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Chapter 14 – Alchemy Notebook Translated by imakeussmile


At night, within one of the palaces in the Imperial Palace, the members of the Imperial Household and Ye Family were currently celebrating the birthday of the two little boy and girl. This party belonged to a private type of party, therefore the amount of people invited here were not many. However, everyone here were all heavyweight rank characters in the empire.

Yep, heavyweight rank. They just had to randomly move a bit, and it would cause the entire empire to tremble for a while.

Same as the past years, the little prodigal son started his prodigal behavior at the party, bringing along Princess Qi and Tigress to a wide space to set off his ‘fireworks’.

Suddenly, eight fire dragon flew upwards into the sky above the wide square, fluttering around in the sky and illuminating the sky and earth in the vicinity. The appearance of the fire dragons soaring up towards the sky and fluttering around was very magnificent. If one were to merely calculate the quality of the appearance, it could be said to be first-rate.

Not only were the people who were nearby the Imperial Palace able to see the fire dragon, the entire imperial capital was able to see it. And a lot of people, other than feeling that it was very beautiful, were also sort of sweating cold sweat.

For those who didn’t know, they may even have thought that something had happened within the Imperial Palace, as why would a fire dragon like this suddenly appear in the Imperial Palace. And they would have never thought that, this fire dragon was merely because someone was playing with fireworks.

“What the fuck, a grade 8 magic Eight Fire Dragons technique. Fuck, this magic scroll should be worth at least 100,000 gold coins. I had heard before that he was prodigal, but only now do I know that those things that I heard before were just mere trifles.”

In a short while, everyone who was present began to discuss spiritedly, and even Ye Cheng Tian himself also began to frown, as he also felt that this was a bit too over already.

“Eh? Strange, when did we have this?” At this time, Tigress who took out the magic scroll was dazed for a while as she appeared to have never thought that there would be a grade 8 magic scroll here

“The just bought recently, Grade 5 Fire Dragon technique scroll, why did it appear as Eight Dragons?” The little prodigal son said. Although he was somewhat weak in other aspects, his memory was however extremely good.

“This means that we picked up a small advantage and only spent 3000 gold coins for it just now. Just that, right now, no matter what we say, it is useless already.” Tigress sighed. She should have first checked the scroll. This little young master of her would often buy some odd and bizarre stuffs. Don’t even know if it was because similar things would always go together. [She’s implying that her young master is also odd and bizarre, in case you didn’t get it]

“It doesn’t matter anymore. In any case, let’s just set them all up and watch.” The little prodigal son did not feel that it was a pity at all.

“Young master, your present……” Seeing that the Eight Fire Dragons technique, which suddenly appeared, had attracted everyone’s attention, Tigress took advantage of the situation to let the little prodigal son give the present he bought.

“That’s right, wife, this is the present which I bought for you today. 180,000 gold coins, this is the most expensive thing which I had bought till now.” The little prodigal son took over the item from Tigress and immediately passed it over to Princess Qi.

180,000 gold coins. Every member of the Ye Family felt pain for a while, and right now Long An Qi was considering if she should temporarily seal this little bastard’s economic source. It’s just that, every time when she saw this little sweetheart, she would not have the heart to do it at all.

Forget about it, just treat it like I owed him in my past life, it’s fine as long as he is happy.

“What is it?” Princess Qi asked while smiling. Towards this little prodigal son’s address, she completely did not feel whatsoever disgusted at all. If it was changed to another person that were to be engaged with her and that person called her wife, she would surely be disgusted with it. Instead, towards this silly little idiot, she did not feel any dislike whatsoever at all.

And at the same time, Princess Qi also really liked spending time together with the little prodigal son, and both of their relationships were very good. Also, it seemed that the two of them were not opposed towards their engagement at all, and this made a lot of people feel very strange.

Although Princess Qi was not the most outstanding within all the princesses, she was still a beautiful princess who had a lot of people pursuing after her. Her liking the little thirteenth prince made everyone feel extremely unexpected.

Perhaps, it was because her age was still small, and perhaps after she grows up, it would be different by then. However, this were also things for in the future. Right now, she was precisely fond of the little prodigal son having a pure and innocent heart, and thus when she was together with him, she would not have any worries, as there would not be things like fighting and scheming against each other.

If it was an average person, at this time when Princess Qi asked this question, they would say ‘You will know once you open it’ and perhaps may even say that there would be an unexpected surprise.

But, the little thirteenth prince was not the average person and not only did he say it very straightforwardly, he even actually said some things which he should have not said: “It is a Moon God Laurel Crown. Tigress said that girls would like it.”

Speechless…… What you just told her, aren’t you telling her that, if Tigress did not tell you to buy it, you might not have bought it.

Princess Qi slightly smiled and after opening and taking a look at it, she passed the Moon God Laurel Crown over to the little thirteenth prince and said: “Since this is given by you to me, I should leave it to you to help me wear it.”

“Oh……” The little thirteenth prince responded with a sound, and after looking at the Moon God Laurel Crown in his hand, he casually placed it on top of Princess Qi’s head. The Moon God Laurel Crown appeared to have a crooked angle feeling when placed.

Princess Qi knew that this would happen and thus slightly adjust the laurel crown on her own and following on asked: “Does it look good?”


“Yep, the sapphire is very big, very good looking.” The little thirteenth prince nodded his head.

“……, I’m asking you if I look good or not.” Princess Qi said helplessly.

“You’re also good looking, much better looking than my big sis.”


“Ye Lang, what did you just say?!” Ye Lan Yu suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said while staring at the silly little thirteenth prince.

“I just said, she looks better than you……”

“You still dare to say it!!”

“Why do I not dare, she’s indeed much better looking than you.”

“Where does she look better than me? Look at her, her chest has no meat at all, her height is not tall at all……” Ye Lan Yu started to criticize Princess Qi. Just that, those points which she said are normal. After all, Princess Qi was just 10 year old and was still in her growth stage. [Remember this folks, this is an important point for the relationship between Princess Qi and Ye Lan Yu, they shall henceforth bicker forever!]

Princess Qi stared at Ye Lan Yu fumingly and solemnly protested against what Ye Lan Yu had said about her: “You are more or less the same too. Bigger than us three years old and still can’t properly see your chest. Your height is also not that tall either.”

“Tigress, is the chest that they are talking about this?” The little thirteenth prince pointed at Tigress’s chest and asked.

“About this……that’s right.” Tigress’ face became red and replied embarrassedly.

“Yep, yep, I had seen before when we showered together. Her chest is only as big as a steamed dumpling.”

“Ye Lang, you little idiot……”

Just when Ye Lan Yu was quarreling endlessly with the little thirteenth prince and others, and others were looking at them while smiling, a news was spread to the ears of the emperor and he let out a loud voice, causing the entire scene to be mixed up temporarily.

“What?! Did you guys confirm that this information is true?” The emperor’s astonished voice transmitted into the entire place, causing everyone’s attention to move onto him, including those little kids too.

“Emperor, what happened?” Ye Cheng Tian asked curiously. He knew that the emperor was the type of person to not panic even if Mount Tai were to collapse in front of him, and no matter how big of a deal the matter was, he would always be able to remain calm. Very rarely would there be matters which would rend him to be astonished like this.

“Just recently, there was an information stating that the notebook of Ban, the great master alchemist had appeared.” The emperor said, seemingly to not have the intention of keeping it a secret at all.

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