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Chapter 3 – God-abandoned child Translated by imakeussmile


Three days later, the Soaring Sky Empire’s emperor summoned the Ye Family’s patriarch and his son for a meeting, and also specially told them to bring the Ye Family’s thirteenth son along as well.

After the emperor’s summon, there was an additional news regarding the Ye Family’s thirteenth son, and the contents of the news was that the thirteenth son was to have a fiancée. This fiancée was precisely the empire’s little princess, who had just recently been born on the same day as the thirteenth son. It’s just that the little princess was born slightly earlier than the thirteenth son.

What was interesting was that this little princess was also born under the multi-colored sunlight, and therefore their relationship was pulled together with the miracle. Because of this, the emperor felt even more that the thirteenth son and little princess was a couple, match made in heaven.

Originally, the matter regarding the Soaring Sky Empire’s princess marrying into the Ye Family also occurred from time to time. Things like a marriage engagement that got decided for them from a young age, even if it wasn’t 10 times, it was discussed at least 8 times already. Therefore, regarding this matter, there was of course no one who opposed it or felt anything unpleasant about it.

A month later, the thirteenth son was one month old and naturally, the Ye Family would arrange a feast to celebrate this occasion. At this time, practically all of the civilian and military officials were invited to the feast, and the emperor showed up aswell, bringing along the little princess who was already a month old.

At the time, the emperor’s opinion was to let the two little ones celebrate their birthdays together, this way, it would help both sides avoid inviting guests and splitting up everyone. As for why the emperor didn’t choose the imperial palace and instead came to the Ye Residence, he of course had his own reason.

No matter what was said, everyone was able to see that the emperor had given the Ye Family ample face and this matter let the thirteenth son’s limelight ascend to a higher level.

One year later, the little prince was now one year old…. (See editor’s note)

Apparently, some matters where occurring in ways that people never predicted. The thirteenth son’s growth was pretty good but it was only that, it wasn’t the same as what everyone thought was going to happen.  According to certain people’s’ guesses, the thirteenth son should already be able to run, jump and speak. But—

“Cheng Tian, why is our child like this?” A noble and tender woman of the Ye Family looked at their one year old child and said while feeling somewhat worried.

This woman is precisely the thirteenth son’s mother – Long An Qi, and the ‘Cheng Tian’ who she was speaking to, was precisely her husband, Ye Cheng Tian, who was currently frowning.

Why frowning? Is it because the thirteenth son who was called as god’s child was already too outstanding, in a way that they couldn’t endure?

Wrong, it wasn’t that he was too outstanding but it was the contrary, and currently it seemed like the thirteenth son was even a little inferior to other children who were normal.

Generally, a one year old child would normally be able to at least start walking, and should also be able to speak some simple words. But this thirteenth son, not only did he not know how to walk, he was also not able to speak.

“It’s nothing, some children walk and speak relatively late but when they grow up, they are equally very outstanding. This matter doesn’t mean anything.” Cheng Tian wrinkled his brows and comforted his wife. At the same time, seemingly comforted himself as well.

“En……” Long An Qi carried the thirteenth son and slightly smiled, seemingly accepting the explanation.

That’s right, some children were indeed like this, and this didn’t mean anything. In the end, whether or not the thirteenth son would continue to be like this, the only way to know was to continue to look at how things went.

One year later, the little prince was now two years old.…

The thirteenth son finally learned how to walk and was also now able to open his mouth to call others. However, the thirteenth son’s standard was still only at a beginner level and this caused many people to feel a slight disappointment and thought of a grim possibility, but it was just that no one was willing to think too much about it.

At that time, there were people who were happy and those who were worried in the Ye Family. Those who were worried were of course those who cared about the thirteenth son, and those who were happy were naturally the people in the family who were not on good terms with Ye Cheng Tian.

However, within those who cared about the thirteenth son, there was actually an exception. Or, it could be said that she was still currently too young and regarded the thirteenth son’s situation as a happy one. She was absolutely happy about it, she was the thirteenth son’s big sister. The sister who was hyperactive and wanted to hug him at that time when he was just born.

All day long, she would happily carry the thirteenth son, as if wanting to accomplish a previous regret. Although she had already grown up quite a bit, she was still very small and as a result, the scene of her carrying her little brother was somewhat strange.

Just think for a bit. A little girl who was just five years old carrying a little boy who was two years old. Just what kind of scene is this? To be able to carry him and walk was already an event that felt like it was a miracle.

However, this scene also gave everyone a comfortable feeling, letting them feel that the relationship between older sister and younger brother was quite interesting.

One year later, the little prince was now three years old.…

By now, basically everyone knows one thing, which was that the thirteenth son wasn’t really a genius and was instead a fool. Wrong, it should actually be said that he was very stupid.

Up until now, he was only able to speak a few simple words. His intellectual growth caused everyone to feel disappointment, from god’s child he changed into a little stupid fellow, just like this. This contrast made everyone feel somewhat bewildered.

But, today’s results would cause everyone to completely give up on the thirteenth son, and no one would think that he had any hope at all. Of course, this was only mentioning the opinions of outsiders and not his own family.

Within the Holy Continent, there was a tradition that when a child turns three, he or she would need to be tested for his or her innate skill attribute.

The innate skill attribute is something which everyone in this world possesses. The average person only possesses one type of attribute, and only an extremely small amount of the population would have two or more attributes.

The most seen innate skill attributes are the four main types; wind, fire, earth and water. As for the innate skill attributes which are rarely seen, there is light, dark, spatial and so on. There are also some variation attributes, but those attributes are extremely rarely seen, if at all, to the point that only one or two would appear every hundred thousand years.

The type of innate skill attribute a person possesses, determines the type of magic or douqi that they can use. This is most commonly referred to as having a supplement and this supplement was definitely not a small amount as it could definitely affect one’s strength.

Putting it simply, a water attribute user using a water attribute technique means that he would be able to display his maximum strength. But if the water attribute user was to use any other attribute type’s technique, it would be very hard for him to reach even half the might of if he was using a water attribute technique.

As for why the children are tested for their innate skill attribute when they becomes three years old, but not older or younger? There was apparently a saying which went something like…three years old determine one’s lifetime…cough cough, more or less something like that. Anyway, it has that kind of reasoning. (Ed. …sure)

It is said that, when one is three years old, one’s lifetimes innate skill attribute has basically already been determined and would never change, regardless of age.

The thirteenth son’s test result caused everyone to be shocked. His innate skill attribute was actually a no-attribute.  This was an attribute that had not been seen in ten thousand years. No matter how bad or how weird one’s attribute was, the person would still at the least have some kind of attribute.

The thirteenth son was indeed god’s child. Just that now, there was a slight change to the previous saying of god’s child. Previously, he was a child which was cared for by god and now, he was a child abandoned by god, which also means –

God-abandoned child!

A waste individual who was even inferior to ordinary people. In this world where the strong are honored, for a highly intelligent person who doesn’t have strength, to get the highest respect of others was nearly impossible.

What’s more, his intelligence was also falling behind when compared to others, therefore he was a hundred percent stupid child and also the ultimate waste individual of all waste individuals.

Of course, everyone were of this opinion in their mind, but no one dared to say it out loud. Even if this thirteenth son was an idiot, no one would dare to say anything. At least, they would not dare to say it out openly.

After all, with the power and authority which the Ye Family possessed, they would easily be able to take care of the thirteenth son for his entire life, letting him live a carefree life, without worries. If anyone wanted to humiliate him, it would the equivalent as humiliating the Ye Family and this was not something that anyone could undertake.

Perhaps, this may be a type of fortune. Being born into the Ye Family allowed the thirteenth son to live his life with no worries, and as he is a foolish child, and a waste individual, this also allowed him to step away from the struggles for power and authority.

This also could be counted as a type of blessing and good fortune from god, right?

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