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Chapter 384
Fei Young (3)
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“Young? Fei Young? The only heiress of Ai La Empire’s Young clan?” the seventh princess suddenly remembered a rumour she heard .  

Rumour was the Young clan, which was one of the four main clans of the Ai La Empire, only had one child this generation to inherit the clan’s name . The only child was a girl, and her name was Fei .  

At the same time, Young was a very rare last name here . Perhaps her clan was the only clan with this last name . That was why the princess was 80 percent sure this girl was THE Fei .  

“Yep, that’s me!” Fei nodded, her brows furrowed as if this was something that troubled her . Unfortunately, Ye Lang contributed to this problem .  

Why Ye Lang? 

First, she was the only heiress of the entire Young clan, therefore the only person to inherit everything they had . The Youngs were already a rare surname as it was, no one knew why the past nine generations of this clan only bore one child .  

At least the past generations were all sons- right now, with a daughter, this was a major issue to the family! 

Well, a daughter was fine . They didn’t mind her marrying a good son-in-law . At least the bloodline of this family would continue on . The Young family had always relied on this idea, making preparations to look for the perfect son-in-law to produce grandchildren to continue the bloodline .  

This made Fei a highly sought-after partner across the mainland . There were unfortunately also shameless middle-aged men among them . Many people tried to make connections with her since young, planning to get a piece of the action .  

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However, everyone quickly realised Fei started to refuse to spend time with anyone of the opposite sex, cutting off all contact . Many people thought she might have grown disgusted by men due to having too many admirers growing up .  

What they didn’t know was that the problem stemmed from Ye Lang… 

If the Young family and her admirers ever knew, Ye Lang would probably drown in their spit! 

What the Young family was most worried about was that Fei’s personality had always been a little more masculine . With her current disgust towards men, it seemed like her sexual orientation wasn’t straight .  

Kesha used to be her rumoured partner . If Edward never appeared, this misunderstanding would likely have perpetuated .  

“So you’re Miss Young, I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you,” the seventh princess smiled politely .  

“Princess, you are too kind . While we are known throughout Ai La, we can never match up to your Ye family,” Fei responded with humility . As the daughter of an aristocratic clan, she was well-versed in etiquette, fluent in small talk .  

She didn’t mention the princess’ family, the royals, because everyone knew she was only the Ye family’s future daughter-in-law now and she’d already cut off all relations with the rest .  

Of course, everyone still called her ‘princess’ out of habit . It was only a greeting, there wasn’t a meaning behind it! 

“Miss Young, you are too humble yourself . Everyone knows how powerful the Young clan is . Even us the Ye family wouldn’t dare say we’re better than your family,” the seventh princess continued the small talk .  

Just as Fei was about to respond, someone made a very impatient noise…

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“Hey hey, what are you both doing? If you want to fight, fight! Why are you kissing ass…” Ye Lang was waving them away, looking very impatient .  

“ . . . ” The princess and Fei fell silent at the same time . They wanted to argue but he had a point . And if they did argue, the results could be disastrous .  

“Ye Lang, they’re making polite talk, it’s not kissing ass…” said Zhen Xiaoyan .  

“Oh, that’s just politely kissing ass…”

“ . . . ”

Yeah, probably .  

“Fatty, what’s for lunch…” Ye Lang ignored them, turning towards Zhen Xiaoyan .  

The audience was already used to this: Ye Lang was practically a member of the audience, except he sat on the field instead of in the seating area .  

If their opponents nor Sheng City never said a thing, who were they to raise any questions? 

It was different this time though . At least two people in the opponent’s team didn’t like Ye Lang watching the show on his ass .  

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The first was Fei Young, and the other was…

“Ye Lang, don’t you think it looks bad on you, sitting here?” Edward asked Ye Lang with a serious face .  

“??” Ye Lang didn’t understand . “What?” 

“You let your sister and your future wife help you defeat your opponents, while you watch from there . Do you think you look bad?” 

“I guess I do . ” 

“At least you can still see what you did wrong!” Edward continued, “shouldn’t you do something now?” 

“Shut up! That’s none of your business!” Ye Lanyu and the princess roared in fury because they knew what Ye Lang was about to do .  

It’d taken them too much effort to get an opportunity like this, they didn’t want anyone to ruin the moment .  

Edward was confused . Maybe a little annoyed at how protective they were over the kid .  

Ye Lang stopped walking, then turned to say, “You’re right, I should do something! Fatty, let’s watch them in action from over there . We’ll cheer them on . Right, where’s my drum…”

He ruffled through his ring looking for his gigantic drum . Drums were enough to make them intimidating! 

“Stop right there!” 

There was still Fei and Kesha on Ye Lanyu’s side of the field . They didn’t seem to want to see Ye Lang leave . Did that mean they liked Ye Lang watching them fight? 

“What’s the matter?” asked Ye Lang, puzzled .  

What were they doing? One’s asking me to leave, one’s asking me to stay…

“You can’t leave!” Edward spoke first .  

“Are you insane?” asked Ye Lang very directly .  

“How could you insult him like that!” Kesha was angry now .  

“Insult him? Isn’t he insane? I was fine right here, but he wasn’t happy . So I moved, and now he’s not happy . Is this a prank?” asked Ye Lang .  

Ye Lang’s tone made it seem like it was a statement . That Edward WAS insane . . .


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