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Little Accidents (1)

With that, the crowd wanted to check the place out to see if Coldblood Five was inside. They started to approach the kitchen, preparing to open the door to enter.

However, they still paced at the door for a very long time. They wanted to wait for someone to enter, for someone to scout the area. The power of a mere name, Coldblood Five, was stopping them like a minefield.

When the crowd was still hesitating, the door opened. The girl appeared before them, her cold gaze sweeping across the group.

"Ah, Lord Five, you were in there! Frank said..." the crowd stuttered, immediately retreating far away. They were secretly cursing Ye Lang- she was inside, why did he say she wasn't? He must have been blind.

They didn't know Ye Lang did meet Coldblood Five but didn't believe Coldblood Five was Coldblood Five!

In reality, this girl was the one and only Coldblood Five! There was no room for speculations (and no other franchise), there was only one Coldblood Five!

However, if it weren't for the Coldblood Group knowing about it, many people would find it hard to believe that this girl of barely twenty years was the legendary Coldblood Five who could kill without blinking an eye. She'd assassinated countless famous people, and she was a myth in China.

Each myth was different though because no one knew they were killed by her!

Coldblood Five's current position of influence wasn't based on luck, or because the members were looking after her as a girl- it was all because of the accumulation of hard work!

Coldblood Five grew up in the Coldblood Group. When she was five, she'd already begun assassination missions. It has been a decade down this road, and not many of her colleagues were left. Anyone still alive today was naturally the elite.

Nonetheless, she didn't stand out and proceed to lead the assassin team solely due to her length of service. It was also due to her astonishing talent. Her teachers prophesized that she'd be a legend in the world of assassins. She was like Death- if she wanted someone to die, that person would definitely die.

In the world of assassins, she earned a legendary nickname--- Death!

If Death wanted you to die at dawn, you wouldn't be alive to see the dusk!

Then again, the people here called her Lord Five but not Ms Five because she felt it made her seem younger. She didn't like titles like this anyway, she felt it was for the sophisticated, and she didn't have anything to do with them.

She thought, she was an assassin now, and would be for the rest of her life!

"Frank… He thinks I'm not Coldblood Five. You don't need to tell him, don't breathe a single word!!"  Coldblood Five icily announced. An invisible gush of wind blew past.

The group did not suspect a thing. If they mentioned anything to Ye Lang, they'd definitely be killed by her!

And that was why not a single person dared mention Coldblood Five in front of Ye Lang. Hence, for the longest time, Ye Lang could never figure out Coldblood Five's identity, speculating that she was Coldblood Five's daughter.

Could the Coldblood Five position be passed down generations? Ye Lang was suspicious at that time, but he didn't care, nor did he enquire.

After this incident, another story passed down the Coldblood Group: Ye Lang wasn't one to be crossed, because he was protected by not only Coldblood Thirteen, but also Coldblood Five, the girl who was like Death.

Everyone didn't know what to say. No matter where he went, someone was there to protect him. Although their objectives were different, protection and care remained. Was he the only son of the Goddess of Luck?

Some time had passed, but Coldblood Thirteen remained inside, refusing to leave. On the other hand, Ye Lang seemed to have found a new companion, often chatting with him.

This was something that shocked the entire Coldblood Group….

"Do you know of a Frank, who's been here recently?" The people in the Coldblood Group top management conference room, where only the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles were allowed, were discussing this matter.

"Yeah I do, it's the odd youth Coldblood Thirteen brought back. He's always reading, some even thought he was Coldblood Thirteen's disciple," someone replied casually. He obviously hadn't been updated.

"Then do you know, Coldblood Five seems to be getting friendly with this Frank," the first person continued.

"Are you kidding? Coldblood Five, how could she be friendly with anyone? Maybe she couldn't kill him," some people were puzzled. Many people only knew her as an assassin, the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles too.

"No, I'm not kidding. Coldblood Five doesn't want to kill Frank either, she seems to be learning something from Frank!"

"Learning what?" they were all confused. What did this 'regular' teenager have that was valuable enough for Coldblood Five to want to learn from him?

"I don't know, they're often chatting. If Frank doesn't chase Coldblood Five away, they'd be together."

"What?! Him chasing Coldblood Five away? That's just a rumour!" the people who hadn't heard of this were strongly disagreeing, while the rest could only form a confused expression. They could understand how these people felt because they were once in their shoes.

How could this be? Coldblood Five being chased out by a teenager? They would never. They definitely didn't want to have an 'accidental death'.

No one would ever imagine getting friendly with Coldblood Five was a comfortable feeling- it'd just make you nervous!

And because of that, no one dared offend her!

It's not just the act of chasing her away- they'd never even raise their voices with her! Fortunately, they'd only need to brief her on missions, and she'd only say yes without making conversation.

And that was why everyone was in disbelief upon hearing Ye Lang chased her away!

"It's not just a rumour, it's true! Coldblood Five has been visiting Frank these few days, and she'd have to bring food or he'd refuse to talk to her. Only with food, then he'd only be willing to chat more!" when they saw the disbelief in the room, the people in the know continued to elaborate.

"And, this is only for a bit. After a short while, that Frank would declare that he wanted to read, then tell Coldblood Five to 'go play'," they explained.

At this very moment, the rest of the room could not feel their nerves. Was this the Coldblood Five they knew? Was this Frank really still alive?

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