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Princess Longji (2)

"Hey… What's going on?" Ye Lang looked around in astonishment. It wasn't just because he was in a different place, there was something else. 

A luxurious mini bungalow appeared before him, containing different kinds of furniture and fittings. Looking at its measurements, it seemed to be just right for Ye Lang and Coldblood Five. Obviously, this was prepared for them. 

The both of them had once discussed building a small house like this, but since they were afraid of other people finding out, and Ye Lang felt it was too much trouble, they never got around to it. 

Don't forget, if they were to build one, it has to be Ye Lang who would build the house by controlling the spirit. What was the other option? Getting the tiny Coldblood Five to build the house herself? 

Ye Lang? This guy had been living like royalty all his life, something would be wrong if he actually did something for himself. His goal was always to be a prodigal son, and prodigal sons would obviously spend money to hire workers to build houses. 

And that was why the suggestion was dismissed by Ye Lang! 

"Aren't you surprised Little Zero prepared all of this in a night? What do you think?" Coldblood Five came next to Ye Lang, then whispered lightly. 

"This feels like somethings girls use to play grown-up!" said Ye Lang as he stared at the bungalow. It was filled with tiny, adorable little furniture. If he were to live in it, wouldn't he be a doll, and a live one! 

"If I recover right now, I will play grown-up every day. I will treat you like a doll, and bully you!" whispered Coldblood Five after hearing this. 

Coldblood Five's mind was already imagining herself as a normal person, while Ye Lang remained small, struggling in her palm…

She would pinch his cheeks, pull his hair…

So many ideas…

At this moment, Ye Lang said something to pop her bubble! Oh how the tables turned!

"If you recover, then I would have been normal for a long time! Don't forget, I shrank much earlier than you!!" said Ye Lang casually, "Hmmph, and when that happens, I'll treat you like how you treated me!" 

That was true. Ye Lang shrank way before Coldblood Five. That would mean, if they recovered, he would be first and Coldblood Five after. 

Coldblood Five's mind saw herself as a tiny human while Ye Lang was a normal person. He picked her up by her clothes, throwing her around, flicking…

No! No! I want to bully this idiot, I certainly don't want him bullying me!!

"Little Zero, I don't think you'd still want to continue waiting on us?" said Ye Lang while eating breakfast. Little Zero had prepared everything, including breakfast- wasn't the answer obvious?

"Mm!" Little Zero nodded. 

"I don't want a servant though. I may be important, but I don't need servants!" Ye Lang blatantly refused Little Zero. 

Little Zero's eyes were suddenly filled with disappointment like she lost something important! 

She stared at Ye Lang for a while, then plucked up the courage to say, "I am not a servant, I want to be your student!" 

"Student?" Ye Lang looked at her in surprise, "What student?" 

You fool, alchemy student of course! How can you not see it? Isn't it obvious? She was being so kind for no reason, and she didn't even know you! 

Coldblood Five wanted to say something but she couldn't care less. She didn't want another person tagging along anyway, one Ye Lang was annoying enough. 

"I want to learn alchemy from you!" in the same breath, she told him what she was thinking. 

"Oh, you mean that," said Ye Lang, indifferent, while eating, "and I thought something was up." 

Little Zero stopped for a second, then immediately followed in excitement, "So is that a yes?" His tone sounded like agreement. If everything was normal. If it wasn't Ye Lang. 

"Of course not!" answered Ye Lang, "I don't teach this, you should look for someone else!" 

"..." Little Zero felt like she was almost at the finishing line, and now she was rock bottom again. She was in shock. 

"Little idiot, if you didn't want to agree, then you shouldn't have played with her feelings. Why did you use that tone?" asked Coldblood Five, exasperated. She wasn't helping Little Zero, merely criticising Ye Lang. 

"I didn't play with her feelings, I didn't even agree," defended Ye Lang, "and as for tone, perhaps it's because I've answered too many times, that's why it was like that. I don't know how many people have asked me this question, and I rejected all of them!" 

"Oh, no wonder…" Coldblood Five answered. If he was used to it, it made sense for him to use this tone. It was very normal, she couldn't blame him. 

She pitied Little Zero. She had been helping them for so long, plus she was up all night and all for a rejection! 

In reality, she could only blame herself. If she had asked earlier, Ye Lang would've given her an answer a long time ago. Although that didn't mean she wouldn't do all this after being rejected. 

People don't give up that easily! 

"Then can I learn from you? I won't trouble you, and I will serve you. Just let me watch from the side!" Little Zero looked at him pleadingly. 

"You can watch all you like, I don't mind but I rarely do anything related to alchemy. It is not my goal!" Ye Lang said, waving. He didn't mind, it didn't trouble him anyway. 

After her initial excitement, Little Zero asked, "Not your goal?" If you are truly an alchemist, shouldn't alchemy be your goal? Or are you only borrowing alchemy skills to have fun and power? 

If that is true, then you have no right to be my teacher…

But then again, with that mentality, your alchemy skills wouldn't have achieved such heights! 

"Mm, not my goal!!" Ye Lang nodded. 

"Then what are your goals?" asked Little Zero. Coldblood Five wanted to know too, but she didn't ask because she knew Little Zero would. 

Ye Lang stared into space, inhaled deeply, then blurted, "To be prodigal!!"

"??" Coldblood Five and Little Zero suspected they made a mistake. Was that a goal? 

"What?" Little Zero asked again, worried she had mistaken. 

"I want to be prodigal, I want to squander, I want to be a prodigal son with power, influence, riches and an army!! This is my life's biggest dream!!" Ye Lang declared solemnly, clenching his fists. 

"..." Their eyes widened. At the moment, they couldn't accept a person to have such a goal, nor could they understand. 

How could a person set a goal like that? 


DOGE's notes:

new chapter! hope you enjoyed. 

side note: ahhhh. screams. the tenses in this chapter. much hard. pls tell me if the grammar was ok. i cri evrytime. 

tenk u once again. i love all of u. woof. 

bork wishes, 


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