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Chapter 204
Chaos (2)
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At least Ye Lang was running in a fixed direction now . However, many people wanted to stop him in this area too . There were palace guards scattered everywhere .

There were so many people chasing after her, and they were embarrassed to admit that they couldn’t catch a mere gentle maiden!

They would’ve been less frustrated if the lady knew a little magic . If she were an expert, then it would make sense to not be able to catch her easily .

The weirdest thing was, this lady didn’t seem like she had any special skills . She was like a regular person, and she didn’t do anything that looked remotely magical . She was just very, very good at running?!

Was this lady’s zodiac animal a rabbit?! The guards were puzzled!

Sometimes, they could surround her but she’d slip through a crack…

At that was how the little chase grew into a dramatic battle-like chase scene . Even the emperor was alerted . He didn’t understand what was going on, but when he did, he was shocked .

It’s that nuisance of a maiden again! Why hasn’t she left? Why is she causing trouble in my palace?

Also, what are we paying all you guards for? You can’t even catch a young girl- who doesn’t even have magical powers! She’s just running and you all can barely capture her- if we had a break-in by someone just a little more skilled, wouldn’t you all be in deep trouble by now?

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The spirit girl could run for a very long time because first, as a reanimated spirit, it had unlimited energy . Second, Ye Lang was perceptive enough to make decisions quickly . Third, and most importantly, he was a lucky man .

“ . . . ”

“Hey hey you idiot! You’re going the wrong way! You’ll be going back again!” shouted Coldblood Five .

“Oh, alright,” Ye Lang turned the other way .

At that point, there was already a crowd of guards waiting for the spirit girl . But she’d just turned in the opposite direction!

“Hey, there’s an alley here, not bad!” Ye Lang ran into a secluded alley- instead of down the main path where another crowd of people was waiting for him .

Luck . Luck helped Ye Lang coincidentally slip through every crack in the palace defence very easily . No one could catch them and this was incredibly infuriating for everyone involved .

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How was he so lucky? Coldblood Five suspected Ye Lang had once seen the plan of this palace to be able to find safe routes .

In reality, of course, Ye Lang was too lazy to plan beforehand . Situations like these weren’t unusual to him at all . And if he did need some escape routes, he’d be able to find them easily . Let’s not forget he’d always been able to slip out of the Ye family home, although it was heavily guarded .

“Stay where you are! Don’t run! That’s the…”

Ye Lang was approaching something, and that made all the guards panic . If he reached it, all of them would be in deep trouble . And his crimes would be blamed on them .

That was because someone of a high position lived there, someone even the emperor himself feared . . .

“Hey, granny, we meet again!” greeted the spirit girl when she saw the empress dowager, protected by guards when she arrived in a yard .

“ . . . ” Silence .

The empress dowager didn’t expect them to meet so soon . The rest were even more confused . Why did this lady call her ‘granny’, did they know each other?

“What are you all doing? Who are you protecting her from?” asked the spirit girl, confused .

Who else? This is all because of you! The drama had triggered suspicions that this girl was dangerous .

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“I don’t know either . There seems to be a situation outside, but I’m not sure . Come, fair maiden, come to me!” waved the empress dowager, gesturing for the spirit girl to come closer, so she could be safer too .

Empress dowager didn’t know that the cause of all their problems was this maiden!

“Oh, I’ll protect you!” Ye Lang had a good feeling about the empress dowager, offering to protect her . He didn’t know they were protecting her from himself!

When the spirit girl was about to approach, the empress dowager’s bodyguards stopped her . . . They still couldn’t be sure if this girl was a threat .

“Let her in!” instructed the empress dowager . The hesitant guards immediately leapt aside to let them in . Looks like many people were afraid of the empress dowager .

The spirit girl ran next to her, then got into a fighting stance .

“ . . . ”

“Fair maiden… I don’t need you to protect me, I have enough guards! Tell me, how did you come here, alone?” she asked curiously . Theoretically, if the girl wanted to visit, someone would’ve escorted her . Then again, no one would even agree to let her come .

“I ruined a plant in the garden, then your granddaughter demanded compensation . I offered to compensate and then she refused, so I left! Then, it seemed like she wasn’t willing to let me leave, and then she started chasing me, even getting a whole group of people to run after me, so I ran- that’s how I arrived here,” explained Ye Lang very quickly .

“ . . . ” the empress dowager fell silent . She had a thought, so she had to confirm, “You mentioned a group of people who were they?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t have time to check . However, they wear the same uniform as your bodyguards here!” said the spirit girl, pointing at the bodyguards .

“ . . . ”

Everyone fell silent again . Now, they were very sure that the chaos outside was all started by her . And here she was, offering to protect the empress dowager .

What were they supposed to say?!

At this point, the rest of the guards arrived . They surrounded the area as if to protect the empress dowager, checking to make sure it was safe .

“Your Majesty, was there a…” enquired one guard .

“I know, I know . Leave us, everything’s fine now!” waved the empress dowager .

“But…” the guards didn’t seem to notice the spirit girl behind her .

“Grandma! Grandma! Are you alright? There’s a cruel woman… Ah! Be careful! She’s right next to you…” panted the little princess, who’d just arrived . She very quickly noticed the spirit girl .

And at this moment, the rest of the guards noticed the spirit girl . She was right next to the empress dowager!  Everyone was on guard now, for this lady might be a threat!

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