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Chapter 468: 468
Bad at Archery (1)

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“What else?!” Li Tianjun was unsatisfied . He believed that Li Yan’s words were not all there to it .

What else?! I have already told you everything . What ELSE?!

Li Yan did not understand this bit, neither did the others . However, if Li Tianjun must’ve had a reason for saying so . And they believed that the mistake would be severe . After all, even the mistake of interrogating the empress was mentioned, what else could be more serious than that?

Even Li Tianjun was so hung up on the matter, so the mistake must’ve been grave, should it not? Or he would’ve let Li Yan go by now .

What could it be?

“I don’t know . I have told you everything, I didn’t miss anything!” Li Yan began to panic and shook his head, apparent that he didn’t know what else he’d done wrong .

“Seems like you have no idea what your biggest mistake was this time around!” Li Tianjun shook his head and sighed .

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“Wasn’t the most severe case pissing the perverted little empress off?!” Li Yan said with a doubtful tone .

“You really are unredeemable . It doesn’t matter what happened, you have to always keep your composure . You have to respect the empress . The fact that she’s able to stay on that throne means she’d proven to be capable!” scolded Li Tianjun . “You are older than them by a few years, how could you be so immature?”

“Them? Besides her Majesty, who else is there?” Li Yue’s nose was really sensitive on the topic .

“I’m talking about the thirteenth prince! This relates to the most serious mistake your brother did- to take Ye Lang’s Romantic Floor as his own!” Li Tianjun said helplessly as he thought to himself, How could Ye Chengtian’s son be so successful?

He initially thought that the kid would be a useless brat, but never did he anticipate that the boy was the most successful person within his family, even Chengtian’s two eldest sons could not compare .

I can’t believe this happened! The heavens sure are unfair!

Thank goodness his daughter was impressive as well- no, she was EXTREMELY impressive!

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“Romantic Floor belongs to Ye Lang?” Li Yue did not know about this, she thought Ye Lang merely stayed there for a bit .

Li Tianjun nodded, saying, “Indeed! Everyone knows he used to live there for a while . Because of that, even the empress inspected every single brick, tile, grass, and plank . If she hadn’t found anything inside, the whole place would’ve been demolished by now . However, even if the place is still intact, you still shouldn’t have unsealed the place and claimed it as yours!”

“It doesn’t matter if it was sealed by the empress herself, or that it was Ye Lang’s private property, you should not have claimed it as yours!”

At this point, upon knowing that the floor was Ye Lang’s, everyone, no matter if it was Li Yue or the Grand Marshal himself, understood why Li Yan’s punishment was so severe . He’d overstepped the boundaries this time .

It was just that, at that moment, Li Yan was still slightly displeased, “And what about it? Didn’t we also take over other Ye properties? Isn’t it the same?”

Li Yue opened her mouth, “How are they the same? Those were handed over by the Ye family themselves and is fundamentally different from you trespassing on another person’s property! You cannot do such a thing, even if the owner was an ordinary noble! You will only face sanctions by all the nobles in this world if you do!”

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“Especially not Ye Lang! Don’t you know how much respect he has earned in these areas? To simply claim his stuff, you are technically opposing the majority of the population!”

“He is a failure, why do people even respect him?! People respect me too . . . ” Li Yan pouted .

“I can’t believe you dare say such a thing! He may be a failure, but he could gain the respect of the masses and even became a prominent figure within the Sacred Religion . You’re barely what he is!” the raging Li Tianjun prepared to hit him again . He might as well kill this irredeemable son of his .

“The Sacred Religion?” Li Yan said unknowingly .

“You truly are a frog living at the bottom of a well, such ignorance! All you do is flaunt your family name! the Ye family’s thirteenth prince relied on his own capabilities to gain the respect of the Sacred Religion . Her Majesty was indeed not wrong, the boy, who is younger than you, should be more immature in front of you . But look at his accomplishments! You can’t even achieve this much in in this lifetime!” Li Tianjun said, disappointed once more .

“Tianjun, don’t compare him with that weird kid . If Li Yan can make up for his mistakes and live an honest life from now onwards, that is already a blessing . ” Grand Marshal Li expressed straightforwardly that Li Yan could never outdo Ye Lang .

“I know! I just hope he can at least man up and realise his own mistakes! He believed that just because the Li family is currently Soaring Sky Empire’s No . 1 family, he can do as he wishes! He’ll die not knowing what or who killed him if he remains this ignorant! The imperial court has always been a dangerous place . And the current empress is scarier than any other ruler in the past!” Li Tianju mentioned in a worry . How could his son not know the dangers of the business he was dealing with?

“That was why I enlisted you all into the army to avoid the imperial court! You can serve the country and have fun as well!” The Grand Marshal noted .

The main reason he did not leave Soaring Sky Empire with Ye Yi was probably because of this . The Li family was rooted in the army, so the changes within the court did not affect him too much .

Li Tianjun shook his head, saying, “Father, I did not come to enlist into the army . I don’t have the qualifications and am more suited for politics . Yue’er is more fitted for the army while these two, even I don’t know if they’re suited for anything besides wasting time!”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it anymore . Li Yan, Li Bo, you’re no longer children . Don’t just depend on the family, you need to contribute to society too! Any more of this and I will disown you both!” Grand Marshal Li glared at his grandsons and mercilessly said those words . And he definitely did not mean it as a joke .

Everyone knew Grand Marshal Li always kept his word .

In other words, if the two of them did not clean up their act soon, they would be banished… “You heard him . If this happens again, you’ll face worse!” Li Tianjun added . The whole incident ended with that .

However, this event impacted several people, a lasting impact too .

Li Yan started to relax at the end of his punishment, beginning to hate both Ye Lang and Ford . There was no need to explain his ire towards Ye Lang, but towards “Ford” . . . His punishment was all Ford’s fault!

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