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Chapter 318: 318
Pre-Competition Preparations (3)
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“Mm, you go ahead . I’ve talked to them, you all can enter Sheng City anytime!” Ye Lang nodded . That wasn’t because he was very considerate of them, but because… “Tomorrow, we’ll go tomorrow!” said Ye Lanyu .

“Ye Lanyu, you’ve been saying that for three days, are you sure you want to leave tomorrow?” complained the seventh princess . Ye Lanyu had been talking about it for a while now, but every time morning came, she would change her mind .

“It’s none of your business, why not you leave first? I’m not stopping you!” argued Ye Lanyu . She didn’t mind the seventh princess’ attempt to provoke her .

The seventh princess wiggled a finger, then mischievously said, “I never said I wanted to leave, you were the one talking! Hehe, I won’t be preparing for the competition, I’ll go with Ye Lang when the competition starts!”

“…” Ye Lanyu fell silent . She hadn’t expected the seventh princess to do this . She turned to Zhen Xiaoyan .

“??” Zhen Xiaoyan noticed Lanyu looking at herself, paused for a moment, then said, “Don’t look at me, I don’t need to either . I’m on the alchemy team, so if I prepare I’ll have to prepare with Ye Lang . ”

“…” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess fell silent . They had forgotten that the one most comfortable staying was Zhen Xiaoyan because she was here to participate with Ye Lang . All she had to do was stick to Ye Lang, she didn’t need to come up with any excuses .

“Little seven, we should’ve joined the alchemy team…” sighed Ye Lanyu .

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“Yeah… Wait, I know, I have an idea! We can still be together…” The seventh princess suddenly recalled something, her expression turning from envy to excitement .

“??” Lanyu was confused . She stared at the seventh princess for a long time .

“We…” The seventh princess whispered a few words into her ear .

Lanyu’s two eyes started to shine too . She squealed, “Alright, I have nothing to add . It is decided then!”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t understand . They looked at the girls, who were acting very secretive, with confused looks .

“I’m not telling! Little seven, let’s go!” Ye Lanyu smiled mysteriously, then dragged the seventh princess away . They couldn’t believe the two girls left so suddenly, not even waiting till ‘tomorrow morning’ .

Looks like they were going to surprise Ye Lang!

“Fatty, what are they doing?” asked Ye Lang, watching the door where Ye LAnyu and the princess disappeared . He hoped for an answer .

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Of course the chance of getting one was very, very low!

“I… don’t know, they didn’t tell me!” she shook her head .

“Nevermind them, we’ll deal with it when the time comes!” shrugged Ye Lang . While he was a little slow, he knew nothing good came out of Ye Lanyu’s ‘plans’ and was already used to it .

“Yeah, they wouldn’t hurt you anyway, they wouldn’t… It’s a prank at most!” she nodded .

When he heard her, he shook his head and sighed, “A prank… Little seven is fine, but my sister… She sometimes has no limits . Looks like we have to prepare for the worst!”

“Yep!” she nodded .

And just like that, Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan remained at Miracle District while Ye Lanyu and the princess entered the inner city first . They made a small arrangement at the registration point which benefited them but would give Ye Lang a massive headache…

Half a month later, the inner city was officially open to the public . There were certain restrictions of course, but there were no problems for a regular person to enter .

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The city placed restrictions on known criminals, conmen etc . Anyone with previous records were all stopped outside and not allowed in unless they had special documents .

Therefore, regular people who hadn’t committed any serious crime could enter Sheng City . There were staff assigned to usher them in .

To Sheng City, anyone who entered was a guest . They did not want to skimp on treating the guests well, so costs were not taken into consideration!

It wasn’t just because they had loads of funds, it was also because they had a lot of assets and resources often donated by followers of the religion from across the mainland . An event like this would only use up a small portion of it!

If they were unwilling to sacrifice such little resources, then Sheng City would not have existed, and the Sacred Religion would not have so many followers!

This was good news to the guests too, saving them a lot of trouble . The only inconvenience was that there was the same arrangement for everyone . No one could choose where they wanted to go .

Then again, the ones who felt it was inconvenient were the rich folk who were used to living in huge spaces . They didn’t voice their concerns though- it was a sacred city, this wasn’t a place to show off!

The border that separated Sheng City’s inner and outer city was the foot of the Holy Mountain . Once they entered the mountains, that was considered the inner city area . Simply put, the Holy Mountain was Sheng City’s inner city .

The official, true inner city was located further uphill halfway up the mountain . From this point up until the peak was the official inner-city region . The higher the altitude, the higher-ranked the residents were, the more important the region was .

There were four city gates North, South, East and West of the inner city . There were also four paths leading up to them . Usually, there were already powerful men guarding these gates . Right now, security was even tighter .

Every person who entered must have their identity documents stating which empire they were from . It was a simple process though, so entering was convenient .

Ye Lang was now outside the South gate, lining up behind a long line to enter the city . He didn’t use his special privilege to enter- he could have skipped the line if he mentioned his name .

For this, Ye Lang said, ‘I’m a prodigal son, not a little bitch, I’ll never do that!”

In reality, Zhen Xiaoyan guessed Ye Lang just wouldn’t admit he didn’t know he had such a privilege because he would’ve entered immediately . Why would he want to wait in line?!

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