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Chapter 377: 377
Miracle Square (1)

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“Your wish is simple . I can help you with that!” said Ye Lang, still busy with his food .

“I’m going to punch you if you dare suggest putting me back to sleep!” threatened Xuan Yuanbing, showing her fists . The stance didn’t last long as the Lady resumed to stare blankly at the empty square .

If it was possible, she would love to create a garden here . She’d be its sole designer and supervisor…

To be honest, with her title as the Sacred Lady, no one would even bat an eye if she wanted to build a skyscraper here .

“No, I meant I’ll help build it . I never said anything about putting you back to sleep!” defended Ye Lang, words unclear as his cheeks were once again full with food . The boy stared ahead blankly- no, he was deep in thought .

“??” the Lady was positively puzzled as Ye Lang began to strike a few poses . What on earth was he trying to do?


Ye Lang joined his palms with a loud clap before placing them on the ground . Intense rays of light began to shine through his fingers and soon dispersed uniformly everywhere .

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“Ye Lang, which formation are you using?” Zhen Xiaoyan stopped in her tracks, observing the alchemy formation beneath her . She couldn’t put her mind around it due to its complexity .

The formation consisted of three elements- fire, earth and water . These elements were a part of the natural series and were rarely used among magicians .

A formation part of the natural series like this allows its user to control plants via magic . Its user could control vegetation growth, size and appearance . According to legends, one could even create a new plant species!

Unfortunately, only a few had the ability or attribute to use the natural series . The ability was generally limited to only the elf tribe and its descendants . Users of other tribes were not unheard of .

Albeit so, this power could be used by anyone if they wished, the endowment had nothing to do with its mastery .

The reason behind its rare usage was due to the fact that there were strict requirements for this series . All spells were dependent on pre-existing conditions, just like how plants need soil and water to live . Without these, any attempt would be futile except for the usage of its related healing magic . Its healing magic was applicable to all living things, entirely independent of pre-existing conditions .

Therefore, under normal circumstances, natural series magic was used for its support and healing properties . Lacking powerful attacks, people gradually move away from it, which subsequently made the practice obscure .

All tribes, humans and others alike, valued power for their survival . Tame magic as such was never fancied .

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Surprisingly, natural series magic was rather prevalent in alchemy, it had several relevant formations though comparatively few . Some alchemists had even claimed that they’ve never used it in their life!

Ye Lang’s great interest in the natural series came from it being a component of his self-made formations . Because of that, the boy had read up a lot about it .

“It’s an alchemy formation!” Ye Lang shouted back an answer to Zhen Xiaoyan- which proved to be utterly useless as everyone already knew that . That was not an answer but everyone started to witness the materialization of his intention .

Lights extended towards all corners of the site bit by bit, joining together to form an outline of an incomplete formation framework . The expansion halted once the desired size was achieved, Ye Lang started to focus his efforts to complete the formation .

Everyone was terrified at the size of this massive formation, its radius was around two kilometres! That was insanely impressive as this was all powered by one sole person .

Though the formation was massive, it had only taken up a humbling one-third of the vacated site, realization soon dawned the people- the site was outrageously large!

There was no way anyone could miss such a big formation . It didn't take long before everyone started to gather around albeit forced to watch it from a distance . The formation had created a dome-shaped barrier around Ye Lang .

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Naturally, the Light Riders noticed it first, having dispatched some riders to surround the venue .

Aside from their task to protect Ye Lang and Xuan Yuanbing, they were also there to prevent any interruption towards the formation . Funnily, the riders were unsure of Ye Lang's intention .

As seconds went by, more people joined the spectating crowd, particularly alchemists .

The alchemists around the region and from the Sacred Teachings were highly interested in Ye Lang, the boy was famous for his skill . As soon as they caught wind of the news, alchemists from the Sacred Teachings, Ye Academy and the Royal Institute of Education came rushing in . There was no time to lose!

After deeming the formation complete, Ye Lang stood up from his crouching stance . With a swift wave of his arms, he summoned a floating glowing circle .

Everyone watched on with curiosity .

“Let’s place a small river here,” he stroked a line within the circle, the line swiftly settled in . Soon, the ground in a corner within the formation began to change, sinking to form a long indent to create a riverbed .

Then, water started to materialize in thin air, quickly filling up the newly-formed hollow .


What? How was this possible?!

Everyone had somewhat understood the function of the circle but how Ye Lang did that remained a mystery .

This was something new . No one had seen anything like this!

“Do you understand now?” Ye Lang directed a sudden question at Xuan Yuanbing .

What could he possibly mean? Ye Lanyu, Zhen Xiaoyan and the seventh princess had no idea . Weirdly, Xuan Yuanbing was nodding in response!

“Yeah, I do!”

Xuan Yuanbing approached the boy, holding out her arms to touch the outer rim of the glowing circle . The Lady took a deep breath and closed her eyes…

“Have fun!” said Ye Lang as he left towards Zhen Xiaoyan, eager for more snacks .

“Alright!” replied Xuan Yuanbing . The Lady started placing deliberate strokes on different corners in the circle in such a fast pace it looked like she was dancing, anything she visualized was materialized correspondingly .

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