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Chapter 317: 317

Chapter 317 Pre-Competition Preparations (2)

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Some people thought it was fair to pay some money in exchange for their lives, it wasn’t a big deal . However, to the rest, it wasn’t . “That’s not fair! Why don’t they need to pay even a copper, and I have to pay so much gold for this?!” That was another patient about to fork out a huge sum . He felt the price was already unfair, and upon seeing other patients who didn’t have to pay, he was even more upset .

What he didn’t see were the ones who paid a lot more without a word of complaint!

“Don’t come if it’s unfair! I’m waiting for you to move!” Before Ye Lang could speak, the person behind had already started talking .

“You don’t need to pay, you won’t know my pain…” he said . To him, the person behind him would definitely qualify as one of the patients who didn’t need to pay .

“Is that so? I’m sure my bill will be the same as yours, but I’m willing to spend . As long as I’m cured, so what if I have to spend a little? And I’m paying the genius doctor too, who helps people who have no money to pay for treatments- this makes me happier! This means I’m using my money for charity, it’s good karma for me!” the person behind shrugged .

Everyone started to compare the two people . One thought the prices were unfair, while the other treated this as a charity . The second person looked a lot better .

Most people were like this too . They were willing to spend, even more willing to spend money on charity . They might not agree with putting in time and effort for charity, but they had no qualms about donating money .

Some of them were born with this mentality, while some turned kinder after the torment of a terminal illness . A small portion of people pretended to like donating money .

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No matter what, they still paid . It didn’t matter if they were willing, or if they were sincere . Their contributions couldn’t be ignored!

If an evil criminal unwillingly did a good deed, it was still a good deed!

At the same time, if a very good person did a bad deed, that was still a bad deed .

People often forget this, they felt like a good deed done by a bad person was still bad, or a bad deed by a good person was still good…

“What do you mean? I was just talking!” he didn’t have anything to say except paying the bill as he was told . He was already expecting this price anyway, he was just a little irritated when it actually happened .

“Then hurry up, don’t waste our time, or the doctor’s time! He’s very busy!” scolded a group of people .

“That’s right, I’m very busy! Arwen, hang up a notice saying I will stop treating patients in half a month . Tell them to look for another doctor!” once Ye Lang stopped talking, the crowd fell into chaos .

“What? Doctor, you’re not staying? What should we do?”

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“Yeah, doctor, please stay…”

Everyone was very emotional, all begging Ye Lang to continue treating patients . Some were starting to cry…

“Everyone please stop talking!” cried Ye Lang . It was soft, but everyone fell silent . They all watched Ye Lang, wanted to hear what he had to say .

“Me being a doctor was only temporary, not long-term . I’ve worked for many months, it is enough! The rest of the doctors here can help you all too, so it is time for me to leave!” said Ye Lang slowly . His tone was very calm .

What he said reminded everyone that he was not a professional doctor, he still had other matters to attend to . That was why he was already at his limit after spending many months sitting in his clinic treating patients .

No one doubted this . Perhaps in the past, they would have suspected he was a professional doctor- or how would he have such good medical skills?

They all knew Ye Lang well enough now . They knew he was an alchemy prodigy and the Ye family’s prodigal son . He had never dabbled in medicine in his life – at least not in front of anyone .

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That epidemic was his virgin treatment!

Since everyone knew this, what reasons could they give for him to stay?

They couldn’t say the patients needed him here . He had already passed on his knowledge to Sheng City’s doctors, so they could already tackle a huge majority of patients . Only very few people were left .

If these few people could find Ye Lang, they’d definitely be cured by him . This everyone agreed on!

“I have things to do . I wanted to visit someone very important to me, but I had to delay that again because I have been treating patients here in the past few months . After the ranking competition, I must meet her!” explained Ye Lang .

Who? Who was so important to him?

This was what many people wanted to ask but didn’t . This was something private, why would they pry?

“Doctor, will you participate in the competition?”

“Of course, one of the reasons I’m here is for the competition . I don’t like it, but my family needs me . No choice!” he wrung his hands .

“Then we support you!” cheered everyone .

“Thank you for all your support! As for the announcement, you don’t need to worry . It will only happen half a month from now, and it anyone really needs me then, I’ll still be in Sheng City . You can come to visit!” smiled Ye Lang, thanking everyone for their support .

“Yeah, we don’t need to worry!” everyone realised that it had nothing to do with them .

They would’ve recovered by then!

“Half a month? Brother, that’s when the competition starts . Aren’t you supposed to enter the city earlier?” Ye Lanyu had her doubts about his announcement . She felt like he wouldn’t have time to prepare for the competition .

“I’ll be waiting for the event to start inside, it’s all the same! If you want to prepare, you should enter earlier . I’ll be fine!” said Ye Lang casually, one hand already taking a patient’s pulse .

“Makes sense . You don’t need to prepare anyway, but we do . We won’t defeat our opponents that easily!” frowned Ye Lanyu .

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