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Qin Dong did not know how long it took for him to open his eyes.

He coughed the moment waking up and complained, "Shit! The air quality in the mortal realm is terribly bad!"


Qin Dong kept searching his chest while coughing. Thank God! The ring and the jade card were still there. He could not lose them anyhow.

Qin Dong made a straw rope connected with the jade card, and hung it on his neck. After gazing at the card for a while, he still did not find anything magic from the ring, or any difference from a normal one. As a primitive magic tool passed from generation to generation in the heavens, the magic chaos ring contained mysterious forces. That was the reason that Lord Wanpeng spent so many efforts in dealing with his father and him.


Qin Tailong had studied the ring for several decades since he acquired it, but the secrets of the triple seals had not been reveled yet. But he had figured out that the approach to break the seal was closely relevant with women. However, he had had no idea about the exact relationship between women and the seals. 


Qin Dong thought it over and over, but could not find an answer either. After all, the secret his father could not fathom would not be revealed by him in a short time. After wearing the ring on his middle finger, Qin Dong sighed and began to focus on the scenery around him.

His father had told him about the mortal realm more than once while in the heavens. Qin Dong never expected to witness the real mortal realm with his own eyes in his life.


He stood up, walked away and knocked onto a branch of a trunk which only two people could hold. Now he found himself in an endless and dense forest with thickly overgrown green plants. At this picturesque place, hardly did Qin Dong care about the poor air and thin spiritual energy here.


"Lord Wanpeng, you just wait for me to return! I will make you regret for having been born." Displaying an obscene finger sign, Qin Dong looked up at the sky, gnashed his teeth and screamed. 

 "Howl!" Numerous birds in the forest were startled by tiger's roar at the east side of Qin Dong, who moved to a tree crown in an instant.


"Oops, am I so unlucky?" Trembling over the body, Li Yexue stared at the direction in trepidation where the roar came from and murmured.


Li Yexue, a 21-year-old sophomore studied in the Biology Department of Longyuan University. She came to Shennongjia to collect some plant samples with a group of classmates in summer vacation. However, she absorbed herself in observing the plants and separated with the others unconsciously. And Li did not know where she was when realizing her lost.


It was terrible enough for her that night was coming and she lost her way. What was worse, creepy tiger roar came to her ears. But Li Yexue was a strong-minded girl. If another girl had faced this situation, she might have committed suicide. 


"The tiger will not discover me! The tiger will not discover me…" With eyes closed, Li talked over and over as if she repeated spells.


It was said that people who were mentioned frequently would appear soon, and the saying also fitted tiger. With Li's words unfinished, an ox-sized spotted tiger rushed from the bushes in front of her, and the distance between Li Yexue and the place the tiger stood was less than five meters. 


Li Yexue felt stiff all over her body and fell all her length on the ground like a zombie with a hum of her head. The tiger was scared by the scene and receded spontaneously. 


Shaking its head, the tiger walked to Li Yexue after confirming that she was not so dangerous as it imagined.


It bowed head and licked Li's face with its thick tongue. Finding her face savory and smooth, and more tempting than its favorite deer, the tiger howled excitedly, opened its mouth and prepared to snap Li's throat.


 "Hey, big cat, don't you see your lordship here?" Qin Dong said languidly. The tiger closed its mouth alertly, and turned his body towards the direction where Qin's voice came from. Qin Dong leaned against a big tree with folding arms on his chest.


The tiger howled, and turned back to confront Qin Dong.


Qin Dong sneered in a careless manner and clicked his tongue, "You big cat, there are so many little animals for you to choose, but you deliberately choose people to eat. Are you courting death?"


Though the tiger could not understand Qin Dong's remarks, it could see clearly his expression that meant he deserved beating. In several short gasps, the tiger jumped up in all four limbs forcefully, rose high and sprang at Qin Dong.


"You are such a stupid cat!" As Qin Dong raised his eyebrows and flicked fingers, a light purple lotus flower with the size of ping-pong emerged.




Tap! The giant tiger fell on the ground and died with its neck crooked. Qin Dong shook his head and whispered, "I destroyed a life upon my arrival in the mortal realm. I should not have done so…I should not…"


Approaching Li Yexue, Qin Dong could not help praising her beauty when he saw her pretty face, "It is hard to imagine such a beautiful lady exists in the mortal realm."


Qin Dong found that Li Yexue was so frightened that she fainted after checking her pulse. He did not worry about her anymore and made a simple hammock with tree vines, so that she could lie in the air in case of being bitten by poisonous insects, snakes or mice. 


When Qin Dong was ready to leave after finishing all the work, he heard gurgles in Li Yexue's abdomen. He stopped and prepared to cook something to eat for her, casting his look on the tiger…


Meanwhile, in a tent of a campsite:


"Mr. Li, do not panic. I have sent all rescue teams and the guides familiar with Shennongjia to look for Li Yexue. I am sure they will find her." A teacher-looked man in suit wiped the perspiration on his forehead as he kept assuring a middle-aged man, who looked sternly with a tall and strong figure. 


"If you cannot find my daughter, I will not let go of you and your students!" With a sullen look, Li Yunteng said in a deep voice. 


"Mr. Li, but…" The teacher turned pale after hearing Li Ynteng's remarks. Li Yunteng usually acted as he said. If any accident happened to Li Yexue, all her companions had no choice to live.


Li Yunteng waved his hand impatiently and shouted, "Get out!"

The teacher shook his head helplessly and did as Li Yunteng said..

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