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Reanimation (3)

Although they had shrunk, it did not change their positions. Coldblood Five had been receiving fewer missions that required her to leave the area, most of her job consisted of planning and giving instructions. The important missions that needed her involved China's wealthiest and most influential, and they only needed to kill about one of them per year. 

Sometimes, to not let her skills go rusty or her cold aura fade, she would take on very difficult missions. 

"You can go if you want. Let me deal with this," Ye Lang slipped from her arms, startling Coldblood Five. She wasn't sure how she could be so careless, allowing Ye Lang to escape like that. 

"How can I leave without you! Let's go, stop talking nonsense!" Coldblood Five grabbed him firmly, again. This time, she'd never let him go. 

"That's awfully inconvenient of you. I'll deal with Coldblood Thirteen. Then you won't need to leave," Ye Lang said as he struggled again. Coldblood Five was speechless for a long time. 

"If you can deal with that, I'll accompany you here for a few days. I don't want other people to see me like this either," Coldblood Five said stupidly. As she looked at Ye Lang, the look in her eyes became increasingly odd. 

Ye Lang was becoming more and more mysterious to her. He didn't seem like just a random test subject. 

If he was a test subject, he'd be celebrating upon confirming Coldblood Thirteen's death. However, he didn't seem to care since the very beginning, as if indifferent to the fact that he was about to be experimented on. 

This situation only had two possible explanations: One, he was stupid; Two, he knew he'd never die. 

Coldblood Five felt that the first explanation was a fact- he was a complete idiot- but the second explanation seemed to be highly plausible too. So, both explanations were very much possible!! 

Nonetheless, she felt that Ye Lang wasn't a simple person and the reasons why he was there weren't innocent either. She grew more certain when this happened...

"Begone, filthy beasts! I am the bane of truth… Uh, I forgot…" Ye Lang made a few gestures, then retrieved an alchemist's tool to cleanse the area. 

However, when he took the tool out, Ye Lang got trapped underneath…

"Little Five, save me…" he immediately shouted for help. 

"As if. Don't you know how to keep that thing back," she replied. 

"Oh yeah!" Ye Lang kept the tool, then retrieved it again, this time with extreme caution. He wasn't trapped this time, successfully placing the tool on the floor towards the corpse. 


When his hand touched the tool, a beam shot up. Then, the tool started working. Everything that touched the pillar of light disintegrated, then disappeared in the air. 

Rest in peace, Coldblood Thirteen! I will always remember your work in alchemy!! 

"So you do know alchemy!" this tool was common, and Coldblood Five had seen it before. However, to turn it on directly without using its switch like Ye Lang required a true alchemist. 

Ye Lang couldn't flip the switch because he was just too small. It would take too much effort, and he wasn't attempting to hide his alchemist background either, so he turned it on just like that. 

"Told you. I am an alchemy genius, but you all refuse to believe it," said Ye Lang, waving. He kept the tool in the ring, then continued to study the art of reanimation. 

Without the worries of a decaying corpse and insects, Coldblood Five sat peacefully aside. It was a little funny how Ye Lang had to sit on the book to read it, but she quickly remembered that she was no different. 

'To be honest, being like this is pretty good too. At least we can get away from all the problems in the outside world…' thought Coldblood Five as she watched him. 

And just like that, both hung out peacefully under these strange circumstances, day and night. Exactly how many days had passed, they'd forgotten. 

Ye Lang forgot because he was studying alchemy, while Coldblood Five forgot because she didn't want to think about it. 

During this time, Coldblood Five got to know Ye Lang a little better. She understood his skills probably wasn't below Coldblood Thirteen because, with his efforts, the spirit left by Coldblood Thirteen was perfected bit by bit, until it looked exactly like a real human. 

At the same time, Coldblood Five knew he could multitask well. When she asked him questions, although he was doing something else, he could answer them all. 

And the answers he gave, under those circumstances, were all very straightforward and transparent. She learned a lot, and her assassination techniques became more refined. 

Ye Lang didn't know what he was doing. He didn't know that because of him, there was now a teenager deadlier than Death itself, emerging as the assassin of her generation!

Although many days had passed, their sizes never changed. They were still tiny. Coldblood Five was exasperated, but she wasn't as opposed to it as before. 

With the presence of space devices, their livelihoods were not a problem. They wouldn't be able to finish the food in there within their lifetime. 

This didn't mean there was a lot of food in there. It was only enough to sustain a person for six months. They were small, so the amount eaten was naturally a lot lesser. 

At one point, Ye Lang had exclaimed, "I've once dreamt of eating a bun as big as a mountain, looks like it is coming true!!"

Once, Coldblood Five considered changing into fresh clothing. She wanted to cut some cloth to make new clothes- she was good at it too, though no one knew about it. 

However, she was stopped by Ye Lang. He said something that made her change her mind. Since then, she never thought of changing her clothes. At most, she would wash and dry them, then wear the old ones again. 

What did he say? 

"Little Five, if you change, your clothes will explode if we recover suddenly! You have to wear the clothes that shrank with you, so they would grow when you grow…" said Ye Lang, as if he was indifferent. 

"..." She blushed, then didn't talk anymore. 

With every interesting moment, the distance between them grew shorter. Perhaps it was also because they were facing the same disaster. It felt like they were in this together. 

During this time, the Coldblood Group was also puzzled, for Coldblood Five had vanished suddenly. They sent people to search the laboratories, but Coldblood Five and Ye Lang had entered the lab through a small hole. No one noticed the hole, and everyone thought Coldblood Thirteen was still running his experiments in it. 

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