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Chapter 452
Meeting Little Zero Again (2)
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“Hey, have you forgotten that I’m here?!” Li Yan was pissed . He knew he was wrong, but he still hated being ignored .

“I know you’re there, but I am choosing to ignore you . What do you have to say for yourself? I can’t believe you lied to her, I’m already showing you mercy by not teaching you a lesson now!” Ye Lang eyed Li Yan coldly, before continuing,

“What are you waiting for? Leave us!”

“ . . . . . . ” Li Yan’s face darkened . He did not expect to be evicted by someone while he was here .

“Guards! Get him! I’ll teach this kid a lesson today!” roared Li Yan and a few bodyguards appeared immediately .

“Listen, everyone! If you still respect Ye Lang, leave this place RIGHT NOW! When he reclaims this place, he will definitely welcome you all . But for now, LEAVE!” Ye Lang raised his voice . It wasn’t a threat though .

“ . . . . . . ” The crowd fell silent, then slowly left the place .

“Why are you all leaving? This place doesn’t even belong to that man! It’s mine!” Li Yan’s rage did not subside .

“Excuse me, Mr . Li, but we have to comply . If Ye Lang knows we helped you take over this place illegally, we’ll be severely punished!”

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“I shall excuse myself! Unless Ye Lang returns, I will never return to this place . ”

The crowd disregarded Li Yan’s statements and left . At an accelerating pace as well!

“ . . . . . . ”

In just a while, the rowdy hall became rather empty . It seemed that Ye Lang’s name still held influence in this area .

‘YOU FOX BASTARD!! I’LL KILL YOU!” Li Yan screamed and rushed at Ye Lang, hoping to decimate the man .

Ye Lang was, however, very calm . When Li Yan came close, Ye Lang raised a fist then punched him in the face and the poor guy was sent flying .

He then walked up next to Li Yan and coldly said, “That punch was for Little Zero . And this kick is for hogging this place!”

He raised his leg and kicked Li Yan straight out onto the streets .

“ . . . . . . . ”

The place was dead silent . The people knew Li Yan did not amount to much, but it was surprising to see him annihilated so easily .

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It was even more surprising that there was someone who dared hit the heir of the Li family!

They all stared at the assailant, bewildered…

“GET THE HELL OUT!!” Ye Lang shouted .

The remaining crowd hurried away . They did not expect to nor dared to enrage such a charming yet absurdly overpowered teen .

“You girls! Leave too! You won’t have another chance if they find you here tomorrow!” He pointed to the other girls on the stage .

“Huh?! How will we make a living then?” Ding Lin was troubled .

“Go look for Liu Feiyan and then rest, tell them what happened . They will help you . ” Ye Lang replied simply, “Remember, today is your only chance!”

“Are you the one chasing us away?”

“No, I’m not . If it were as easy as that, the situation won’t be as bad as it is now . Now leave!” Ye Lang denied .

“Then who is it? The Li family? Aren’t you in a more precarious situation then?” Ding Lin was truly concerned .

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“No, it will be the empress’s people . ”

“Her Majesty the empress? Why?” The girl did not understand .

“I don’t know!”

“?! Whwhat?! You don’t know?” Her expression turned to shock .

“Yep, I have no idea . ”

“How is it that you know she will come then?” the entire situation did not make sense to Ding Lin .

“Sigh . It’s just a feeling . We cannot use logic to predict what that crazy woman would do . ” Ye Lang shook his head .

“ . . . . . . ”

“Fine, I’ll leave . I can’t afford to attract too much attention . ” Ye Lang led Little Zero out as he left, leaving behind the confused audience .  

Do we leave, or was he just a crazy dude? The audience wondered, including Ding Lin .

Most decided it was nonsense because of how the kid fled the scene immediately . They believed that as long as the Li family was here, there wouldn’t be a problem .  

After all, they could not imagine the empress being involved, and the gruesome torture methods she prepared for them . The poor fellas will soon regret not leaving…

But of course, there were still a fair number of people who left, including Ding Lin . Amongst them, some thought Ye lang was convincing, while the rest merely followed Ding Lin blindly . Liu Feiyan would have a new batch of talents under her wing . . .

“Teacher, what’s up with the ears and tail?” Little Zero stroked them as she spoke . The audience was now gone .

“It’s fake . You can do it with alchemy too…” As he started mumbling, Little Zero’s heart fluttered . This was what she’d always wanted, to be his sole disciple, to learn from him .

Ye Lang flagged a horse carriage for themselves and set off for the Hundred Beast District . Never did he expect himself to return to Athena so soon, but with all the things going on, he needed someone to take care of Little Zero .

He didn’t think of calling the Coldblood group to come get her either . The Coldblood Group must have their hidden contacts here, they were a mysteriously powerful team .  

What he wouldn’t have expected was that Little Zero had always been closely watched by the Group too . They would never let her out on a mission alone and were there to save her in case she was in danger .  

However, Ye Lang’s sudden appearance greatly confused the members who were hidden away . They were troubled at the identity of the mysterious saviour .

Soon after Ye Lang shook off the crowd, unbeknownst to him, he also shook off the Coldblood Group . This was what he was best at after all, he could disappear right under anyone’s nose! 

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