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Chapter 2 – Reincarnate & Rebirth Translated by imakeussmile


Within one of the courtyards of Ye Residence, a group of people was currently standing there, and the person who spoke just now was one of the people in the group. With an handsome and confident appearance. This person was a youth whose age was slightly bigger than the usual youth or as others would say, a young man.

“This is natural. After all, my grandson would for sure not be like any other ordinary person. In the future, he would for sure be a major character who would be able to shake the world with just the flip of his hand!” Beside the young man, a very imposing looking middle-aged man spoke. As he was speaking, he was looking at the multi-colored sunlight in the sky, with a kind of puzzled expression filled within his eyes.

“Both you father and son just only know how to wrangle here. My daughter-in-law is currently inside suffering and both of you are still making useless remarks. Also, who says that my grandchild will surely be a boy? Who knows, it may even be an adorable granddaughter. Lastly, what does this multi-colored sunlight have to do with my grandchild? This multi-colored sunlight is probably just an unusual occurrence only.” At the side, a beautiful and noble madam spoke unhappily towards both this father and son.

“I said that it will be a grandson, so it will surely be a grandson! Even if I say that the heaven is made by your grandsons, it means that the heaven is indeed made by your grandsons! What does a woman like you even know?” The middle-aged man said dignifiedly.

“That’s right, that’s right…Ah! No, I mean wrong…” The young man just nodded his head in agreement, but quickly realized that there was a little problem here…and that was—

“You little brat, I your mother have truly regretted giving birth to you. How great would it have been if I had birthed you as a girl instead of a boy. Just look at how considerate your older and younger sisters are, where are they even similar to you, all day long joining together with this old fart to try and anger me.” The noble madam said loudly as she pinched the young man’s ear while giving a harsh glare at the middle-aged man.

“What are you even saying? What giving birth to a granddaughter is better? Just give me this old man a grandchild with a handle. If my grandchild has no handle on him, I will break off with you and marry another one!” The middle-aged man quickly said.

“You dare!! Humph, you said that you will only have me for your entire lifetime. Are you disliking me now that I am old, and thus want to find a new lover for yourself?!” The noble madam glared at the middle-aged man and said angrily.

“My respected wife, my feeling towards you is just like the sun and moon in the sky, not changing eternally and loving only you. I will only love you alone forever.” The middle-aged man immediately held onto the noble madam’s hand and said with deep emotions.



Under the multi-colored sunlight, the two of them began showing their affections for one another, saying sweet talks and honeyed words to one another at the side.

“Lian’er, my love for you is just like the multi-colored sunlight which fills the entire sky, forever unending…” When the middle-aged man was looking at the multi-colored sunlight and using the multi-colored sunlight as a pretext to show off his love towards the noble madam, an exceptional situation suddenly appeared.

The multi-colored sunlight in the sky became brighter and brighter and became more and more beautiful, making people unable to forget this kind of beautiful scenery for the rest of their life. But there was a point that was slightly strange about the multi-colored sunlight, which was that a lot of people felt that the multi-colored sunlight was seemingly appearing to be rushing towards a certain place in the imperial capital and what was even more strange was that after this, the multi-colored sunlight suddenly vanished, just like how it suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the start.

At this moment, the whole sky returned to normal and this made everyone wonder whether what had happened just now was all just a dream.

Just at this moment, the people who were in the courtyard had no time to care about this sudden change because at this moment, they heard the crying sound of an infant.

“Congratulations Ye patriarch, congratulations Ye patriarch…” At this moment, a sentence that they have heard a lot was spoken out by a granny who had a smile plastered all over her face.

“How is it, is young madam in good health?” Asked the young man.

“Both mother and son are safe and sound…”  Just after the granny finished saying these few words, she had already discovered that the young man had already disappeared from in front of her and had swept past her just like a gust.

“Look, both mother and son are safe and sound, I said it right, it is indeed a grandson.” The middle-aged man who was still outside said complacently, and the noble madam who was still in the middle-aged man’s embrace unhappily pinched him.

“Then what about past several times when you said it was a grandson? What was the result?” The noble madam questioned.

“Little brother, it’s a little brother! Sister, we have a younger brother!” At the side, a girl who was holding hands with a girl which was somewhat bigger than her, shouted and quickly ran into the house. Behind, there was also an older boy following along with them.

The existence of the two sisters was a very good proof to discredit the boast of the middle-aged man.

“About this…the previous several times, I did say it correct once… Weird, how did the multi-colored sunlight disappeared?” The middle-aged man changed the subject and said while looking at the sky.

“That’s right, it seems like just when our little grandson was born, the multi-colored sunlight had just disappeared. It is indeed somewhat strange.” The noble madam slightly knit her brow and said while feeling somewhat puzzled.

But not waiting for the middle-aged man to start boasting again about guessing it correct that it was a grandson, the noble madam suddenly thought of a matter.

“Didn’t you just say that your love towards me was forever unending like the multi-colored sunlight? Now that the multi-colored sunlight is gone…”

“Cough, cough…About this…”



Outside the house, while the old husband and wife were playing out their love drama, inside the house, there was a pair of people who were currently looking at each other with deep love, and one of the person was the young man while the other person was a woman who had just finished giving birth to a child and was currently resting on the bed.

Although the woman seemed to be quite weak currently, it was still not able to cover up her moving temperament.

“My respected wife, it has been hard on you.” The young man said towards the slightly weak woman who was lying on the bed, and held onto the woman’s hands as he gazed steadily into her eyes, as if he did not see that there was an infant beside the woman’s pillow.

This scene was as if saying that he is different from other men, and at this time the person he still cared most about was still his own wife and not his son.

“Stop pretending, I know that the thing you most want to do right now is to hold your son.” The woman slightly laughed and said very tenderly. She of course knew about her husband’s current mood. It didn’t mean that the young man was faking, but just that he cared about both,and being the wife, she must naturally know how to be considerate.

Also, she was already very satisfied, satisfied about her husband’s concern and consideration for her.

“He he, I will first carry my precious son then…” The young man was also very straightforward and after laughing a few times, he was already holding the swaddled infant into his embrace.

“Black eyes and only a few strands of hair, can’t differentiate out the color at all…” The young man carried the infant while examining up the infant.

“Father, father, I want to carry little brother too.” At the side, the active young girl called out, but with her little body, who would even let her hug the baby.

“Don’t make a scene. You can forget about carrying, but I can let you take a look at him.” The young man refused immediately.

“Humph, let me look at him then.” The little girl snorted and subsequently happily stretched forward to look at her little brother. As for the two little children at the side, they too went to look at their little brother.

“Wah, little brother is so cute…”


“That’s right…”

The three little children all in turn spoke out while the two adults at the side looked at them. Immediately, the whole house was filled with an atmosphere of comfort and happiness, the atmosphere of family.

As for the infant who was just born, seemingly not understanding this atmosphere, was loudly crying within the swaddling clothes.


After a night passed, a rumor had started spreading around the city. Concerning the miracle that happened yesterday, it was all due to a person, and that person was an infant which was just born and this this freshly arrived infant was the Ye Family’s thirteenth son.

Thirteenth son did not indicate that his father had so many children, but it was instead according to the seniority of his generation of the Ye Family, which meant that within his cousins, he was ranked as number thirteen.

Of course, this was only the the ranking in the main family and not the whole Ye Family. If it was the whole Ye Family, to estimate, he would probably be the thousand and first son, perhaps even higher.

A miracle, and adding on that it involved a prominent family, in an instant, the thirteenth son was already the focus point of everyone’s attention in the whole city, and also at the same time deemed by others as a godchild. No one doubted or opposed this, at least currently, there was no one who doubted or opposed this.

Therefore, this kid who was just born and currently wrapped within swaddling clothes became world-famous just like this.

Also, many people had already started to make conclusions, saying that this child will surely not be ordinary in the future, there were even people who wrote out what this child’s future experiences will be.

To be able to run and jump at one year old, first sign of his budding talent;

After the test at the age of three, he starts to practice douqi or magic, showing his true genius;

At the age of ten he goes out to experience the world, expanding his influence and becoming a legend;
At twenty years old he becomes an area’s lord and develops his power, becoming many regions’ overlord.

In this lifetime, it would be hard for him to be ordinary even if he wanted to be, as he would become the focus point of everyone’s attention. Also, within his life, he would get to know some capable people and start businesses and stuffs with them, direct countries, meet different types and styles of woman and have some romance.

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