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Reanimation (4)

"Aww yeahh!! It's done!! This is amazing, I finally know how to do this! Compared to operating tools, this skill requires much more sophisticated techniques- but both have its good points." 

Ye Lang whooped with excitement, causing Coldblood Five, who was practising her wushu, to stop. She saw Ye Lang jumping up and down on the reanimated spirit like a little shit -no wait he WAS a little shit! 

Of course, Ye Lang wasn't the point. The point was that the spirit had begun to move. 

Coldblood Five was sure that with this spirit's appearance, if it leaves the room, so many people will swoon over it!! 

Coldblood Thirteen made this spirit to mimic a real person, adding many special materials for it to be almost identical to a human. 

Unfortunately, Coldblood Thirteen never really got the results he wanted. Everyone could immediately see that it was a reanimated spirit, not a real person. 

Right now, with Ye Lang's efforts (perhaps also because he was so tiny now), he could finish working on all the tiny details to perfect its appearance. 

However, by doing this, everyone would think he is a huge pervert, especially Coldblood Five who often called him a little pervert during this period. 

The reason was because the spirit was made to look like a young woman! 

If Ye Lang made it in such a way that it looked like a human AFTER wearing clothes, nobody would call him a pervert. However, to make it to perfection, Ye Lang even made the woman's breasts and other more ...mysterious parts to resemble a human. 

And because of this, Ye Lang once asked Coldblood Five a question, only to be given a huge slap across his face, then scolding him---

"You pig!!" 

What did he say? 

"Little Five, take off your clothes. So I can study the female anatomy a little better…"


"Frank, can you put some clothes on the girl?" looking at the reanimated spirit, Coldblood Five had to remind him. Ye Lang hadn't given it any clothes. 

He really was a little pervert!! 

"Oh, it can have some now! Little Five, throw me some of your clothes!" Ye Lang shouted at Coldblood Five. 

Ye Lang wasn't a pervert, he'd only forgotten about it. After her reminder, he suddenly remembered! 

"Why?" Coldblood Five asked, surprised. 

"Do you think I have girl clothes?" 

"How would I know? Here!" she grunted, then threw a set of clothes from her pocket. The space device she used wasn't a ring because she thought rings were inconvenient. 

"No wait…" 

After a while, Coldblood Five stopped him because the set she gave him was business attire and the only clothes she had. 

At this point, Ye Lang had already started to control the spirit so I would put on the clothes. Another Coldblood Five had appeared. 

"Hey, Little Five, this thing looks so much like you! Do you think Coldblood Thirteen had a crush on you, and made it based on you? However, he'd never seen your face so this was definitely what he imagined you look like," said Ye Lang, looking at Coldblood Five, then at the spirit. 

Ye Lang was right. Coldblood Thirteen did use Coldblood Five as a reference. It wasn't a crush though. He felt that Coldblood Five's body ratio was the best, so it would best suit this spirit's function. 

"So can you get us back to normal yet?" Coldblood ignored him, directly asking another question. 

"Heh, we still have to wait. Logically, the effects should be fading soon. Don't you feel like you will be growing soon?" Ye Lang didn't have much choice either, they could only wait. 

"Hmmph, I knew you'd say that. Forget it, let's just leave. I'm so sick of this place! Let's get some fresh air!" Coldblood Five had wanted to leave early on, but Ye Lang never agreed to it. 

"Mm!" Ye Lang replied with a grunt. The spirit woman crouched, then opened her palm to let Coldblood Five climb up so both of them could leave together. 

"Open the door!" 

With the spirit's help, Ye Lang could easily open the laboratory door. It wasn't hard to open from the inside. And the both of them could finally see the sun after what seemed like forever. 

Before they could breathe in some fresh air, they were interrupted! 

Someone approached, then spoke to the spirit, "Lord Five, where have you been? Everyone's been looking for you!" 

"Little Five, speak to it, answer them," their situation was a little complicated, so they had to hide what they could. Allowing the spirit to temporarily replace Coldblood Five was a good idea. 

"I was helping Coldblood Thirteen with his experiment. Why? Do I have to report to you?" Coldblood Five said coldly, her cold aura suddenly rising. It was fortunate it worked on both a large and small body. 

"No, I was just showing concern, my lord. What about Lord Thirteen?" the person spluttered, terrified of offending Coldblood Five. 

"Coldblood Thirteen is dead!" she didn't plan to hide this from them.

"What?! Lord Thirteen is dead?"

"Yes, he accidentally died while conducting an experiment. I have cleaned and dealt with his body,so you don't need to deal with it. Tell Coldblood One about it, let him make the necessary arrangements. Also, I'm very tired so get lost!" Coldblood Five said coldly. She wasn't afraid of any suspicions because no one would suspect her. 

If Coldblood Five killed someone, she would always admit to it. She never told lies! 

And just like that, under Coldblood Five's instructions, Ye Lang led the spirit to Coldblood Five's yard. They didn't need to stay in Coldblood Thirteen's yard anymore, there was no use.

After this incident, with matters related to Coldblood, the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles only asked a few questions but that was it. 

Without Coldblood Thirteen, the reanimated spirit they wanted was probably gone too, and with Coldblood Five's personality, they didn't ask her about it. 

Ye Lang and Coldblood Five were having the time of their lives, having so much fun with their tiny sizes. They found a few fun hobbies! 

"Little Five, chase me!" Ye Lang was riding a small bird, shouting at Coldblood Five who was also on a bird behind him.

"Hmmph. Just wait! Hurry up or I'll cook you tonight!" Coldblood Five flew on a bird, chasing Ye Lang. 

The two of them flew in the skies, far from the rest of the world…  

DOGE's notes:

makes me think being small must be fun. 

i can ride a birb and live in flowers. 

bork wishes, 


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