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Chapter 15 – The Lucky Prodigal Son Translated by imakeussmile


“What? Ban’s alchemy notebook?”

Everyone who knew what kind of object this thing was were all very astonished, now they also understood why the emperor was so astonished. If it was another person who suddenly heard about this, they would also be astonished.

Ban, he was a legendary alchemist thousand years ago. His alchemy skills were so brilliant that it had already surpassed the knowledge of everyone. If one were able to get a hold on his alchemy skills, it would definitely make the nation become much stronger than it is now.

This was almost the same for the modern Earth’s science and technology, where the nation who had the better scientific skills and technologies would become much richer and powerful compared to other nations.

In order to get Ban’s alchemy skills and techniques, who knows how many people had proposed countless attractive conditions? Just that, he had always never replied to anyone. Some even wanted to steal from him, but instead found out that it was totally impossible.

Alchemists always had their own special fighting style. They could use alchemy formations to summon magic elements, and also were able to change some objects within the vicinity. Some could only change the shape while some were even able to change the material’s structure.

A strong alchemist could definitely contend against a magician or martial artist. And normally, alchemists would bring certain alchemy goods with them, causing them to become much harder to deal with.

However, when an alchemist fights, he had to also calculate various kinds of factors and had to accurately draw out the alchemy formation and so on. Therefore, the criteria for an alchemist to be able to contend against magicians and martial artists was very harsh, the general alchemists would at the most learn to be able to at least defend themselves. Advancing to an expert alchemist was very difficult, even within a 100 years an expert alchemist was still hard to come by.

However, if an alchemist was given enough time to prepare beforehand, they could easily blow an expert into mere slag.

“Yes, that’s right, the information said that the item is currently within our imperial capital.” The emperor nodded his head.

“What? Then right now, the item is in whose hands? No matter how much price we have to spend, we must definitely get it.” Said a general who appeared to be brave and fierce. The general’s age was not small and he appeared to be the empire’s grand marshal.

As the nation’s grand marshal, he naturally knew what kind of benefits Ban’s alchemy notebook would give to the army. With the alchemy notebook, one could make one or two alchemic magic transmitter devices with huge formidable might, it would make them be able to sweep everything in front of them during combat.

“About this, when I was told who it was that possessed the alchemy notebook, it also made me feel very astonished.” The emperor’s expression was somewhat strange as he looked at Ye Cheng Tian at the side.

“????” Ye Cheng Tian did not understand what this strange expression of the emperor meant. And others who didn’t know either, thought that the alchemy notebook had fallen into the hands of Ye Family.

“Cheng Tian, since your Ye Family has obtained this alchemy notebook, just take it out. This thing can’t be pocketed privately. But at least, in the future we will give you  more benefits. The matter about you becoming the family’s owner, I will support you to the end.” The grand marshal said straightforwardly.

“Uncle Li, if my Ye Family had this alchemy notebook, with my dad’s character, wouldn’t he have already taken it out to share it with you?” Ye Cheng Tian said helplessly.

This Grand Marshal Li’s relationship with Ye Yi could be described with 4 words, very close male friends. The both of them grew up together, stirred trouble together, chased after girls together, traveled around the world together……

Although right now, the both of them had already become grandfather rank characters, they would still always bicker when they were together, quarrel because of some small things. Of course, this was just the display of how good their relationship was.

“What you said is right too. If you guys had obtained this alchemy notebook, he would have immediately come here today and not hide at home to be affectionate with sister Lian Er.”

Even if no one said anything, Grand Marshal Li would still know that Ye Yi was definitely together with Ruan Lian Er. He also could not understand as to why this old husband and wife could keep on maintaining this kind of state of relationship. As for him, he and his own wife were less affectionate already.

However, Grand Marshal Li did not feel that his degree of love towards his wife was lesser than Ye Yi. Just that, his way was different.

“Cheng Tian, the person who has obtained the alchemy notebook is indeed from your Ye Family. Just that, you guys don’t know about it. Perhaps, even the person himself also doesn’t know about it either.” At this time, the emperor said something which made other people be puzzled.

“??” Ye Cheng Tian looked at the emperor while feeling puzzled, wanting to hear what the emperor would say next.

“Little Ye Lang, come over here for a while, I have a question that I want to ask you about.” The emperor said while waving towards the little prodigal son who was still talking with Ye Lan Yu at the side. However, the little prodigal son totally did not hear his words, which made him feel depressed for a bit.

However, after the emperor called out for the little prodigal son, everyone started to somewhat understand the situation. Could it be that……

“Emperor, do you have something?” After the little prodigal son was pulled over by Tigress, he asked straightforwardly.


“Little Ye Lang, did you buy a strange box at the auction house today?” The emperor asked while slightly smiling.

“Oh, I have. It was purchased with 100,000 gold coins.” The little prodigal son replied.

“Then do you know what is placed inside the box?” The emperor asked, trying to probe him out.

“Don’t know.” The little prodigal son shook his head.

“It was indeed like this. Since you didn’t know what was inside the box, why did you still buy it?” The emperor asked while feeling somewhat puzzled.

“Because I want to be prodigal.” The little prodigal son explained righteously.


The members of Ye Family, whether it was the older generation or the younger generation, all held on their forehead with their hand, expressing out an extreme kind of helplessness. They had all guessed that it would be an answer like this.

“He’s this wasteful, why don’t you guys prevent it a bit? Don’t tell me that your Ye Family just has that much money?” Grand Marshal Li said. He had somewhat heard before about this Ye Family’s little prodigal son, but only today did he know that it was to this degree of prodigalness. [Yes, that word exists, wikipedia said so!]

“You think that we don’t want to? It’s just that he likes to be prodigal, we also have no choice. Furthermore, within the things he buys, there would often be odd and bizarre goods whose worth  was hard for one to even imagine.” Ye Cheng Tian said somewhat strangely.

That’s right, if it were not for this little prodigal son buying some extremely uncommon valuable objects from time to time, the members of the Ye Family would probably not have allowed him to squander money recklessly. At the least, they would control the amount he squandered, and at the most let him squander only 100,000 gold coins every month.

But, is this called controlling?

“That’s right, I know about this matter too. He seems to have been looked after by the goddess of luck ever since he was little. Take this time for example, he used 100,000 gold coins to buy this box, the worth of which far surpassed the amount he had spent for it. Even if he had spent 1,000,000 for it, it would also have been counted as cheap.” The emperor said.

“Could it be that Ban’s alchemy notebook is within the box? Little Ye Lang, quickly let your Grandfather Li take a look at the box you bought.” Grand Marshal Li said.

“Alright, but……who is Grandfather Li? The little prodigal son nodded his head, but afterwards found out that he seemed to not know who Grandfather Li was.



The people at the side let out a light laugh and then immediately feigned solemnity. Their expression completely denying that he or she had just laughed. And within those people, the emperor seemed to be one of them too.

“Son, your Grandfather Li is him. You had seen him before when you were still young.” Long An Qi resisted laughing and knocked onto the little prodigal son’s head.

“When?” The little prodigal son seemed to still be unable to recall it.

“When you were a month old.”



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