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Chapter 378: 378
Miracle Square (2)

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Everything happened so quickly no one had time to blink . Bridges, fountains, hills, walkways appeared in a flash, filling up the area as if it had been there all along . Everything felt natural, nothing was out of place- which was an effect Ye Lang had not expected .

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess loved the new landscape .

Right now, the two girls both understood a few things . Firstly, the circle was a console that allowed complete control of the terrain within the formation . Components drawn on it would materialize at the corresponding location .

The second thing was that the Sacred Lady, Xuan Yuanbing, was surprisingly well-versed in alchemy! Her skills were way beyond regular alchemists!

That was why she could understand Ye Lang’s incomprehensible ramble! It all made sense now…

“I can’t believe the Sacred Lady is a better alchemist than me . When was she involved in this field?!”

The Sacred Teachings alchemists were shocked at the revelation . All this while, the general opinion was that Xuan Yuanbing had zero alchemy knowledge- or at least that was the truth before she was sealed in crystal .

After she woke, the Lady was suddenly equipped with bafflingly powerful alchemy knowledge!

That sounded so absurd that they found it difficult to accept the truth .

On the contrary, Ye Lanyu and her lot didn’t think it was absurd . Ye Lang must’ve taught Xuan Yuanbing alchemy in her dreams!

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While trapped in her slumber, Xuan Yuanbing was bored out of her mind . There was nothing to do save for meditation or to study design and alchemy . She knew some alchemy basics anyway

Since she had nothing better to do, the Lady figured it would be best to dabble in various areas to enrich herself . Her rich knowledge had even Ye Lang thoroughly impressed .

With time, the Lady had accumulated vast alchemy knowledge albeit unable to put it to practice .

However, you would have to account for the countless nights she was asleep! With that much time on hand, anyone could become a master alchemist!

“Tsk . I could’ve done the same if I were in the same situation,” thought Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess darkly .

Though they had zero interest in alchemy, the girls were only comparing themselves to Xuan Yuanbing to comfort themselves .

With the help of Ye Lang’s formation, Xuan Yuanbing’s design was now a reality . A gorgeous, aesthetically-pleasing circular garden was now erected in the middle of the square .

The astonishing visuals paired with the sound of rustling leaves was soothing to the soul . The crystal clear water flowing in the river and lush vegetation had provided generous shade to the garden . Each component fit well with one another, making it pleasing to the eye .

If one hadn't witnessed its flashy formation, many would’ve had a hard time believing that this garden was created within a few hours . Nothing felt out of place and everything felt so natural .

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No one would believe that this was the work of an alchemist! The amount of completeness led them to believe that God had performed a miracle on this sad piece of land .

A myth was soon born from the incident . There must be traces of God on this square!

Due to that, the square was soon given its name as the Miracle Square . Unsurprisingly, the garden quickly gained its popularity in Sheng City thanks to its landscape and legends . Many alchemists yearned to achieve Ye Lang’s level of mastery, they’d love to surpass his abilities!

Unfortunately, this was no easy feat . Strictly put, there was no way to surpass Ye Lang’s mastery of alchemy . Materializing non-living things was possible for the others but when it came to living vegetation- it was impossible .

Why was Ye Lang able to do that with ease and no prior preparation?

No one knew the definite answer . Perhaps Ye Lang existence was just like the unbelievable formation of the garden- miraculous!

The completion of the garden was so impressive it had everyone in deep shock . No one had the right word to express their surprise and soon everyone was on their knees .

With sincerity, they kneeled before the miracle . They believe this marvel of a phenomenon was bestowed by the Lady of Light .

There was no other plausible explanation to them .

“Long live the Sacred Lady, long live the prince!”

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They shouted and fell to the ground . First, the people around the square had resonated it and before they knew it, the same cheer rang from all corners of Sheng City . People far away may not have known the context but they were clearly supportive .

“Pope, the Sacred Lady is…”

“No need for the report, I’m aware . If I hadn’t caught wind of it, I’m certainly unworthy of being the pope!” the pope halted the messenger mid-sentence .

The cheer was loud and clear as day, there was no way he had missed it!

“The Sacred Lady is free to come any day she desires . The Lady has only eyes for Ye Lang right now and all she wants is just to be with him . ” stated the pope before turning away from the messenger . “The boy sure is something . How can someone so uselessly dumb become an amazing alchemist in the span of a few years? Could it be that the strongest alchemists are those with no attributes?” the pope pondered, unbothered about the Sacred Lady’s relationship with Ye Lang and her attitude .

The pope was aware that the Sacred Lady was nothing more than a mere title, anyone could be one! However, the pope was a father figure for Xuan Yuanbing, having cared for her throughout her whole life . The pope loved her, letting her do as she pleased .

If Xuan Yuanbing decided to give up her title, the pope wouldn’t push her further . However, that would potentially cause a severe imbalance between branches of the Sacred Teaching which might subsequently trigger a deadly war .

While Xuan Yuanbing was deep in slumber, a few branches had suggested re-electing the Sacred Lady and the nominees were all from their respective branches .

Sigh, the conflict of interest was too obvious!

With Xuan Yuanbing’s current popularity, most of the devotees would object her abandonment of the title!

“Ye Lang, you’re amazing!” Xuan Yuanbing glomped Ye Lang, hugging him tight in her arms . The Lady was still blissfully unaware of the cheer and effects of the Miracle Square, focused on her urge to praise him .

The garden had meant so much to her . Ye Lang created this for her and she completed this with him! It was THEIR garden!

Not to mention, the boy had created it just because of what she said!

“Hey, hey, hey! Know your place, Xuan Yuanbing! I’m still here!” groaned Ye Lanyu, prying her brother out of her embrace . Ye Lanyu quickly enveloped Ye Lang with her arms instead .

“Keep your hands off him! I’M his sister!”

Initially, Ye Lanyu had paid no mind to Xuan Yuanbing’s proximity with Ye Lang . The sister was happy to see girls swarming around her brother, which was an obvious sign that her brother had charisma!

However, Ye Lanyu soon felt that something was off . She interpreted their constant contact as Xuan Yuanbing wanting him to be her brother .

Xuan Yuanbing wanted to be Ye Lang’s sister?

This was a threat to Ye Lanyu!

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