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Chapter 469: 469
Bad at Archery (2)

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“Little Yue, if you had previously accepted the thirteenth Ye prince’s pursuit, what would the outcome be?” mused Li Tianjun a while after the incident .

“No, a relationship with him? That would be impossible . I’m not sure why he was pursuing me either . “ Even till now, Li Yue could not explain Ye Lang’s original motives .

“I’m just saying, what would the outcome look like if the two of you got together?” Lee Tianjun asked again .

“The end result would be me leaving this place with him and being separated from you,” Li Yue said plainly . Just based on the hypothesis, that would have been the outcome .

If the two were together, Li Yue would definitely not leave him . However, with the current state of the Li family, it would’ve been hard for her to be in a relationship . Therefore, they would’ve also left the Soaring Sky Empire together .

Furthermore, she knew that despite Zhao Yarou’s perversion, she would not trouble people affiliated with Ye Lang, such as Zhen Xiaoyan’s parents, who were living comfortably in the city, unaffected by the Zhen Xiaoyan’s departure .

Perhaps Zhao Yarou did not want to make enemies . The Ye family was a neutral faction so there was no need to harass anyone else .

… .

“Boss, here are your dumplings and tofu…”

The next morning, Ye Lang awoke to Coldblood Five’s shouts . After tidying himself up, he came to the small stall .

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Coldblood Five did not come to accompany Ye Lang for breakfast, but to execute Athena’s plan where Ye Lang was expected to have breakfast here at this moment .

Li Yue had a habit to sleep and wake up early . Usually, she would wake up before the sun rises to train and take a shower . Then, she would have breakfast and head to the military department .

The routine repeated every day and while there were occasionally changes, they were unlikely .

“Boss! “ Li Yue’s voice echoed in Ye Lang’s ears .

“Li Yue! The usual eh?!“ The boss gave her a warm welcome, along with some dumplings and a bowl of tofu .

As a cultivator, Li Yue spent a lot of energy on training . Thus, she consumed large amounts of food .

“ . . . . . ” Ye Lang looked at his food, then looked at Li Yue and made a decision .

“Boss, give me two more dumplings and two more bowls of tofu!”

I am MAN! How can I eat less than the girl I want to chase? I have to redeem myself and eat more!

If Athena was here, she would be exasperated . She knew that Ye Lang was not a calm person, but never did she expect him to force himself to . . . eat .

Li Yue glanced at Ye Lang and felt as if they had met before . She quickly recalled him to be the weird fox she saw at the auction days ago .

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When the fox noticed her stares and looked back, it became frightened and seemingly tried to avoid her .

The two probably did not know, but the first impression they had of each other mirrored what their relationship used to be like . The recent events just reinforced the idea .

However, Li Yue was not interested in Ye Lang and turned her head away soon after . .

Li Yue’s breakfast had arrived and she swiftly yet politely munched on the two dumplings and bowls of tofu .

Then, she placed a few coppers on the table and left . As she walked away, she looked over at Ye Lang’s table to see how much he had eaten .

To her surprise, Ye Lang had only completed one-third of his food and yet he already seemed somewhat full .

How will you finished the remaining two-thirds if you’re already so full? Li Yue wondered for a second .

Due to that, she suspected that Ye Lang came for her, and that their previous encounter was arranged as well . If her suspicions were correct, Ye Lang would try to finish the food and catch up with her .

The stall owner was also waiting for Ye Lang to take action . Many nobles had come here like Ye Lang with the intention to chase Li Yue .

To the disappointment of the two, Ye Lang remained still while staring at the food before him . He had a serious expression as if he was about to face an enemy .

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“Let’s go!”

Ye Lang made a tough decision and decide to ‘drink” his food … .

“Pfftt . . . ”

Li Yue and the stall owner burst out laughing as Ye Lang’s gesture was too funny .

“ Huff . . . huff…”

Ye Lang patted at his stomach, giving an ‘I am very full’ expression, which in essence is an ‘ I am bloated’ look . Coldblood Five, who was hiding in a corner, found it hilarious and wanted to slap his belly .

However, Li Yue did not care as she had proceeded to deal with her military affairs .

“Little Five! I can’t take it anymore…” Ye Lang said to the hidden Coldblood Five as he walked .

“Take what?”

“ I am too full . . . ” Ye Lang said while holding up his stomach .

“ … That’s your problem! You could’ve chosen to pack your leftovers for me, what an idiot !” Coldblood Five scolded .

“Ah, I was only trying not to waste food… I didn’t think of that …” Ye Lang stammered regretfully .

“Idiot!” Coldblood Five said before falling silent .

So they walked in this manner within the city, one exposed while the other hidden . Occasionally, they would communicate with signals . Under Coldblood Five’s protection, even the worrisome Ye Lang did not encounter trouble or cause any .

After lunch, Ye Lang headed for the second ‘coincidental’ meeting spot- the archery practice field . After all, archery was not only practised by soldiers . Some did it as a hobby while other nobles were there to kill time .

When he arrived, Ye Lang believed the chances of him meeting Li Yue were slim with the large crowd of people there .

“What’s happening? Why are there so many people? “ Ye Lang found the situation strange .

“Maybe they’re here to meet Li Yue too…” Coldblood Five replied . According to her observations, the majority of the people here were young nobles .

“Oh . . ”

“No! They’re here to practice before the group hunting event!”

Coldblood Five’s guess was wrong . These people did not come for Li Yue but for the hunting event later . The entire place was bustling in preparation for the event!

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