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Chapter 40 – The godlike prodigal son (3) Translated by imakeussmile


After many days passed, the empire started to discuss if they should expropriate the A La Si Mountain by force, but if they were to do it, the effect it may cause may be very big, and maybe even create a turmoil in the empire.

Private property was given extremely high protection in this continent, and if someone were to break the rule, then he would receive the unanimous hostility from all the nobles and rich peoples of the continent. Even the 3 big empire would not be able to bear this consequence.

Without any other choice, the empire could only go find the original owner and chat with him, hoping that they would be able to find any clues, and in the middle of all of this, a clue which could not be counted as a clue appeared in front of everyone.

At that time, after understanding the situation, the original owner said a sentence, and that was his evaluation of the new owner:

“I don’t know who the new owner is, but in any case, I think that he is a super spendthrift. The mountain was obviously a rubbish mountain……in the past of course. But this spendthrift still used such a high price to buy it, and moreover, had never come look for trouble with me at all. This kind of person, if he is not an idiot, he would be a typical prodigal son!”

That’s right, if it was a normal person, why would they still buy it. Especially after they knew that there was a problem with the mountain, they would definitely not buy it. And even If they buy it, they would also lower the price, and buy it at an extremely low price instead.

And this person instead used an extremely high price to buy it. Could it be that the person knew the worth of this mountain? But even if he knew the worth of this mountain, according to that situation, he would also buy it at a low price!

The person must definitely be a prodigal son, and also is not an ordinary prodigal son!

Seventh Brother, who got this report, wrinkled his brows and said somewhat vexed: “That’s right, even if he knew the worth of the mountain, he should also not buy it with such a high price, unless……Wait, what did you say? Prodigal son? This……fuck, could it have been bought by Thirteen, that prodigal son?”

Thinking of Ye Lang, the godlike prodigal son, Seventh Brother immediately ran back home to look for that legendary prodigal son.

This was absolutely not him just trying his luck. Seventh Brother was 80% certain that it was Ye Lang who bought it. History had always proven this point, when Ye Lang was being prodigal, there would always be a few things which he bought that would earn him a lot of profit.

Take another recent matter for example: Three years ago, he bought a big piece of the poor civilians’ land and houses, and moreover still even built new houses for those poor people to live in. At that time, this matter caused quite a sensation. And according to the reason, although it was said to be doing a good deed, but many people knew that it was just because he was very bored for quite a long at that time, and wanted to spend a huge amount of money and be prodigal. To buy houses and build new houses, that’s plenty being prodigal isn’t it.

At that time, he spent a total of a few hundred thousand gold coins, and then afterwards said two words, so comfortable!

This matter did not conclude just like that though. Two months ago, the empire issued a new plan to want to set up a new noble district, and very coincidentally, that new noble district was being set up at that piece of poor civilians’ land which he bought three years ago. And thus, that piece of land became a hot item, and a bunch of people were fighting to want to buy the land from him.

This was merely just one of his prodigalities which he profited from. There were still a lot which couldn’t be clearly said or even known. Others couldn’t but say that Ye Lang, this brat, was being cared after by the goddess of luck.

“Oh, found it. Take a look, is it this?” Ye Lang found something, then casually passed it to Seventh Brother.
“When did I buy this… It should be 5 or 6 years ago I guess, Tigress was still here at that time……”

Seventh Brother totally did not hear Ye Lang’s words, and just said excitedly: “That’s right, it’s this one, Thirteen, I will help you get the highest price I can for this, I will go first!”

After finishing speaking, Seventh Brother disappeared like lightning, running towards his workplace, and I believe, at that place, there were also a few number of people who were waiting anxiously.


Please, I just want to be prodigal, why does this situation always appear. Whatever, I’m going to earn a huge profit again……Haaah……

Ye Lang sighed helplessly. If his thoughts were to be known by others, they would surely have the urge to want to beat up someone. For the chance to earn a huge profit, others had to think with all they had, wreck their brains, and in the end, they might still not succeed either. But he himself actually obtained it time after time.

Of course, there were also times where his prodigalness would succeed, and the amount would also not be small either. However, in overall, he was still not successful in being prodigal. Thus, his assets kept on increasing, to a point that he himself did not know how many assets he now possessed.

Moreover, this was still only just talking about right now, who knows if similar situations would happen again in the future. And within his list of assets, there would be other cases of one of his assets miraculously turning back to life from a dead fish.

Don’t forget, the matter of just now was also from 5-6 years ago. Many things all happened after a few years, and he would always not forget about being prodigal for even a day. Thus, the end result of this may be beyond of one’s imagination, and become quite interesting.

Perhaps, this was that one within the millions, this was destined by fate!

“Forget it, I don’t care anymore. I should mix those materials first, those are all materials which are hard to come by, I must try……” Ye Lang also no longer cared about those things. If it was all destined by fate, then there was also no need to care about it anymore. Since it was destined by fate, there was no use being bothered about it, the result would still be the same.


But if it was not like this, it would be something that Ye Lang would want to see. Don’t forget, all he did was all for the sake of being prodigal.

“Little brother, it is a rare holiday today, and the weather is also good. Why are you nestling yourself at home and fiddle with those things. Aren’t you going to go out and be prodigal?” Ye Lan Yu honored Ye Lang with her presence, directly entering into Ye Lang’s little private room, who was still fiddling with the materials.

“Not going, no mood! I have failed again today……” Ye Lang replied while feeling a bit depressed.

“What thing failed? Could it be that you have earned a huge profit again? How much did you earn this time?” Ye Lan Yu thought for a while, and very quickly she understood what it was. She was very clear about the things regarding Ye Lang. Thus, naturally being able to understand what he was depressed about.

“Still don’t know, will only know after Seventh Brother comes back.” Ye Lang replied casually.

Ye Lan Yu sat at one side and stared at Ye Lang for a while, then afterwards asked curiously: “Little brother, I have a question to ask you, and you have to answer honestly.”

“What question?” Ye Lang asked while feeling puzzled.

“You confirm that you are not actually investing and earning money right?” This was too suspicious already, a prodigal son was actually able to earn more money than others doing business.

“……Of course I am not. I’m not that bored. Moreover, I am not earning every time, majority of the time I am the one losing money.”

“Still, saying that you are not bored when take the time to think of ways to be prodigal, and be a prodigal son!”

“This is the aspiration of my entire life!”

“Aspiration your head, who would even take this as their aspiration!”

“Aren’t I one of them who would?”


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