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Chapter 467: 467
Wrong (3)

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Madam Li could only seek help from her grandfather-the current head of the Li family, Grand Marshal Li!

“Eh? Big brother, you’re voice is pretty decent . Continue quacking please!” Li Bo came upon hearing that his elder brother was accepting the family’s traditional punishment . However, he did not come with the intentions to help him, but to rejoice in his misfortune .

We can all see the brothers did not share a good relationship at all .

Would they ever? The two of them had been arguing forever for inheritance rights to the family fortune . Despite the fact that rights had yet to be passed down to the generation before them, they’d already started to compete .

It was precisely because of their rivalry that Li Yue obtained the Tianji Armour! It was because of their quarrels for it that Li Xiong passed it down to Li Yue to shut them up .

The armour was originally designed for combat, so it suited Li Yue the most .

“Shut up! Brother, please help me beg father to let me go . I have realised my mistake!!” Li Yan was willing to beg for help from anyone at this moment . He was willing to beg even his brother for release from this suffering!

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In the beginning, Li Bo had no intention to help . However, he was horrified to see the state Li Yan was in . He thought his father would lightly punish his brother, but it was not as it seemed .

If this were to go on, Li Chen might actually die . There was a saying, “brothers from the wombs, brothers to the tomb”, Li Bo could not stand to see his brother in that state and began to beg his father for forgiveness .

Unfortunately, at this point, Li Tianjun did not care for his opinion and continued to beat up the man .

Li Bo was in distress . He suddenly thought of his sister Li Yue, who had always been obedient since young and gained their father’s respect .

Perhaps she might be able to help Brother!

At this moment, Li Yue had returned .

Li Bo initially intended to go look for her but seeing as she’d come on her own, it seemed she couldn’t bear with Li Yan’s screams either . She was here to see what was going on .

“Lord Father, stop, I beg you! Big brother cannot take anymore . I think this is enough, even if he’d made a mistake!” Li Yue immediately begged her father for mercy upon her brother .

“That’s because you don’t know how grave of a mistake he made . He deserves his!” Li Tianjun ignored his daughter’s words too .

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“Ah . . . Ah…”

“I order all of you to stop!” A roar blasted across the hall, stopping the punishment midway . In the family, other than Li Tianjun, there was another who also wielded enough power and influence . Grand Marshal Li .

“Lord Father!”


Li Tianjun and Li Yue’s yells enforced the fact that the person coming in was indeed Grand Marshal Li .

“Grandpa…” Li Yan murmured . His eyes gleamed with pity as if complaining to the elder

about his father’s violence .

“Tianjun, what happened? Why did you do such a thing?” He felt his blood boil when he saw his grandson in such a pitiful state . This punishment is too much, even if the boy was wrong!

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However, he also knew that he’d spoiled Li Yan and that led to the inflation of his ego .

It would be hard to blame the old man too . After all, as the eldest grandson, he was meant to succeed his grandfather!

“You’ll have to ask your precious grandson about what he did!” Li Tianjun spat coldly . He had long passed the age to be controlled by his father and had even become a father himself .

Hence, it was natural that he would ignore some of Grand Marshal Li’s words . There was nothing the Grand Marshal could do as Li Tianjun held the right to reprimand his own son .

“What exactly did he do wrong?” The Grand Marshal asked after calming down . He knew his son pretty well . Li Tianjun must’ve done something unforgivable to be in the state he was in at the moment .

“All of him is wrong! He never respects elders and abuses his power . Look at him! I was better off not knowing, but now that I do, I am truly disgusted!” Li Tianjun passed a report to Grand Marshal Li .

The report included everything Li Yan had done in recent months . It catalysed the bottled rage in Li Tianjun, causing him to explode!

Upon returning, Li Tianjun intended to only lightly punish his son . But after a moment of thought, he decided to check out what did his foolish son do to shock even the empress .

Supposedly, Li Yan had reopened the Romantic Floor for some time, so it did not make sense for his father to only snap now . Something must have happened that lit the fuse .

And when Li Tianjun received the report, he was like fire on oil . His rage reached the limit and he began to increase the intensity of Li Yan’s punishments .

“Not bad, not bad indeed . To think that such a ‘genius’ came from our family! Kidnapping women by force, bullying the commoners and even forcefully deflowering a woman . And you’re still so proud of yourself! I knew you were playful, but not to this extent!” Grand Marshal Li was vexed upon reading the report as well .

Li Yan knew he was being abandoned, and his mother and sister were his only options left… “He might’ve done that but I think he’s already learned his lesson after such a beating! Hurry up Little Yan, tell Grandpa you acknowledge your mistakes!” Madam Li said upon seeing his son’s pleading eyes .

Li Yan would’ve fainted early into the punishment if he hadn’t undergone cultivation in his lifetime . At this point, he wished he hadn’t . Perhaps his suffering would’ve ended if he’d fainted .

“If you truly acknowledge what you’ve done, then I want you to reflect upon your sins in your room for three days . Tianjun, I believe this would suffice . ” Grand Marshal Li gave in . Even he thought that the punishment should end .

“It all comes down to him . You! What have you done wrong?” Li Tianjun never had the intention to stop, but he still decided to give his son a chance . If Li Yan could admit to his mistakes, he would end the man’s suffering .

“I should not have bullied them . . . shouldn’t have stupidly questioned the queen, shouldn’t have been disrespectful to the officials . . . ” Li Yan began to narrate his own mistakes . The process took hours, even Madam Li thought to herself, How could he have done so many bad deeds?

When the crowd heard that he interrogated the empress, they all drew in a breath of cold air . To all of them, Li Yarou was a scary existence that they had experienced before .

You questioned her? You’re lucky to even be alive!

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