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Chapter 392: 392
Man (2)

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“Eh, Cousin Zhiqing! You’re here too?” Ye Lang was surprised to see Ye Zhiqing here among the few girls .

“I’m here to watch all of you compete . You played so well, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard you play,” said Ye Zhiqing, blushing . No one knew why she blushed .

“Hey, brother, you see Zhiqing and not me?” frowned another girl .

“Oh, Second Sister, you’re here too… Ah, Mia… Can I have your feathers…” Ye Lang turned to Mia, who was next to his sister . It looked like Mia appeared wherever his sister was, her presence wasn’t surprising .

“ . . . ”

Don’t you have anything else to say? Other than talk about my feathers?

“Hmmph!” Mia didn’t utter another word . She no longer wanted to talk to him about her feathers . She was sure she’d never get the feathers he’d taken back .

“Right, what are you all here for? We’re competing here,” asked Ye Lang cruelly .

“ . . . ” The audience fell silent .

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“Because we’re worried about you! Since when did you have such a powerful girl protecting you? Is that Tai Ya? It can’t be, Tai Ya’s from the tiger tribe,” said Second Sister, exasperated .

“She’s Little Xin! My precious Little Xin!” said Ye Lang . No matter what, Little Xin was truly precious to him .

“Precious? Won’t Little Seven get upset if you talk like that…” Second Sister eyed Little Xin, who was now next to Ye Lang, suspiciously .

“It’s fine, she really is his darling Little Xin,” the seventh princess, Ye Lanyu arrived along with Fei .

It looked as if the battle had ended?

“Why are you all here? Aren’t you all still competing? Also, Little Fei, you’re on THEIR team, you don’t get to talk to us,” Ye Lang pointed at Edward in a distance, implying she should leave .

“There is no need, I yield . I wouldn’t be proud even if we won after this . Miss Ye and Princess were very strong opponents, I respect you both,” waved Fei casually .

Fei suddenly realised what he called her, “What did you say? Little Fei? When did I ever agree to that? You sick bastard, taking advantage of girls again!”

“It’s just a name, what do you mean? Little Seven, Little Five, Little Zero, Little Xin- I’ve always talked to them like that . Oh, right, there’s also a Little Black over there,” Ye Lang pointed at Edward . “Your name is a little inconvenient, I’m not used to one-word names, and your family name is at the back . I can’t call you Young Fei, can I?”

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Little Five? Little Zero? Who?

Ye Lanyu wanted to ask about them but after he mentioned Edward, she lost interest . Probably unimportant people .

“Hey, what do you mean? No one is yielding!” Edward shouted inappropriately .

“Lord Feng Xing, what should we do with him?” the Light Riders asked Feng Xing, who’d also arrived on the field . However, he was hiding from Ye Lang .

“Feng Xing? Are you very bored or something? I see you everywhere?” Ye Lang immediately pointed him out after hearing his name .

This was exactly what Feng Xing was afraid of . He scratched his head with an awkward grin, “Hehe, you’re competing in this competition Sir, of course I had to come support . And turns out it was right for me to come too or I would’ve missed your incredible performance . ”

No one present would doubt Ye Lang’s skills as the drummer . They wanted him to play it once -no, a hundred times more! His rhythm brought out emotions from the depths of their hearts .

“Little Brother, what did you do here? Why do they respect you so much?” Second Sister was very confused .

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She knew what influence and power the Sacred Light Religion held . Given the opportunity, she was looking to build a relationship with them to help the Ye family .

What she didn’t expect was that Ye Lang already had such an influential position here, this was far more effective than merely forming acquaintances with the lower-level officials . She didn’t understand how this happened .

“Nothing much…” To be honest, Ye Lang wasn’t sure either . “Because I’m a good person . A good person will always be respected wherever he goes . ”

“ . . . ”

The crowd fell silent . However, those who knew the full story had to admit such a simple statement might actually be the truth .

Ye Lang had always been cared for and respected wherever he went- at Soaring Sky, Vermilion Bird, Sheng City, at home, at Coldblood Group, with the Sacred Light Religion…

Sigh, this kid has too much luck . Lady Luck’s favourite child . On the other hand, they had to admit that the kid had done many things to earn their respect too, in terms of his humanity, his capabilities and the vast wealth of knowledge he held .

The kid was confused, but he was never confused when it came down to serious business .

Uh, that was probably the reason…

Edward spat . “A good person?! Everything you have was given to you by one of the women by your side! The Sacred Lady was the one who gave you everything you have here!” he cried with anger . He seemed to think Ye Lang’s position here was because of the Sacred Lady .

Feng Xing and the rest of the Light Riders only smirked coldly . How could the Sacred Lady ‘give’ him the Light Riders’ respect? That was ridiculous, Ye Lang had earned their respect without the Sacred Lady’s help . Unfortunately, they couldn’t say much because most of it was confidential .

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess glared at Edward coldly…

“The Sacred Lady? Are you talking about Xuan Yuanbing? What did she give me?” Ye Lang asked, puzzled . “She didn’t tell me anything, other than her going to visit in a few days . ”

Xuan Yuanbing had been in the Cloud Palace these few days making arrangements about her position in the religion . At night, she would go to bed very early to wait for Ye Lang to appear- and he always did .

After this, she finally confirmed this: first, her ‘dream connection’ with Ye Lang still existed . However, if they were too close to each other, it would disappear so they must be a certain distance apart .

There was also a very specific rule to set up the connection: she must fall asleep first, then Ye Lang . If Ye Lang fell asleep first, they would not meet .

This seemed to mean that Ye Lang could enter her dreamscape but she couldn’t enter his .

However, to her, this was all unimportant . At least they could still meet…

“She got her people to give you the champion title of the alchemy category, why would you deny that?” continued Edward . His accusations were getting more ridiculous by the minute . This was what he meant when he told Ye Lang his achievements were because of women .

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