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Killer (3)

"Although you wear a mask, half your face, neck and arms are exposed…." Ye Lang said, looking at the girl. When he mentioned her hands, the girl unconsciously looked at her hands then retracted them. Usually she'd wear gloves, so no one could see them.

Since she had to wash and cook earlier, she'd taken her gloves off. She could still cook with the gloves on, but she felt the gloves were too dirty with so many bloodstains.

"From these points, I can estimate your age. It's quite simple, a woman's skin….." Ye Lang began sharing some professional knowledge while Coldblood Five listened, shocked. She'd never known that even little details could expose one's age.

She found them very interesting too, as she listened with fascination. To her, they were good tips to help her better distinguish characteristics between people.

As Ye Lang talked inside, the people outside grew increasingly worried. Were they still going to eat? Also, that little shit Frank, was Five already boiling soup with his bones?

Sigh, looks like we'll have to clean up again!

However, no matter how hard they thought, they wouldn't have guessed what was going on inside—Coldblood Five was quietly listening to Ye Lang.  And this wasn't the sort of quiet before a storm, but the real kind of quiet.

"Cough cough, I'll end here. My belly is full, I'll go back now," after talking for a long time, Ye Lang stopped. He had been eating while talking.

"……" The girl was speechless again. She realised all the food she cooked had been devoured by Ye Lang.

"I'm so full! I might get indigestion today, I need to exercise a little later….." Ye Lang patted his belly. Although Coldblood Five didn't cook much, it was enough for Ye Lang.

When he finished, Ye Lang started to leave, ignoring the girl.

If the rest of the members found out, they'd probably break his jaw. How dare he treat her like this…..

The girl immediately approached to block Ye Lang, not letting him leave. Don't get it wrong, it wasn't because of the food (although she did care a lot about that, she was contemplating beating him up).

It was for……

"Wait, you aren't done talking yet. Finish, then leave."

Coldblood Five wanted to continue listening. The things he said made a lot of sense, they could help her identify targets better, decreasing the probability of errors and saving more time. These could increase her efficiency in completing missions.

"I said, I'll end here. If you still want to listen more, cook for me tomorrow. Perhaps I'll consider finishing tomorrow," Ye Lang added casually.

"Look how bold you are, bartering?" the girl said coldly.

"It is only an exchange. Forget it if you're not willing. Your food might be a little better, but I'm not picky. I can still eat food from the kitchen, as long as it can fill my stomach," Ye Lang said offhandedly. His requirements for food were low, it was fine as long as they were edible.

Although he was used to Zhen Xiaoyan's delicious cooking, he still wasn't picky. Obviously, if it were up to him to choose, he'd eat Zhen Xiaoyan's. Logically one would pick the better food.

"Mine's only a little better?" she frowned, as if a little upset. She seemed to care a lot about this matter.

She made this dish solely because she liked cooking, not to kill people. Other than murder, she didn't know anything else. Sometimes she wondered if she was enough of a woman. Of course, she didn't need to worry about her femininity, because she was already Coldblood Five.

However, she was still a girl. She liked cooking for herself, but she was terrified of other people seeing and guessing she was a woman. They might think she was weak, and not fear her.

All these years, she'd been protecting herself by maintaining a certain distance between herself and others. With this, she gradually became colder. At the same time, as her body count increased, her aura of violence thickened.

If you wondered why she killed people, and so many people, it's a simple answer. You only need to know her position in the Coldblood Group.

The assassin!

Coldblood Five was an assassin. She led the Coldblood Group's team of assassins, her daily job consisting of killing people or instructing people to kill people.

A cold-blooded assassin. It wasn't her personality, it was her job!

With this job, how can an assassin show herself as a small girl in front of others? She found an excuse to cook, something she wanted to do for herself, by telling people she was cooking a tool for murder- poisoned food.

To be honest, she knew how to stitch too. Unfortunately, this was only something she could do in the privacy of her room, other people could never know.

No matter stitching or cooking, she was still only human. She couldn't share this with anyone, and Ye Lang was actually the first person she could share this with. As she was watching Ye Lang eat something she cooked, she felt odd. Perhaps that was why she was acting weird.

Ye Lang was giving a compliment, but he still said her food wasn't the best- probably above average but that was it. This made her uncomfortable, but she couldn't show it.

"Mm!" Ye Lang grunted while nodding, not noticing anything off.

"Then what do you consider as delicious?" the girl inquired.

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then replied, "I can't say exactly. Good food is good food, like something a fat lady cooks."

"Who is this fat lady?" she asked, wanting to visit this person to improve her culinary skills.

"I mean a fat lady, someone who only knows how to eat," Ye Lang answered, though his answer was the same as no answer, "Ah, I'm not staying for long. Remember to cook a little something for me tomorrow, I'm going back!"

Ye Lang ran, and this time Coldblood Five didn't stop him. She let him go. The monk can run but the temple won't run with him. She'll get him sooner or later. She wasn't worried about Ye Lang flying out of the Coldblood Group headquarters.

Hmmph, you can't escape me!

"Eh, Frank, you're not dead?" When Ye Lang exited, the people outside exclaimed in surprise.

"Nope! You're all so good at lying. There wasn't any Coldblood Five in there, and you made me go hungry for so long. Alright, enough said, I'm going for a walk…" Ye Lang complained a little, then disappeared.

"Lord Five isn't inside? That's not possible, I saw her enter," the crowd was confused. Did he mean that Lord Five had left?

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