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Chapter 453
Meeting Little Zero Again(3)
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“You dare show your face here? Hmph! You…” Athena looked displeased . It was a facade to mask her happiness upon meeting Ye Lang again .

But when she saw Little Zero next to Ye Lang, and her blood began to boil .

He even brought a girl back! Didn’t he say he was going to the Romantic Floor? Is she from… that place?

Athena would not stand this behaviour . . .

“Who is she?! Don’t tell me you brought her from THERE!” 

“Yep, I did!” Ye Lang nodded . She indeed came from the Romantic Floor .

“What do you mean? Is my house for her to stay now?!” Athena suppressed her rage .

“You don’t have to give her the place, just share it with her…”

“No way!” She stomped her foot .

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Obviously, Athena had misunderstood Ye Lang . She thought he wanted to be a dragon with two phoenixes (a Chinese saying for a threesome) . . .

Ye Lang narrowly avoided her rage . “What are you talking about? Take good care of her, alright? I still have to take care of that THING!!”

“Thank goodness you still remember what you’re here for . I thought you’ve forgotten…” Athena heaved a sigh of relief .

“Hang on, why did you bring such a girl to my place then? Aren’t you afraid of exposing your identity to her?” She abruptly spoke, remembering that Ye Lang once decided to stay incognito . If so, what did all of this mean? 

“Huh? She knows who I am!” said a confused Ye Lang .

“What?! She knows who you are? Can she be trusted?” She found Ye Lang rather worrisome, thinking that he had forgotten everything due to his sexual impulses .

“Of course! She is my student!” Ye Lang shot Athena a serious glare .

“?? She is your student? Isn’t she that type of woman?” Athena was puzzled .

  If she was, Ye Lang would not call her his student, right? Please don’t tell me they’ve known each other for some time!

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“That type of woman? Ohh, you thought she was a prostitute?” He cursed . “Why do you always have these dirty thoughts? She was tricked and then auctioned there . Thank goodness I recognised her in time! This stupid brat didn’t even know she was being sold!” said Ye Lang shot Athena a look as if he found her disgusting for having such ridiculous ideas .

“ . . . . . . ” Athena fell silent upon the realisation . However, it was not entirely her fault since anyone would’ve jumped to that conclusion .

“Little Zero, this is Athena, a member of the fox tribe . . . You don’t have to touch her to confirm . ” Little Zero was stroking Athena’s tail which shocked the fox girl . Meanwhile, Little Zero wore an innocent and curious expression .

At this point, anyone could see that Little Zero was seriously considering the possibility that Athena was an imposter fox person like Ye Lang .

“Ah, I’m sorry!” Little Zero apologized sincerely .

“It’s fine! Thank goodness you’re a girl or I would have killed you!” Athena said and shot Ye Lang a death stare, warning him not to touch her tail .

The tails of the fox race cannot be touched- especially for opposite sexes . This was only limited to people who were intimate with said fox person .

‘I know . Tigress told me once that your tails cannot be touched!” Ye Lang agreed . “Alright then . I’ll leave Little Zero with you . Please take care of her well! She is an innocent girl, don’t teach her dirty stuff . ”

“ . . . What do you mean? Am I not pure and innocent?” Athena gave him a glare as if she wanted to eat him .

“Of course you’re not, you fox!” Ye Lang disappeared right after his sentence . He didn’t have the time to argue with Athena anymore . (The “fox” in the context meant as vixen or seducer by Chinese . )

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“Little Zero, what kind of student are you to him? Who ARE you?” Athena started to interrogate Little Zero just after Ye Lang left . She knew Ye Lang would consider taking the little girl along if he saw her doing this .

“I’m learning alchemy from him . I’m also the Coldblood group’s new Coldblood Thirteen . . . ” Little Zero did not have any guard against strangers, revealing her identity immediately .

“ . . . . . . ” Athena shut up after that . She was surprised at the identity of the little girl, and that Ye Lang was actually so closely affiliated with the Coldblood group .

After that, she warned Little Zero not to tell anyone about her identity as part of the Coldblood Group . . .

The night wind was cold and high, it was the perfect opportunity to plunder . Ye Lang didn’t dress up like other robbers in all black and masks over their faces as he intruded the Ye Residence .

He flamboyantly walked into the place . To him, the place was defenceless . If he wanted to, he could walk in or leave as he wished . There was no need to be sneaky .

But of course, he came in through the blind spots of the residence where no one could see him . If he took such exposed routes, he would’ve been caught a long time ago!

Upon entering the place, he headed for his own yard…… .

“Eh? What is going on? Why are there so many guards here? Wasn’t the security pretty lax here last time?” As Ye Lang approached his yard, he found that the closer he got, the more guards there were .

Despite his complaints, he still passed them easily . Then, just as he was about to reach his destination…

Thud . . . thud… “Shit!”

The entire place lit up . A few alchemy artefacts illuminated the yard . It was suddenly bright as day, everyone inside could be seen .

If Ye Lang was inside the house then, he would’ve been caught . Fortunately, he was not .  

Fortunately for him too, if it was not for someone becoming his scapegoat, he would be the one exposed when he went in .

While he did not know who the scapegoat was, he confirmed that if he wanted to go to his lab, it would require meticulous planning .

He raised his head to notice something familiar flying in the sky .

Upon a closer look, it was a type of soldier who specialised in aerial battles . Despite being extremely rare across the mainland, they were extremely powerful and cruel . . .

Shit, those bastards even dispatched dragon riders!

The tight security was already a problem for him even if the riders were not present .  
Is there really a need to protect my freaking house to such a degree?

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