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Princess Longji (3)

"This is what you're chasing," this time, Coldblood Five couldn't resist saying something. She couldn't stand it any longer, how could anyone have such a dream? 

However, Ye Lang thought Coldblood Five felt his dreams weren't enough, so he had to elaborate more. 

Hence, he thought for a moment, then said, "I'll add a few more points. It's best if I can be despicable and unreasonable. If I could, in broad daylight, tease maidens in the street, that would be even better…"

Thud! Coldblood Five rapped his head sharply. 

"Why did you hit me?!!" Ye Lang rubbed his head, his face contorting in pain. Little Zero felt sorry for him, so she wanted to help by blowing on his head…


"Ahh…" Ye Lang was knocked down. 

Lying on the ground, he shouted, "What was that for!!" 

"Oh, I'm sorry," Little Zero apologized immediately. 

"I hope you die! You're so young but you have awful morals, now you want to flirt with girls in the streets? You deserved it!" Coldblood Five knocked his head again. She seemed to have forgotten that she wasn't much older than Ye Lang. She might even be younger than Ye Lang. 

"What do you mean teasing is bad? I often tease the fat ladies and they never got mad. They only laugh, saying I'm too funny," said Ye Lang, still holding his head. 

"How did you tease them?" asked Coldblood Five, puzzled. That's surprising. Apparently, some people liked being teased. 

"I tell them jokes. They laugh," answered Ye Lang. 

"That was what you meant by teasing?" Coldblood Five was speechless. The correct word was perhaps… Entertain.

"Is it not? A girl at the brothel told me so." 

"What? Brothel? You went to a brothel?" Coldblood Five's face darkened. 

"Yea, I'd been there when I was five!" Ye Lang was starting to tell of his glorious past. 


After asking a few questions, Coldblood Five and Little Zero finally understood. He was such an idiot!!

A few days later, Ye Lang and Coldblood Five still showed no signs of recovery. They both went about their daily lives, but since everyone knew, they didn't have to hide anymore. At least not within the Coldblood Group. 

When they were out, they still had to be careful. Little Zero was there to help watch Ye Lang though, so it was much easier for them. 

During these few days, Coldblood Seven often visited Ye Lang. Obviously, she didn't come with good intentions. She was there to disturb him but failed every single time. 

Coldblood Seven was puzzled, but it wasn't just her. Even Coldblood Five and Little Zero were puzzled too. Sometimes, when they couldn't arrive in time, Coldblood Seven had her opportunities to harm him.

Theoretically, Coldblood Seven could do whatever she wanted to him during these times because no one was protecting Ye Lang, and he never seemed to have noticed her. 

Oddly, Coldblood Seven could never harm Ye Lang, but often hurt herself in the process! 

For example, once, she laid a trap on the ground. Ye Lang walked through it, but the trap wasn't triggered. So she decided to try it. Lo and behold, she was trapped. 

That was not the worst part. When Ye Lang noticed her, he would always say something dumb like…

"Coldblood Seven, what are you doing? Why did you tie yourself up?"

"Coldblood Seven, why are you standing in a hole in the ground, are there any treasures in there?"

"Coldblood Seven…" 

This peculiar phenomenon caused everyone to think Ye Lang was acting dumb on purpose. If someone tried to harm him, he would retaliate! 

They did not know Ye Lang had always been protected by Lady Luck herself. He would get out of problems easily, and everyone who wanted to harm him would fail! 

And during this period, Little Zero kept waiting for Ye Lang to practice alchemy or do some research. She was disappointed because Ye Lang did nothing else but played all day. 

Ye Lang wasn't deliberately hiding anything from Little Zero. It was because he'd finished his experiments a long time ago, and he never encountered anything interesting recently. Naturally, he didn't start any projects. 

Something happened that made Little Zero more disappointed…

"What? You want to assign the idiot a mission?" Coldblood Five and Little Zero had brought Ye Lang to a Coldblood Thirteen Eagles meeting. 

Before, they were puzzled as to why they had to bring Ye Lang. 

Was it because of Coldblood Five? Although Coldblood Five spent all her time with Ye Lang, they could be independent too. Ye Lang could be left alone to his own devices, as long as someone was assigned to watch him.

Coldblood Five and Little Zero thought it was because of this. They were still surprised when they learned the reason. 

"Yes. Since he is in the Coldblood Group, then he should carry out his duties!" said Coldblood Two. 

"But how can he carry out duties in this state?" said Coldblood Five coldly. This was probably the most she had ever spoken in a meeting, and it wasn't even for herself. 

Perhaps, if it were just her, she would immediately carry out instructions without a word! 

"It's even better he's like this. Don't forget, Coldblood Seven couldn't even lay a finger on him!" replied Coldblood Two slowly, indifferent. 

"Then I'll go!" said Coldblood Five, "I'm the same, I'm as small as him!!" 

"If you want to go, you can. You could help him. But, Coldblood One-zero-zero-one has to go." 

"Why?" blurted Coldblood Five. She knew, though. It was probably because of...

"Because this mission requires the spirit, and only he can control it!" 

Indeed, Ye Lang was only needed when the spirit was needed, or the Coldblood Group wouldn't have sent the little brat to any missions. 

"What kind of mission is it?" Coldblood Five didn't linger on allowing Ye Lang to go or not, but she wanted to know the dangers of this mission. If it would potentially cause him harm. 

"Kill Princess Longji!" frowned Coldblood Two. 

Before, Coldblood Five would not ask why. She would immediately pack her things, then proceed to kill Princess Longji herself. 

But now, she had to ask, "Why do we need to kill Princess Longji? She's our kingdom's princess, not our enemy!" 

"Yeah, although Princess Longji is a little too influential, and she isn't too popular with the Prince Party, why do we need to assassinate Princess Longji?" Coldblood Seven was puzzled too. She was always one to ask questions, so she was not looking to help Ye Lang. 

Right now, Coldblood Seven couldn't wait for Ye Lang to die. She hoped Princess Longji would see this ant, and step on him! 


DOGE's notes:

tenks for reading! see u next week. 

bork wishes, 


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