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Chapter 324
The Girl With Black Wings (1)
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“Ye Lang? YOUR Ye Lang?” her friend was also a very pretty girl . She was of the beastman race, but her features could pass off as human .

However, on her back were a pair of black-feathered wings…

The beastmen consisted not only of terrestrial beasts but also birds . These beastmen of the bird type have wings but might not be able to fly- flight abilities varied between species .

“Who else? Why is he here anyway? Do you think he’s here for me?” the aristocratic girl nodded as she spoke, then started to approach Ye Lang .

The girl with black wings watched for a moment, hesitated, then finally followed suit .

“Ye Lang!! Why are you here?” the aristocratic girl arrived next to Ye Lang then called his name gently . Her tone was normal, though there was a hint of happiness in it .

“??” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment . He couldn’t recognise the girl in front of him but she was very familiar .

“…” Upon seeing his reaction, she understood that the kid had forgotten her .

She shook her head, tired . She knew she couldn’t blame him because they spent very little time together . They only met once every few years .

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After a long pause, he finally recognised the girl, immediately greeting her with, “Ah, Second Sister!” This girl was Ye Lang’s second-eldest sister, and he was at the Academy Number One’s accommodation area!

“Thank god you remembered me! Why are you here? Why are you looking at the walls?” Second Sister gave a faint smile and held his hand gently .

“The walls are fun! But you won’t be able to tell…” explained Ye Lang .

“What’s fun?” the second sister asked curiously .

“Alchemy formations . I haven’t examined them yet but these formations here are very interesting…” answered Ye Lang, at the same time announcing the fact that he wasn’t sure what these formations were .

“You only talk about alchemy . Where’s your third sister?” the second sister looked around . Other than Little Xin, there were no other girls around- not even Ye Lanyu or the seventh princess .

As for Zhen Xiaoyan, the second sister didn’t know her well . The last time they met, Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t follow Ye Lang around .

“She’s somewhere here . I don’t know where either… Help me find her, I’ll be looking for her too…” Ye Lang wanted to continue walking along the walls . He had no intention of catching up with his sister, someone he hadn’t met in years .

She didn’t say anything either . She wanted to remind him to be careful but noticed him staring at the black-winged girl next to her .

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“Black wings… This is…” Ye Lang dropped his sister’s hand, slowly extending his towards the girl’s black wings to touch it .

“Ah!” the girl gasped then stepped back, glaring at him .

“Don’t move, let me see!” Ye Lang didn’t seem to notice her reaction . His hands were still extending towards her wings .

Would she let him touch her wings like that? Of course not!

After she was stunned for a moment then quickly retreated backwards again, standing in a very defensive position . She glanced at his second sister next to her, wondering if she should attack her good friend’s little brother .

Second sister was stunned, as if frozen . She watched his hands about to cross into the girl’s personal space . He didn’t notice a thing, it was very normal to him .

They were both stunned . Ye Lang’s hand was approaching her wings now . No matter how much she hid, it was the same .

It felt odd because it was as if she didn’t move her wings at all while his hands inched closer and finally touched the wing!

“Ye Lang, what are you doing?! You can’t touch her wings!” his sister finally cried but she was too late!

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Not only had he touched her wings, he even tugged at her feathers, which were as black as ink, for good measure!

“Ah…” the girl and his sister were stunned with the same expression: their jaws dropped, face frozen in disbelief .

It was the same expression witnessing the same incident, but very different things ran through their minds .

“You… You! You pulled my feathers, I… I’m going to kill you!” the girl stuttered as she pointed at Ye Lang . She could barely form a sentence now .

“…” Second Sister was silent, she didn’t know how she could solve this problem . She knew there was going to be trouble…


What the both of them didn’t expect is that not only did Ye Lang not notice, he even said very directly, “Keep quiet!”


He was examining her feathers with full attention, looking at every single stroke on it as if not to leave out any detail . He could care less about her rage .

The girl wanted to rage, she wanted to kick him high in the air with magic but when she saw what he was doing, she hesitated . She didn’t know what was so special about her feathers .

She only knew that she was the only individual with black wings among her entire tribe!

The girl had a lot of trouble with her black wings in the past . There was a period of time where she even considered clipping her own wings- at least she would look human, and her tribe wouldn’t shun her for looking different!

Ye Lang traced an alchemy formation with his hands . The feather in his palm levitated while the formation shone brightly . The most peculiar part was that the feather shone with black light, it was paradoxical indeed!

Ye Lang waved the formation away, took the black feather very carefully, then put it back on her wing…

Can you put a feather back?!

The girl and the second sister were exasperated at this point . Anyone would be speechless seeing Ye Lang first pluck the girl’s feather then attempt to fix it back!

However, the most peculiar thing was that the feather really did attach to her wing as if nothing had happened . As if he hadn’t just plucked it!

Their jaws dropped even more, especially the girl . She knew her own wings the best, but she never knew she could re-attach her feathers?! 

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