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Chapter 205
Chaos (3)
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“Mind your manners! How could you call her that?!” scolded the empress dowager .

“ . . . ” The little princess was shocked . She didn’t expect the empress dowager to scold her, and it was all because of this cruel woman again . She was full of resentment now .

“You all may leave us, there has been a mistake . I know this fair maiden, there won’t be a problem,” said the empress dowager to the guards .

The guards were puzzled, but they were sure of one thing--- they’d spent so much time running after her for nothing!

They also realised something-- they didn’t know WHY they ran either!

However, they could guess the little princess had an argument with the unknown lady . Then, it escalated very quickly into this dramatic scene .

Since the empress dowager herself said there wasn’t a problem, then there wasn’t a problem!

Very quickly, the guards excused themselves back to their posts . Very efficient indeed- they were palace guards after all .

At this moment, only the spirit girl and little princess remained by her side . Even her bodyguards stood some distance away too . The threat has been resolved, so they didn’t have to be too close .

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The little princess immediately rushed to answer, “Grandma, she was at the garden, and she ruined my favourite flower, then she wanted to leave, so I ran after her, but she was too fast, no one could catch her, that’s how she came to you . Oh right, Grandma, how do you know her?”

The little princess blurted like a machine gun, not giving anyone a chance to speak…

Ye Lang patiently waited for her to finish, then added, “Alright, it’s my turn! I did offer to pay and YOU said no!”

“I don’t want your stupid money, you stupid gold coin woman!!” exclaimed the princess, shaking her head .

“Gold coin woman?” Ye Lang didn’t understand, and the empress dowager was curious too .

“That’s you!! You always bring so much money with you!! Grandma, do you know she bought five hundred and eighty thousand worth of stuff yesterday? And she paid for all of it with gold coins! No one knows why she has so many coins with her,” said the little princess .

“ . . . You’re full of surprises indeed! Five hundred and eighty thousand! Didn’t you spend a hundred and eighty on the necklace, then three hundred thousand on the magic cube? How does that make five hundred and eighty?”

“That’s not all . She spent a hundred thousand on other stuff, she’s a prodigal!” The little princess stuck her tongue at the spirit girl as if looking down at dirt .

“I like to be prodigal, that’s my life goal!” Ye Lang declared his life’s goal again, but it felt a little different coming from the spirit girl’s lips .

“ . . . Fair maiden, is the Marge family is okay with this? They let you squander money like that?” Five hundred and eighty thousand gold coins in one day was still a huge sum, even if it was a large family .

No family on this earth could afford to spend like this!

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“I don’t care, it’s my money!”

“Your money?”

“Yeah, it’s all mine!”

“Even if it’s yours, you still can’t waste it like this,” advised the empress dowager, as an elder, in a motherly tone .

“No, I want to spend all my money, until I have none left!” the spirit girl shook her head, rejecting her advice .

“ . . . ”

“Alright, you both should settle it among yourselves . Fair maiden, do you want granny to get you a pass to enter and leave this place freely?” The empress dowager smiled .

“It’s alright, I don’t like the palace, and I don’t want to meet people like her,” whined the spirit girl, pointing at the little princess .

“ . . . ” The little princess glared angrily, “Hmmph! I don’t want to see you either, you cruel woman!!!”

“I’m leaving! Granny, can you get someone to bring me out? I don’t know the way,” Ye Lang had finally learned his lesson . He knew he needed help .

“Alright, I’ll get someone . I don’t want the palace guards to fuss and run all over the place all because of a girl like you!” She laughed then sent a guard to guide the spirit girl out of the palace .

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And that was how Ye Lang finally left the palace…

After he’d left, the little princess shrieked, “Ahh!!”

“What now?”

“She hasn’t told me what she’s going to do about my flower!!” The little princess suddenly recalled their drama . The sudden interruption had thrown everything out of her mind .

“It’s just a flower, it’s not a big deal . ”

“Grandma, that’s so unfair!! You don’t love me anymore!! . . . . ” The little princess cried as she glared at the empress dowager . She felt like her position had been taken away, that her own grandmother seemed to like that mean woman more than herself .

“Don’t be silly, how could grandma not love you? But, I like that girl too . Is it okay if she becomes your sister-in-law?” coaxed the empress dowager, hugging the princess .

She loved her little granddaughter too much, and that wasn’t going to change in a day . Ye Lang wasn’t THAT lovable .

“Sister-in-law? No, I don’t like her . She’s mean, and she squanders money,” the princess shook her head .

“About that…” the empress dowager didn’t know what to say . She’d just realised it was indeed a problem . What would happen if this girl became her granddaughter-in-law?

She was a prodigal, so would she squander the royal treasures too?

It was unimaginable!!

After some thought, she found this girl wasn’t suitable to at all! How could she manage a family like this?

Then why did she have a good feeling about this girl in the first place? That was weird…

Once Ye Lang left the palace, he was having fun all over Dragon City . He made ripples everywhere he went . It wasn’t just because of the spirit girl’s looks, there was also his spending habits that attracted attention .

At the same time, he only used gold coins- which attracted more attention!

This gold coin prodigal lady was a well-known figure across Dragon City . Everyone knew that the thirteenth daughter of the Marge family was a prodigal lady who loved to spend money, and she only paid in gold coins .

“Little idiot, are we forgetting something?” asked Coldblood Five, turning to Ye Lang . They’d already had their share of fun by now .

“Are we? Looks like we’ve forgotten!”

He was right! Everything was long forgotten .

“Mm, I think so too!” nodded Coldblood Five . She’d forgotten too .

Since they couldn’t remember, then what’s the point of caring? Let’s not remember!!

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