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Chapter 253: 253
Mistress (1)
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Crackle! Fizz! Pop!

Getting hit by consecutive energy bullets must’ve hurt!

The person had the ability to deflect some of it, but not a consecutive attack like this . Once he was hit by ten energy bullets, he collapsed!! I shouldn’t have hurled my sword to look cool…

That was his last thought . If only he didn’t throw his sword . If only it was still with him, then he’d definitely be able to deflect the bullets, even slash them into powder!!

Then this wouldn’t happen!

In the end, he only wanted to say one thing to Ye Lang . He pointed his middle finger, then spat, “You filthy scum!!”

“Ye Lang, you’re shameless! How could you attack when your opponent doesn’t have a weapon on them?!!” shouted an irate man, now replacing the collapsed opponent .

And this person wasn’t someone else, it was Edward! He once again forgot Ye Lang’s position, forgot everything here was done for him!!

Upon his realisation, words had been said . He looked at Ye Lang, embarrassed .

Ye Lang didn’t mind though . It wasn’t even an insult anyway . Then again, it was also Edward’s turn to speak too . He was about to pass this matter over into Edward’s hands!

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“This is not called shameless, he threw the sword himself! Also, there wasn’t a rule saying I had to wait for my opponent to pick his weapon up,” answered Ye Lang, voicing his opinion .

“It might not be in the rules, but you’re taking advantage of your opponent! That’s cheating! That’s lowly, you’re scum, you’re a jerk!” interrupted Fei, clearly expressing her contempt and anger towards Ye Lang .

“?! I might be a prodigal, but I’m still a good person! How was that lowly, how was I scum, how was I a jerk?” questioned Ye Lang .

“YOU are lowly, YOU are scum, and YOU are a jerk!!” spat Fei out of habit . It was when she finished that even she realised what she said sounded a little odd .

“How was that lowly, how was I scum, and how was I a jerk?” asked Ye Lang stupidly . Hey, why does this sound so familiar?

“So it is really you!! You jerk!! I’ll kill you!!” roared Fei, suddenly raging .

This stupid expression he had . She’ll never forget it, she’ll remember it for the rest of her life! She can now confirm Ye Lang was that guy…

“?? What?” Ye Lang stared quizzically at Fei . What, me? Do we know each other?

“Who are you? Do we know each other?” he asked as he stared at Fei in confusion . He had no memory of her at all, did they really know each other?

“Hmmph! Why would I want to know you, you filthy, scummy, jerk!” huffed the girl . This was just bickering . Now everyone could see she did, in fact, know Ye Lang .

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However, Ye Lang didn’t sense her sarcasm . He thought she was being serious .

“Uh, I’ll take that as a no . I don’t have any recollection of you anyway . Alright, anyone else? I can deal with you all one by one!” announced Ye Lang to the rest of the candidates, completely ignoring the girl .

They didn’t even know each other, why would he care that much?

“…” The girl wanted to confront him but was Kesha held her back . It was when her eyes met with Kesha’s confused gaze that she realised she shouldn’t . It would be quite against her aristocratic upbringing .

Looks like she couldn’t do it herself . There were other people there to do it anyway, and none of them liked that jerk!

“You, Ye, stop being so cocky!” shouted one, although he didn’t step forward . Everyone now wanted someone else to test Ye Lang . No one knew what stupid thing he had with him .

“I AM cocky, what about it!” said Ye Lang casually . He surveyed the people with contempt, the dual-wield pistols spinning in his hands as if he was showing them off .

“I am very suspicious of your true intentions . Are you here only to cause trouble? Look at you, you don’t even care about Lady Kesha,” accused another person . He was smart to not proceed down the topic of Ye Lang’s arrogance because it would be a waste of time .

Of course, there were some who wanted to tell him off about it, but since someone else asked this question, they chose to watch the show . They waited for an answer .

“I do care, or why would I be here? You think I’m here to play?!” exclaimed Ye Lang solemnly, immediately . At the same time, he conveyed a feeling of being ‘insulted’ .

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How could they accuse me of not caring about this? I must care about this enough, or why would I help Edward? Then again, it was sort of a fun thing to do too…

“You’re here for fun! You can’t even tell a lie, you’re that stupid after all!!” scoffed the girl immediately .

“Ah, how did you know?” Ye Lang asked, with a hint of surprise .

“… Anyone could tell!”

At this moment, everyone was thinking the same thing . Who was this jerk, no, what sort of person was he?!!

One moment he was cocky, shameless and calculating while the next he looked very clueless and can’t even tell a lie . His personalities were very contradictory .

Ye Lang stopped spinning his pistols, then crooned, “Well since you all got me, then I’ll just tell it straight . Today, all of you, don’t even think of speaking to Lady Kesha . Go home, if you all know what’s best for you!”

“Wh do you think you are, why should we listen?!”

“Hmmph, you’re winning just because I used ‘shameless’ tactics, or you’d be on the ground!”

Suddenly, the group exploded in rage . Everyone was insulting Ye Lang, and in a moment of rage, they started to challenge him, wanting to finish Ye Lang once and for all .

And at this moment, someone asked a question . Everyone fell silent, and watched, waiting for his answer .

The question was…

“What’s the deal with the girl next to you? Your lover?”

This was a piercing question indeed . If Ye Lang said yes, then he’d be disqualified . And if he said no, then someone would still insist she was his lover to attempt to disqualify him .

And after knowing what kind of person he was, they believed Lady Kesha would give up on him . She’d never want to be her husband’s second choice!

“No…” Ye Lang shook his head .

Your denial is useless!

“Who’s more important, her or Lady Kesha?” sneered someone else . Everyone believed Ye Lang would definitely say Lady Kesha because he was here for the matchmaking . Of course, Lady Kesha was the priority .

And for Little Xin to be able to come, that meant Ye Lang didn’t care what Little Xin thought!

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