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Chapter 386: 386
Ice Angel Armour (2)

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“Miss Ye, Princess,” Fei bowed at both Ye Lanyu and the princess .

“Fei,” they returned the gesture of respect, then entered a fighting stance in preparation to attack . This was their habit, to take the opportunity to attack first .

However, something happened out of their expectations . Fei seemed to understand this philosophy too, for when they were still gathering their magic, Fei attacked first .


Fei charged ahead at top speed, bowling towards them as fast as she could . The best way to defeat magicians is to engage in close contact combat .

Everyone could see glowing embers from where her footsteps had been .

Fei was using fire magic to increase her speed . In simple terms, she was utilising fire’s explosive characteristics . This was what Ye Lang understood but everyone else was stunned .

At this point, Ye Lanyu and the princess were the ones in most shock because Fei was too fast . Fast enough for them to take Fei’s abilities seriously .

Fei was astonishingly powerful . They never would’ve expected this from meeting her on a regular day . With such powerful skills, she never attempted to fight Ye Lang herself- this proved she preferred to settle matters through the truth and words instead of physical fights .

She was compassionate to her enemies .

How powerful was Fei? Well, to Ye Lanyu, Fei was definitely not weaker than herself . She thought there was a high chance of herself losing if she fought Fei herself .

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This was the most shocking revelation she had through this tournament .

She didn’t have time to process her shock, immediately shooting an icicle straight at Fei’s head…

Fei’s eyes turned red, which was a sign she was about to unleash douqi . Her douqi techniques were unique to the Young family, and their eyes would turn red when they were about to attack with douqi . The redness of her eyes would change according to the strength of the douqi .

Usually, you could tell how powerful a Young family member was based on how red their eyes turned . Scarlet eyes meant they had already reached the peak of martial arts, they possessed godlike skills .

Fei’s eyes were a deep red, far from a bright scarlet but keep in mind she was still only twenty years old . This was already impressive at her age .

Fei’s eyes flashed, her sword suddenly ablaze . She immediately slashed at the icicle, a blade of fire flew at the icicle still heading directly at her .

Boom .

When the fire energy collided with the icicle, the icicle stopped in its tracks, then split in half…

Fei continued charging ahead, twisting her shoulders sideways to avoid the shattered ice . She had to get nearer to the girls .

“Lotus of Ice!”

Countless shards of ice grew around Ye Lanyu, each a frozen spear pointing in every direction . Including upwards .

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If Fei didn’t move, she would’ve been impaled by Ye Lanyu’s Lotus of Ice . Other than retreating, her only option was to break the ice once again .

“Clouds of Fire!”

Fei chose the latter, of course . She displayed an interesting douqi technique, which was an elaborate sword dance . Clouds of smoke and fire materialised before her .

Fire rained on Ye Lanyu .


More cracks…

Under the immense heat of the fire clouds, Lanyu’s Lotus of Ice started to crack, some places even breaking off . Fei urged her cloud of fire on, it pressed down hard and was about to touch Ye Lanyu soon .

“Shield of Ice!” Ye Lanyu waved an arm, a solid shield of ice forming in front of her . She planned to use this to defend the cloud of fire, it was only a temporary defensive measure .

At the same time, her other arm made a few gestures, then pushed forward .

“Ice Spears!”

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Tens of spears materialised, all flying at Fei . None of them flew in the same path, and they all attacked from different directions, different angles .

They aimed at her head, her legs, her torso, her back, right, left…

There was a spear coming at her from every direction, it looked as if there was nowhere for Fei to run .

“Young’s Dance of Fire!”

Fei started to spin mid-air, a trail of fire now also spinning around her . It was magnificent, as if she was dancing . Every eye was on her, and this was also what she intended for this technique included a little of her skills as a dancer .

The spears of ice were magnificently shattered mid-air .

“It’s… Gorgeous…” Ye Lang was so amazed he started to clap and cheer .

“ . . . ” Ye Lanyu fell silent . She wanted badly to teach Ye Lang a lesson there . Which team was he on?!

“Ye Lang, you’re cheering for the opponent, Lanyu is probably going to beat you up for that…” Zhen Xiaoyan covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing .

“Ah, I wasn’t cheering her on, that was me cheering because it looked so pretty…” whined Ye Lang .

“But she’s fighting against your sister…”

“Ah shit, she’s so ugly I’m going blind!! She’s not pretty at all!” Ye Lang immediately cursed .

“ . . . ” Zhen Xiaoyan was speechless at how quickly he decided to change his tone .

Alright, I’m going to cheer our team on,” Ye Lang positioned a huge drum on the ground, both hands raised, holding drum sticks . He thought for a moment, wondering what sort of rhythm would be more intimidating for the opponent .

“ . . . ”

The camera pans to Ye Lanyu’s battle . Fei was riding on the momentum of her fire dance, thrusting her sword straight into Ye Lanyu’s ice shield . This wasn’t a regular stab, it brought with it incredibly hot fire-attribute douqi .


Ye Lanyu’s ice shield couldn’t withstand the flaming-hot sword, the sword had pierced through the wall of ice!

Ice was at a disadvantage when fighting against fire, that was the law of nature .

A broken shield didn’t mean anything because this was only a spontaneous defensive mechanism . Ye LAnyu was about to launch another attack, she never planned for this shield to last .

When the shield broke, Ye Lanyu did not retreat but stood her ground . Both her hands made a gesture, then pushed forward .


A fierce ice dragon roared as it emerged charing right at Fei, who was right behind the shield .

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