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Chapter 393
Man (3)

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“She named me champion?” Ye Lang was already confused about winning the alchemy category hence he believed Edward that it was because of Xuan Yuanbing .

“No! Don’t listen to him, sir! We would never name you champion just because you’re you, not even the Lady has the power to do that! This was a decision made by everybody . If he still doesn’t believe it, he can ask the alchemists from his academy . They’ll give him the answer!” Feng Xing also heard of the incident though he didn’t know much either .

“I know of this . I was just talking to Linasha about it . She worships that sick bastard, he’s literally her idol now . If it weren’t for the rest of them stopping her, she would’ve come here to ask for his autograph . And that’s why he indeed got his title through his capabilities, it’s not like what you say it is!” explained Fei . Linasha was an alchemy student from Violet Academy .

“ . . . ” Edward fell silent . He knew who Linasha was and understood she was a proud person . It was difficult to get her to admire another person, let alone ‘worship’ .

“Lord Feng Xing, this man seems to have strong opinions against Mr Ye and even attacked him . It might be best to kick him out of the city!” The Light Riders were disgusted with Edward’s behaviour, some of them irritated .

Edward turned as white as a ghost when he heard them .

Anyone kicked out of a place like Sheng City would definitely be shunned in the future- this was the reality across the mainland . Although the Sacred Light Religion didn’t have a clear physical territory, the influence of their teachings was powerful, spreading across all different types of people and empires .

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“Yeah, throw him out . He will only tarnish this sacred place if he stays,” Feng Xing nodded . It was the best thing to do .

“What gave you the right to kick me out?! This is unfair, this is a private conflict I’m having with Ye Lang . You all only side with Ye Lang, this is unfair!” Edward immediately fought for his ‘rights’ .

“You ambushing Mr Ye gave us the right to kick us out . No matter what, that was a very dishonourable thing you did . I believe everyone here would agree, no one would feel we were unjust!” said Feng Xing calmly .

“Ambush?! He’s a tournament participant, why would there be a problem if I attacked him? He’s the one with a problem, he let a person who wasn’t in the participant list attack me!” cried Edward as he pointed at Little Xin next to Ye Lang . He was very sure Little Xin wasn’t part of the team .

“ . . . ” Feng Xing furrowed his brows . They’d already gotten used to Little Xin’s presence so they didn’t notice . Now that Edward brought it up, this was definitely against the rules .

“Little Xin isn’t a…” Ye Lanyu wanted to say something but was stopped by Ye Lang .

“Edward is it? I’m thinking about how I saved your life from that group of mountain robbers that day . Although I was only doing it to be prodigal, I’m still the person who saved your life!” Ye Lang remarked cooly .

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Saved his life? Everyone stared at Edward in shock . They never would’ve thought Ye Lang and Edward had such a deep connection . If that were true, this Edward was being ungrateful!

Edward’s reputation fell a little more .

“Alright, let’s not talk about that! I didn’t even want to attend that martial arts battle at your girlfriend’s matchmaking ceremony . I only helped because your love story moved me . Maybe I didn’t help you all the way to the point of you holding her hand, but I definitely helped clear your path! And then you got what you wished for, and never even thanked me . It’s fine if you never told everyone the truth, but what the hell are you doing now?

“To be honest, I understand why you did what you did . You wanted to look perfect in front of your girlfriend- I believe most men would too . But I want to say this…

“You ungrateful asshole! You’ve lost all my respect today! From this day on, I refuse to admit to anyone that I’ve ever known you!”

Edward turned pale at every word but it was the truth .

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And at this moment, Fei realised she had always misunderstood Ye Lang . He wasn’t a shameless bastard, he was a true friend who honoured a code . She wasn’t sure why she believed everything he just said, but she did .

Edward’s reputation had hit rock bottom!

“That was awesome! Ye Lang, what you did made you a man!” praised Ye Lanyu, patting Ye Lang’s shoulder .

“Nonsense, I’ve always been a handsome man…” Ye Lang said proudly .

“Ye Lang, are you sure you want to say that…” asked Zhen Xiaoyan .

“Uh, I’m a good man . A good man is me…” Ye Lang made a face then disappeared .

“Ye Lang, if you are a man, don’t hide behind your women again . Let’s fight man to man . I need to know who would win!” Edward refused to give up . Perhaps he already knew he was done for, he had to drag Ye Lang with him too .

Or perhaps he only wanted to know what would happen if Ye Lang didn’t surrender that day at the matchmaking…

“Fuck, I’ll show you what a man is! Men do what they say, men tell their loved ones the truth! They do what they need to do! I think even the people you love would look down on you…” Ye Lang casually accepted the challenge .


Feng Xing and the rest wanted to stop him but after thinking about what Ye Lang said they decided to let him fight . Most of them had never seen Ye Lang fight on his own, they’d only heard of his abilities from stories .

They remembered the time Ye Lang first met the people of the Sacred Teachings . He was the one who punched the bishop in front of many Light Riders and then dragged him away .

From his movements, they could tell Ye Lang was agile and could fight if he wanted to . Many people also heard he was an alchemist who could fight .

They confirmed this from Ye Lanyu and the other girls’ expressions . If Ye Lang couldn’t fight at all, they wouldn’t stand around like that .

“Little Brother, are you sure about this?” Second Sister wasn’t very familiar with Ye Lang’s true capabilities . She’d only spent time with him when he was very young and he still needed many people to care for him at that age .

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