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Chapter 39 – The godlike prodigal son (2) Translated by imakeussmile


“Cold Ice Arrow Rain!!”

After finishing speaking, Ye Lan Yu waved her hands, very effortlessly releasing a relatively high grade group attack magic, and as the name implied, it was the upgraded version of Cold Ice Arrow.

“My god, why did I forget about this little great aunt……”

Right now, this group of nobles were all feeling regret, and began to think that they were all too stupid. Why did they actually forgot about this Ye Lan Yu, who was not only a youthful beautiful woman with unlimited charm, but furthermore also an absolutely violent expert. Who knows how many had suffered under just one ice attribute magic of hers.

Within the so-called expert ranking of the academy, this little great aunt was ranked at the top, and was an existence that the average person would not dare to offend at all. As for the nobles in front of her right now, they were just like ants to her, and she could toy with them as she liked.

“I told you guys to leave faster, but you guys just wanted to suffer from a few injuries before understanding. Sigh, some people just don’t listen to advice!” Ye Lang shook his head and sighed, then afterwards went along with his classmates to Alchemy Academy.

After similar things happened a few times, no matter how stupid a person was, they also understood that if they wanted to take advantage of Tigress’ absence to bully Ye Lang, they needed to first get through Ye Lan Yu first. And some people also researched very attentively to see if there were still other people besides Ye Lan Yu, and they were able to confirm that there was at least one more person, which was Princess Qi, Ye Lang’s ‘fiancé’.

Thus, they gave up, at least, they gave up on using violence, and would only use crafty methods to mess with him. However, they seemed to have overlooked that Ye Lang himself, If there was no one beside him, he was just a plate of vegetables. [Meaning: It goes through one ear, and out the other, as he doesn’t pay attention to the at all. I think…]

In the following years, Ye Lang’s ‘low-profile’ caused many people to forget about his existence. And those people who were jealous of him in the past, had also gradually grown up, and their thoughts had also matured, thus they also did not have thoughts of bullying Ye Lang anymore.

In the blink of an eye, 5 years had already passed. And this period of time, if you said it was short, then it wasn’t really short. But if you said said it was long, it wasn’t long either. Ye Lang had already grasped the alchemy of this world, and at the same time, he had also created alchemy which stood out from the masses. Combined this alchemy with the traditional Chinese medicinal teaching, pill concocting techniques and so on, from within his martial arts treasury.

But in front of others, he was still a very ordinary alchemist who was continuing to improve together with his classmates, not having any special improvements at the start or at the end.

It was also because of this reason, he became more and more ordinary, getting less and less attention from others. And it appeared that he seemed to also enjoy this kind of life, cultivating every martial arts technique, researching alchemy, and occasionally going around being prodigal for a bit, being as comfortable as he wanted.

Of course, to say that there were completely no people paying attention to him was impossible, as he would also frequently do some actions which would arouse the attention of other people. And the very most attention arousing matter was his prodigality, his godlike prodigality.

Today, there was once again a person coming to find him because of one of his prodigal conducts, at that time, he was playing a piano, singing a song…

“My love, are you well now? At that place, what are you thinking about, why is there a faint sorrow on your innocent face. This night I want to say to you, look at the many years older me……” (Song – )

“Thirteen, are you thinking of Tai Ya again?” The person who came to find Ye Lang said to him.

“Nope, where did I think of her, I’m only just singing casually.” Ye Lang shook his head and denied.

After 5 years had passed, originally he thought that Tigress would come back within 2-3 years, but in the end, even after 5 years already passed, there was still no news. The only thing which could be confirmed was that Tigress had already safely returned back to her home, returned back to the place where her people were at.

According to the Anna Mercenary Group’s report, during the time when Tigress entered into the tiger race’s tribe, she was very quickly welcomed by a group of the tiger race’s warriors. And at the same time, those warriors sent them off from their territory.

Of course, Anna Mercenary Group only left after confirming that Tigress was all right, this was also confirmed by Tigress herself.

In these 5 years, Ye Lang had also entrusted someone to bring a letter to Tigress, but the only reply he got was only just one letter of Tigress, telling him to wait for her for a few more years as she still had some things which she needed to handle, and lastly also reminded him to take good care of himself.


“Don’t pretend, aside from the time when you are thinking of Tai Ya, you would not sing songs and play some musical instruments. Usually, even if there was a knife held onto your throat, you would be too lazy to do anything about it.” The person who came, straightforwardly exposed Ye Lang’s lies.

“Cough, cough. The weather today is not bad. Seventh brother, is there anything you are finding me for?” Ye Lang put away his piano and asked. Yep, he was indeed putting away his piano. For people who owned a spatial ring, this matter was as simple as turning over your hand.

Seventh brother. The person who came was precisely Ye Lang’s older male cousin, Ye Family’s seventh son. Right now, he is one of the empire’s major officials who manages some things, as for what those things specifically are, Ye Lang was also not clear about it. It was seemingly stuff related to the empire’s military.

“Oh, that’s right! Almost forgot about the important matter. Did you buy up A La Si Mountain?” Seventh brother asked somewhat anxiously.


“A La Si Mountain? I can’t remember. Why?” Ye Lang’s reply made seventh brother feel speechless. However, it was also within his expectations, as he had already known from the start that this brat would definitely not remember about it.

“I knew that you would definitely not know! Quickly search your assets, see if A La Si Mountain is under your name or not.” Seventh brother urged.

“Oh, let me search……” Ye Lang took out a big pile of things from his space which had a bunch of messy certificates. For example like land leases, business association share certificates, and so on. All these were all the result of those years of him being prodigal. Possessing who knows how many assets, and in between all this, who knows if he was actually losing or earning money.

Looking at this circumstance, seventh brother was only able to sigh, sigh as to why this thirteen is so mystical. Obviously, he was being prodigal, but his assets were, however, increasing more and more. And moreover, who knows when some important thing will come out that will be under his name, for example this matter today.

A La Si Mountain was originally a barren mountain, and the geographical location of it was also remote, a place which was of no interest to anyone. Thus this mountain was also not really worth much money.

However, the empire’s research department had however recently discovered that this A La Si Mountain actually possessed an extreme abundance of war mineral resources. Thus, they began to negotiate with the owner who possessed this mountain. But in the end, they discovered that this mountain was already sold by the original owner very long ago, and moreover, it was sold at an extremely unreasonably high price.

Of course, right now, that original owner was currently crying and shouting with regret. This so-called high price of his, if you calculated in the mineral resources which the mountain possessed, it was completely just one hair from nine oxen only.

The empire would naturally not care if the original owner regretted it or not, only asking him who he sold it to. And the answer the original owner gave was that he didn’t know. After all, it was a matter from quite a few years ago, and moreover, it was a business deal made through a middleman, and that middleman was also not able to find it.

Thus, the empire had a headache, and began to use every kind of means to find the new owner of the mountain. But in the end, they were still not able to find the person. Even after announcing an extremely high reward for the owner to show up, there was still no one showing up.

Originally, for a mountain like this, after the transaction, the new owner would register at the empire, so that incase he lost his certificate, he would still able to get a new one.

But, this new owner had however never appeared from the beginning to register, and thus left others to not know where to start investigating to find this new owner.

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