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Chapter 252: 252
Silver Pistols (4)
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Everyone thought Ye Lang was going to be done for good this time . They figured Ye Lang couldn’t let people approach close to him . It was better for an alchemist like him to attack from afar .

It seemed like Ye Lang was very weak when it came to close distance fights, he didn’t have any sort of defence at all . The alchemy bazooka and the bombs would not be usable in close distance fights!

At this moment, Ye Lang smiled and two shiny weapons suddenly appeared in his hands . By the look of them, they didn’t look like traditional sword weapons .

The outlook and design of the weapon were very elegant as if it was… How do you describe it… Yes, it was like a miniature version of the bazooka .

A miniature version? Could it be…



Ye Lang’s fingers made an action and there was a beam of light coming out from the front of the weapons . There was then a small explosion and the beam of light radiated towards the master .

Wasn’t that a pistol?

That’s right!! In the hands of Ye Lang were two pistols . They were created using alchemy for short-distance combats and fast attacks!

It wasn’t practical to use the alchemy bazookas in short distances . They also needed time to cool down, which was not suitable for such battles!

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But it was different for these two pistols . They didn’t need time to cool down and can be fired continuously . The only downside was that the firing power was much smaller, but it was still relatively comparable to the alchemy bazooka .

Even a professional sword fighter would not be able to avoid the damage if it was fired at a short distance .

“Ah…” The master was shot . Ye Lang had no intentions of truly hurting him though, the shot was only meant to temporarily stun him .


Although there was no smoke, Ye Lang blew his pistols and put them on his shoulders, looking very chic .

At this point, everyone was able to see the guns clearly . The gun barrel was in the shape of a square and it was silver . The length of the gun body was about 50 centimetres .

There were many alchemy formations engraved on it making these two pistols even more mysterious . This was the reason why the shape of the barrel was a square, it was easier for Ye Lang to carve the alchemy formations on it as it had a bigger surface area .

Who was this kid? Why did he have so many powerful alchemy weapons with him? Everyone was curious .

“You’ve lost!” Ye Lang pointed the gun muzzle towards the master, his hair floating slightly in the wind…

“Why is he trying to be cool?!” sneered Fei while looking at Ye Lang . But she had a different thought in her heart, she felt Ye Lang was a little attractive .

“…” Kesha was silent .

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“Johnny! You’re up next!”

Ye Lang pointed his gun at Johnny . He was the only one left who had the potential to defeat Edward . Of course, it was only a possibility . Anyone could have the chance to win or lose in any situation .

Nothing is absolute in this world!

“Gentleman Ye, is your name Ye Lang?” asked Johnny suddenly .

“?? Haven’t I told you?” Ye Lang felt weird . He had just told him and everyone else too . “Do you have juvenile dementia?”

Juvenile dementia? What? Forget it, it doesn’t matter .

“No, I just wanted to make sure! I think I’ll just forfeit this match, let’s be friends,” smiled Johnny . It was unexpected, he quitted!

Everyone seemed to understand the reason from his request . He must have known the identity of Ye Lang . He didn’t want to offend Ye Lang and wanted to do him a favour, thus he withdrew .

Perhaps he wasn’t keen on the way how Kesha gets her dates in the first place; perhaps he felt like doing Ye Lang a favour was more worth it than marrying the princess of Alexandria City, or maybe it was because he had no confidence in winning, so he did himself a favour to not trouble himself .

No matter what the reason was, Johnny had now withdrawn himself and Ye Lang didn’t have to find a way to settle him . This was good news for him .

He didn’t want to fight anyways, it was too much trouble .

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This, of course, couldn’t be the end of the battle . Someone still had to fight against Ye Lang even though Johnny forfeited (though it left everyone scratching their heads) .

Yep, Ye Lang was now the common enemy of the public . Even if someone gave in, everyone else must stand up and fight!


A giant sword fell from the sky…


As the giant sword landed, a small crater formed after the blast with the giant sword thrust firmly into the ground . By the looks of it, it was obvious that there was a little douqi applied to it when the giant sword was being thrown out .

This opening act would make the person appearing next look awesome .

“Since he doesn’t want to fight, I’ll do it!” A well-dressed young man in his thirties sauntered out . He must’ve been an aristocrat with a powerful background .

“Oh, sure!” Ye Lang smiled and pulled the triggers immediately .

If he had one less opponent to fight, then so be it . It wasn’t much difference to Ye Lang anyway, but there would mean one less opponent for Edward .

It wasn’t wrong for Ye Lang to think of it that way . Everyone would’ve thought that he would continue fighting his next opponent . There was a problem though . He had already started shooting before his opponent had the chance to grab his sword!

His behaviour was once again criticized as despicable by people .

“What?! I’m despicable? What does this have to do with me? He was the one who threw the sword himself, how can you blame me? You have to remember that you have to keep your own weapons by your side no matter the circumstance! Weapons aren’t for you to show off and look cool . ”

Ye Lang responded calmly to the criticisms and kept firing the pistols as he spoke .

“Bang bang!”

Every time the two silver pistols were fired, a loud shooting sound could be heard . It wasn’t clear whether it was Ye Lang who liked it or it came with this effect .

The effect of this pistol seemed to be similar to that of a bullet . The difference was that one was a real solid bullet, and the other was an energy bullet created by magical elements .

The person who tossed the giant sword could barely avoid the energy bullets in the beginning . When he couldn’t, he could use douqi to deflect them .

However, as time went by, Ye Lang became more crafty with his shooting methods . Plus, the versions of his pistols kept changing, from firing single shots to firing continuously .

He could wait and shoot slowly and the man would still have to use all his efforts to dodge the bullets . There wasn’t a way for him to counterattack without his giant sword . Ye Lang did not give him the opportunity to defend either and the man soon revealed a weakness in his defence .


The man accidentally exposed his weak point and got shot by Ye Lang . His movements then became a little delayed . At this moment, Ye Lang grasped this opportunity to adjust the power of both pistols to their maximum . Ye Lang then proceeded to shoot at him…

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