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Published at 17th of October 2019 04:35:07 PM
Chapter 325: 325

Chapter 325 The Girl with Black Wings (2)

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“So Black Jade Feathers do exist, and a live specimen too…” sighed Ye Lang emotionally as he caressed her feather .

The girl’s face was blotchy . She felt her entire body go weak, and she was having troubles breathing after he touched her wings . She had never felt like this before!

This was something she inherited from her species too . Their wings were very sensitive, their entire being would go weak after someone, especially someone of the opposite sex, touched it .

“Ye Lang… Don’t disturb her wings…” Once the second sister realised what was happening, she immediately pulled Ye Lang’s hand away, glaring at him .

“Second Sister, this is a black jade feather! It’s a very rare alchemy material, no, not just rare, it hasn’t been seen in a very long time!” Ye Lang looked at her wings as if he couldn’t bear to be apart from them . His eyes were glowing, but they could tell it was from greed .

“Black Jade Feathers? What?” asked the girls simultaneously . They were eager to know what that meant, hence they were temporarily ignoring what he just did .

“Black Jade Feathers . I’ve seen records in some books . It’s a very rare ingredient for black magic . And Black Jade Feathers have an irreplaceable characteristic . I’m not too sure what, but it’s something related to medicine… I read it can bring people back from the dead!”

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“However, the books never recorded where they could be found . I thought it was from some bird . I never really knew, but now, I understand! So it’s from people like you! Birdman…” Ye Lang looked at the Birdgirl, cough, Black-Winged Girl .

“…” The two girls were silent again .

However, Black-Winged Girl seemed a little excited in her heart because she realised how special her wings were . They were not an abomination after all!

She temporarily forgot Ye Lang’s disrespect… until Ye Lang reminded her…

“Miss, do you mind giving me a few of your feathers? I don’t need too many, just about ten of them!” requested Ye Lang, his eyes filled with anticipation .

“Alright…No, no you can’t…” stuttered the girl immediately . It was impossible .

Feathers were very precious, treasured gifts in her tribe . Let’s not talk about ten feathers, even a gift of one feather was rare . Other than their best friends, only their closest loved ones had a chance of receiving one .

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Ye Lang? He was a complete stranger, why would he get one?

Black-Winged Girl was in a state of shock when she said ‘alright’, she didn’t know why she said it either . She couldn’t believe she just allowed a complete stranger, who was male, to pluck her feathers?!

Was it because he touched her wings?

She dared not think too much, but could only beg Ye Lang to stay away from her . She didn’t want to think about the feathers either .

However, by the time she said ‘no’, Ye Lang had already plucked ten more feathers from her wings . He was quick about it too .

“…” The girls were silent again . They didn’t think Ye Lang would act so quickly right after she said the word ‘alright’ . He was done .

The worst thing was, after he finished plucking her feathers, he decided to leave…

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“Second sister, I’m leaving now . Thank you Miss Bird, if you have any problems in the future, don’t hesitate to come ask for my help!” after this, he disappeared down the hallway .

“…” There was a long pause before the girls knew what to say .

Black-Winged Girl wanted to chase him down but realised she’d already lost even his shadow . How was she to find him?

Furthermore, very soon, Ye Lanyu and the rest appeared before them . “Hey, Second Sister, did you see our little brother? From what they said, he was walking towards here!” Ye LAnyu and the rest dropped by to say hi, then frantically asked about Ye Lang . They didn’t ask how she was doing, etc .

Second Sister resented the fact that her own brother and sister seemed to have completely ignored her existence, both here looking for something else . Why couldn’t they stop to have a proper conversation?

“He was just causing trouble here a few moments ago . He left that way, but I’m not sure where he was going!” Second Sister pointed towards where he walked to, giving a vague answer .

Causing trouble? That was very normal .

Ye Lanyu and the rest didn’t bother about what trouble he’d caused, instead made a mad dash towards where she pointed . When they came to a fork, the few of them separated to search for him .

“Don’t you want to follow them?” Black-Winged Girl wanted to look for him too, but she was too embarrassed to leave seeing his own sister standing very calmly on the spot .

She initially wanted to use this as an excuse to look for Ye Lang . Of course it wasn’t to greet him, she wanted to teach him a lesson! And if she could, she wanted to get the feathers back from him .

“No, it’s alright . He goes missing very often, and Lanyu’s looking for him anyway . Then again, even if we don’t look, he’d appear on his own,” Second Sister shook her head very calmly, “We should continue our previous discussion . Also, please don’t take the feather incident to heart, he’s a little silly kid, he doesn’t know anything!”

Second Sister didn’t want Black-Winged Girl to hold a grudge against Ye Lang . Although she knew the girl would remember this incident, she hoped her words could calm her a little- at least the girl might not hurt Ye Lang if they met .

“Ye Lang… . Ye Lang… . ”

The seventh princess shouted his name, walking down the hallways, looking everywhere for a trace of him . Her and Ye LAnyu hoped they could find Ye Lang before the other did…

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