Yue . This was a slot Athena booked for him too, how could he give it away like that?

“You little fox brat, know your spot! I’m being kind to you now, do you know who my dad is?” The man continued .

“Another kid talking about his dad? Again? Don’t you have anything better to talk about . . . ” Ye Lang dug his ear . Conversations like that irritated him .

“All of you spoiled bastards, why don’t you tell me your name instead of flaunting your dad’s name?” blurted Ye Lang . “ . . . Oh, I didn’t mean to say that out loud! Please don’t mind me!”

“ . . . ”

Upon hearing his words, everyone in the crowd fell silent . The lively mood turned into an eerily silence .

“I-I am Mudan’s son, Mu’er!”

“Mu Dan(peony)? Mu Er(fungus)?” Ye Lang continued, “And you’re SO proud of your father’s name? Listen to mine . I’m Ford . Ford Fox . ”

“Ford? Fox? What?” The fungus-no, Mu’er said .

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“That’s it . ” Ye Lang said simply . And at that moment, he casually shot the arrow notched on his bow .

“Bullseye! Who said I couldn’t shoot?!” Ye Lang looked forward, only to see an arrow in the centre of the target, inflating his “pride” .

“That was someone else’s arrow! Yours is right here!” Muer said . At the moment, everyone could see something protruding from his shoulder--an arrow!

“Eh? Why is there as arrow stuck on your shoulder? You seem to have a rather peculiar hobby…” Ye Lang said curiously .

“ . . . ”

“You shot the arrow!” Mu’er roared .

“Mine is right there…” Ye Lang pointed to the arrow at the target far away . It seems like he would never admit the arrow on Muer’s shoulder as his .

“It is here!” Mu’er roared once more .

“Mine is there!” Ye Lang denied again .



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“Fine! If you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you once again . ” Ye Lang notched another arrow and fired it .


Another arrow appeared on the target’s bullseye!

“See! My archery skills are superb!” Ye Lang said happily while turning to Muer with a proud look on his face .

“Eh? Why did you stick another arrow on yourself? Is it fun?” Ye Lang wore a mystified expression while others drew their distances away from him .

Muer was engulfed in pain and rage as both his sides were pierced by an arrow . It was needless to say but the other arrow was shot by Ye Lang too .

Then why is there another arrow on the target? It was obviously someone else’s! In this lively place, there would be people shooting every moment .

And the arrows were provided by the shooting range, so there was obviously no difference between them .

Which is why, when Muer was interrogating Ye Lang, Ye Lang replied with another question, “You’re saying both arrows belong to me? Where’s your proof?”

“There are so many witnesses here! Don’t dare deny it!” Mu’er bellowed .

“But, I didn’t see… Why not I shoot again…” Ye Lang was very honest . He believed that they should properly prove the case . If it was truly his fault, he would apologise .

“Yikes . . . ”

When Ye Lang was preparing the bow, everyone moved far away from his lane, especially Mu’er who ran the furthest .

“Oi, Brother Mu’er, please don’t run away! How can you prove it’s me then?!” Ye Lang shouted .

“If you continue to shoot, will I still be alive?” While he was speaking, he had already disappeared in the crowd . What he needed at the moment was a doctor, and not to prove the case .

“It’s alright . I have medical skills . As long as you’re not dead, I can always save you . ” Ye Lang shouted in hopes that Mu’er would stay .

“Go away! You can’t trick me!” Mu’er’s voice echoed across the crowd .

“It’s true! I wasn’t lying! Fine, I should just stick to practising!” Ye Lang did not care too much anyway . He started to pull the bowstring . It was a better attempt this time . Although he did not hit the target, he did not strike anyone either .

That was because there wasn’t anyone near him!

Because of this, despite how rowdy the place was, no one was practising at the slots near him and would rather wait in line further away .

Archery was a small matter to them and they prioritised their own lives . Avoid beginners if you value yours as well!

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