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Chapter 385
Ice Angel Armour (1)
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“Yeah, he’s kinda crazy… Eh, that’s not right!” Fei nodded but quickly realised she shouldn’t have . Why did she say he was crazy? Sigh, she was about to be scolded to death by Kesha now .  

When Fei looked at Kesha, Kesha’s eyes were not friendly…

Pretending to not see her expression, Fei directly ignored Kesha’s reaction . This was her attitude towards many matters . Anything she didn’t want to face would be ignored .  

Fei continued, “Uh, Ye Lang, he doesn’t want you to leave . He wants you to stay to compete, I do too . I want to teach you a lesson!”

“Why?” asked Ye Lang .  

“You’re evil, that’s why! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long, I can finally do it legally! I’ll never let this opportunity go!” said Fei with outstretched arms . She didn’t hide her intentions at all .  

“I’m not talking about you . Why does he want me to compete?” 

“About that…” Fei didn’t speak . She was technically the reason for that .  

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Specifically, it stemmed from Ye LAnyu and the seventh princess getting Fei to confirm with Edward if Ye Lang helped Edward at the matchmaking event .  

Since Fei also wanted to know the answer, she asked Edward - though she did it in front of Kesha .  

Edward was too proud, therefore he denied this saying he’d only met Ye Lang for the first time that day, that he never asked Ye Lang for help and he relied only on his own skills to win that fight .  

From this, Fei had the impression that Ye Lang was a good-for-nothing kid who only won fights through ungentlemanlike tactics . She also thought Edward might be a trustworthy guy .  

However, even after this, she still suspected Ye Lang was truly there to help Edward because based on Ye Lang’s personality, why would he participate in a battle? At Kesha’s matchmaking? 

It was possible if he was just there to watch, but it was impossible for him to participate! 

Edward felt guilty after the event . That was why he wanted to prove he could easily Ye Lang through this tournament . After this, Fei and Kesha would have no doubt about his abilities .  

“I want people to know that I, Edward, can beat you . I don’t need you to admit defeat on your own, even if your alchemy weapons run out of power, I will personally charge them up for you with magic!” Edward stepped forward, pointing his sword at Ye Lang .  

“ . . . ” The crowd fell silent, simultaneously turned to Ye Lang .  

“Cheh! So what if you win? What has that got to do with me? Fatty, let’s go! We’ll be the best cheerleaders today!” Ye Lang scoffed in mild irritation, then left with Zhen Xiaoyan . He’d completely ignored Edward’s challenge to battle .  

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“ . . . ” 

Their opponents were speechless . They didn’t expect Ye Lang to reject a challenge like that . A regular person, especially in the middle of a tournament like that, would naturally accept! 

“That shameless bastard!” Kesha’s comment was the same, though this time the words were said with more emotion .  

Fei thought Ye Lang was shameless too but thought Ye Lang could just be a straightforward, honest person .  

“This is a normal reaction, it would be very weird if he agreed…” muttered Ye Lanyu and the rest to themselves . They’d already guessed the outcome of the conversation .  

“You should stop talking trash too . My brother will fight if he wants, it’s none of your business! Keep your attention here, see if you can even beat us both first!” warned Ye Lanyu calmly .  

It looked like Edward wasn’t about to give up, as if he was about to chase after Ye Lang . However, Ye Lanyu had already shot an icicle right at Edward . It landed right in front of him, stabbed into the ground . It was a warning .  

“Don’t even think about it! You’ll have to get through me first!” threatened Ye Lanyu coldly . Even her tone could send chills down his spine . Perhaps because she was wielding magic .  

“You’ll have to pass through us if you want to get to him!” the seventh princess opened her palm . A blast of fire shot up towards the sky .  

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“Ye Lang, you can’t hide behind women forever . What would if mean if you won only because of the girls on your team?” Edward was still yelling .  

“You’re so annoying! That was never my intention, I never wanted to win anyway . I’m starting to think you’re irritating me now!” Ye Lang furrowed his brows, then tossed a huge drum aside .  

Ye Lang was referring to being the champion of the mixed category . It was very likely his team was about to win, and it was technically true he’d win because of the women in his team .

However, he didn’t realise what Edward said was an insult until a few moments later…


The seventh princess blasted a fireball at him . The entire arena shook, you can imagine how powerful that blast was .  

“You are making me very angry!” said the seventh princess coldly . Her fury was very obvious now, further proven by the fireball .  

The girls would never let someone insult Ye Lang like this . Even if it was based on something that actually happened… And in Edward’s case, it was an unprovoked insult! 

“ . . . ” Edward fell silent . The fireball drew his attention to the seventh princess again . His brows were furrowed too .  

“Fei…” Edward wanted to talk to Fei about something .  

“Don’t call me Fei, you’re not Kesha . Call me Young, or Miss Young’s not bad either,” frowned Fei . She wasn’t sure why, but she was started to feel disgusted by Edward’s behaviour too .  

She never really liked them calling her Fei . She’d once talked to Kesha about it but Kesha didn’t think it was a problem and never took it seriously .  

Only her closest friends and family could call her that . And Edward obviously wasn’t either one! 

“Classmate Young, I need you to be in charge of those too . Be careful, they’re powerful,” Edward swallowed his anger . It wouldn’t be good for him to rage at Fei, especially not in front of Kesha .  

“You don’t have to tell me that!” Fei unsheathed her sword . It was fiery red, a magic sword that could enhance its wielder’s fire attributes .  

It could also enhance douqi attacks since they had the same characteristics! 

This was probably why magicians sometimes carried swords while warriors wielded staffs . A warrior’s staff would be very robust, stronger than a sword .  

At the same time, you still wouldn’t be able to tell if a person was a magician or warrior until they unleashed their first attack even if you saw their weapon of choice .  

In this case, Fei was a swordsman . There was no doubt .

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