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Chapter 38 – The godlike prodigal son (1) Translated by imakeussmile


A few days later, Ye Lang began to be the same as he used to be, beginning to go back and forth from Ye Residence and Imperial Academy, as if his life was just the same as in the past. Just that, many people began to know that Tigress, who was usually at his side, was granted freedom by him, and sent back home by him.

At that time, at Ye Lang’s decision, many people felt that it was a pity. That petite and adorable figure of Tigress was top-grade within the tiger race, and was the optimum female slave within numerous males’ hearts. This brat was simply wasting natural resources recklessly, my adorable Tai Ya, I won’t see you anymore in the future.

Eh, wait a moment, if this brat has sent her back, doesn’t this mean that I will have a chance to obtain her in the future? Suddenly, some people discovered that, in the past, Tigress was Ye Lang’s female slave, thus letting them have no chance at all. But now, they seemed to have a chance, although, this chance was very tiny.

This was a situation which Ye Lang and Tigress had never noticed before, the two of them did not know that her popularity was that high, even seeming to be much higher than Ye Lang’s popularity.

Of course, later on, those people would understand that this chance of theirs was still zero, a big fat zero!!

Afterwards, no one saw anyone substitute Tigress’ position at the side of Ye Lang. At home, there wasn’t anyone who substituted Tigress, so in the academy, there would also not be anyone who would substitute Tigress.

Long An Qi had arranged an additional maid to take care of Ye Lang, but it was however straightforwardly rejected by Ye Lang, as he said that he did not need anyone to take care of him, and was able to take care of himself by his own. This was also something which he promised Tigress, to take good care of himself.

At the start, Long An Qi just took this as a temporary thing, thinking that it was because Ye Lang did not have Tigress, he therefore did not consider if he had the capability to take care of himself, that’s why he rejected her arrangement straightforwardly.

She felt that, after a certain period of time passed, Ye Lang would definitely not reject anymore. At least, not reject it straightforwardly. Because she had always felt that Ye Lang was unable to live alone properly, and was young master who had always needed to be served upon since he was small.

But in the end, she however discovered that she was, in fact, wrong. And moreover, she was gravely wrong. Not only was Ye Lang able to leave from other’s care, he was even able to take very good care of himself, and it was so good, that it made other wonder whether they were dreaming.

This situation caused a lot of people to feel confused, this shouldn’t be possible. ‘Eh… How did the young master, who had never taken care of himself on his own in his entire life, know how to take care of himself, and moreover still able to do it so thoroughly, not needing any help from others at all.

Of course, the method which this big young master used to take care of himself was also very special!

Firstly, within his daily life, in the matters of cleaning his room, clothes and so on, he would use a alchemy formation to handle it, making those things look as if they were completely new. When he used the alchemy formation to clean, some odd radiance would be produced. Making others think that something had happened. But when they knew the whole story of the matter, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and as time passed, they became used to it.

Secondly, he was a prodigal son, he would extravagantly spend money outside to have a meal and so on. And if it was not for him wanting to retain everything of the courtyard, he would have probably torn apart the house and rebuilt it too, as he would throw out everything which was spoiled and dirty, and just bought new ones instead.

No matter what was said, although it was somewhat special, but it was after all still considered as him being able to take care of himself, and he did not need other people to take care of him. Actually, even if it was not this special, he would also be able take care of himself on his own. Don’t forget, in his ‘previous life’, he was exactly an ordinary person, and had taken care of himself for who knows how many years already.

On another note, after Tigress had left, Ye Lang seemed to have small troubles a bit –

“Hey, isn’t this Ye Family’s thirteenth prince?” On the journey to the campus, a noble’s son brought along a group of people, holding onto an extremely dashing big sword, and blocked Ye Lang’s path.

“Hello!” Ye Lang looked at the person in front of him, and said very politely: “Excuse me, is there anything?”

“Nothing much, just that I want to beat you up.” The noble used a posture which he himself felt to be very cool, and flicked his dashing big sword a bit.

“Why do you want to beat me up? Have I offended you all before?” Ye Lang asked blankly. This was not him pretending. For on those kind of things, his reaction was just this slow, not being much different from the thirteenth prince of the past, not understanding what the opposite party wanted to do at all.

“That’s right, you have offended before us.” The noble said mockingly.

“Oh, if it’s like that, then let me apologize to you guys.” Ye Lang said casually, then afterwards continued walking forward with his head lowered down, letting others having a feeling as if he was afraid of those people.

In reality, people who were familiar with him would know that he was actually just thinking about some things, thinking about some questions regarding alchemy. It was like this every day. And if you asked him later on about it, he himself may actually not know that he was stopped by someone before, and also not know what he had talked about with the person just now.

“Eh……” The nobles were all dazed, not knowing what to do for a moment of time as they did not expect that Ye Lang would have this kind of reaction.

“Stand right there!! You think that you can leave just after apologizing? Let me tell you, right now you don’t have Tai Ya by your side anymore. I can beat you if I want to. Don’t think that you are a big deal just because you are the thirteenth son of the Ye Family, trash will always be trash!” The noble ran to the front of Ye Lang, and then pointed at him as he bellowed loudly.

“Oh, so it is like this, you are jealous of my identity. In the past, Tigress was at my side, so you did not dare to lay a finger on me because you were no match for her.” Ye Lang stopped his footsteps and said as he looked at the noble in front of him.



The noble’s face had a bit of an ashamed expression on his face. Ye Lang’s words were indeed the fact. They were from the group of people who did not dare to lay a finger on Ye Lang because they were no match for Tigress. And moreover, they were the much more stupid portion of the group.

If they were smart, they would not have felt that they would be able to lay a finger on Ye Lang just because Tigress was gone.


“Hey, you guys should better start running, if not, you guys will be in a miserable state later on.” Ye Lang said towards the group of people in front of him. Those people still had not said anything yet, but he said another sentence: “Don’t think that I’m making fun of you all, I’m simply only too kindhearted, and don’t want to see anyone be injured.”

“Utter nonsense. The one who will be in a miserable state is you. The one who will be injured is also you!” That noble bellowed with a look of completely not knowing death at all. Yep, in the eyes of many other people, he exactly did not know death all.

“Eh, you guys are bullying Ye Lang? Are you guys feeling that the weather is too hot and want to cool down?” At this time, a passer-by passed by, and very coincidentally, this passer-by was also Ye Lang’s classmate.

“What too hot, what wanting to cool down?” The noble did not understand what that passer-by meant, but very quickly, he understood.

“Cold Ice Arrow!”

A voice echoed out, then afterwards, a blue radiance flashed through, and struck on the body of that noble, letting that noble become aware of what the meaning of cooling down meant.

“Do you guys treat me as dead? To dare to bully my little brother!” Ye Lan Yu appeared in the sight of everybody, and said as cold as ice.

That’s right, without Tigress, there was still Ye Lan Yu. Whoever dared to lay their hands on Ye Lang, her cold ice arrow would definitely appear in front of that person.

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