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Chapter 383
Fei Young (2)
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The next day .  

“What? I don’t have to participate in the alchemy category anymore? Why?” someone had passed Ye Lang a message immediately after he arrived at the Light Arena .  

“Sir, you don’t have to participate in the tournament . . . ”

“Because you’re already the champion!” a staff on duty gave a look that said ‘congratulations’ .  

Ye Lang and the rest were stunned for a moment . Not just Ye Lang- Ye Lanyu and the rest didn’t understand either . What was going on? What champion?

“You must be joking . I haven’t competed in anything yet, how can I be the champion?” Ye Lang asked the most important question .  

Ye Lang indeed hadn’t competed in any alchemy-related event so far . It was ridiculous for him to be declared champion .

“We don’t have a choice, it’s because all of the alchemists have left for Miracle Square to look at your alchemy formation . They say there’s no meaning in this competition anymore, and you’re going to win anyway,” said the staff member, admiration in his eyes .  

“ . . . ” Ye Lanyu and the rest were silent . They believed this was the most peculiar event in the history of this tournament . Literally every participant had chosen to abandon the event .  

However, perhaps this situation was possible in the alchemy category . Only alchemists would do this . Magicians and warriors were too competitive, often almost killing themselves to win a competition .  

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Upon hearing this, he waved, “Oh, really? It’s alright! I’m too lazy to compete anyway… Wait, Miracle Square, where’s that?” 

“Miracle Square is the place you and the Lady built yesterday . We have already named it Miracle Square because it looked like a miracle . Sir, would you want to change the name?” explained the staff on duty .  

Ye Lang shook his head . “No, this is your business and it’s just a name . And it’s a great name too . ” 

“Alright, then I shall excuse myself, sir! I wish you all the best for the competition!” the staff member left .  

“What competition? Oh, we still have another round of mixed category event . Why did you have to sign us up for this? I could’ve gone back…” Ye Lang complained .  

Without this event, he literally could leave this city to the place he kept wanting to go .  

“Even if there wasn’t a competition, you still have to return with us . Would you want to lose your way again?” asked Ye Lanyu .  

“I’m not going home with you…” replied Ye Lang, but he was interrupted by Ye Lanyu---

“Why not? What are you going to do?” 

“I’m going on vacation! And I’m going to visit Tigress too…”

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“Uh, I almost forgot . You were only passing . Then I guess you should go see Tai Ya . I wonder what Tai Ya would think if she knew you were so late because you lost your way…” Ye Lanyu remembered Ye LAng’s original plan and couldn’t wait to know what Tigress’ reaction would be .

“Uh… I won’t tell her…” Ye Lang said with resolution . He knew Tigress would definitely worry if he told her about it .  

He wouldn’t mind if all she did was get angry and yell at him . However, she never did that, only quietly doing her part to serve and care for him .  

“The event’s starting!” said Ye Lanyu .  

Ye Lang nodded, “Time to drink tea…” He entered the arena with Zhen Xiaoyan, then proceeded to chat over tea .  

The mixed category events ran over a few days . It was always the same- only Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess competed while Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan sat aside to sip tea or drink some fruit juice with some desserts . The most they did was cheer the girls on .  

Since the seventh princess unleashed her true potential the other day, no one dared underestimate the pair anymore . Their opponents all used their most powerful weapons and strategies, often using specific tactics to target the girls but they were all defeated in the end .  

On this day, Ye Lang was still planning to cheer the girls on when a very, very minor incident occurred .  

“You sick bastard!” 

“ . . . Why are you here?” 

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Ye Lang stared ahead, stunned . Even his footsteps stopped as he stared at the girl who called him a sick bastard . She was Fei- the girl he didn’t recognise .  

“I’m signing up today, I’m taking revenge! So don’t fight it if you know what’s good for you,” said Fei .  

“You’re taking revenge? Who offended you?” Ye Lang looked up at the audience, then pointed at someone, “Is it him?” 

“ . . . ” The crowd fell silent .  

“Ye Lang, sir, Fei is talking about you,” reminded Kesha who was standing next to Fei .  

Kesha spoke up because Ye Lang was pointing at someone she loved --- Edward! 

Ye Lang felt like the person most deserving of hate there was Edward, therefore he concluded that Fei must’ve hated Edward too . Yep, it made sense she hated the same person he did .  

‘What? Who’s Fei?” asked Ye Lang .  

“ . . . ” 

“You… You don’t know my name?” Fei’s heart sank . The person she hated so much, that she could never forget, didn’t even know her name .  

Of course, she could never forget him out of hatred . That one incident ruined her life .  

“Why would I? You never told me . You’re weird,” replied Ye Lang casually .  

“ . . . ” The girl fell silent, deep in thought . That was true, they always met during the weirdest times and she’d never introduced herself to him .  

“Fei Young,” said the girl .  

“??” Ye Lang stared at her, he didn’t know what the words meant .  

“My name is Fei Young!” The girl clarified once again .  

“Oh, I’m Ye Lang,” Ye Lang looked at Fei, then told her his name too .  

Fei huffed, “I already know your name…” 

“I know that you know, but aren’t we introducing ourselves? I’ve never told you my name either . ”

Fei was stunned for a moment, not expecting this answer at all . He’d never formally introduced himself either, she knew his name from asking someone else .  

These two had never formally introduced themselves . Technically, this was the first time they truly knew each other . . .

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