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"Mingchuan!" Li Yunteng growled the moment the teacher left.

A shrewd and handsome man in his mid-twenties came inside and answered, "Master, how can I help you?"

"You lead the Flying Dragon Team, go to Shennongjia immediately and bring her ladyship back! I do not believe those rescue teams!"

"Yes, sir!" Mingchuan did not say anything but left in a hurry.

"Yexue, you will be all right." Li Yunteng stared out of the tent and murmured. Shengnongjia was enveloped in darkness.

"Well, it smells so delicious!" Waken up by a strong fragrance of barbecue, Li Yexue opened her eyes and searched around in confusion. When she saw the sizzling roasted meat on skewer, her eyes lit up. Driven by hunger, she turned over in the hammock, but forgot it was not the bed in her bedroom. "Ah!" With an exclamation, she dropped from the hammock and her buttock hit the ground heavily. It was so hurtful that her tears rolled down on her face.

 "Stupid girl!" Holding a roasted tiger leg, Qin Dong walked towards Li Yexue as he bit the meat. He curled his lips after glancing at her awkwardness.

The fall made Li's buttock extremely painful. What was more, Li Yexue was annoyed for Qin Dong's calling her as a stupid girl instead of placating her. When preparing to debate with Qin Dong, she raised her head suddenly, saw a handsome face that she felt breathless, and swallowed the words lingering on her lips.

"Oh my God! How can a man be so handsome? I cannot believe that!" The dashing man made Li Yexue crazy, and her heart beat so fast that almost jumped out of her throat.

She indulged herself in appreciating Qin Dong's handsome face, and doubted whether she was dreaming.

Moreover, Qin Dong's long hair fell to his waist and flickered. Even the visual effects in a shampoo advertisement could not be compared with the mystic luster of his hair. Qin Dong's elegance made Li's heart beat fast. Besides, his long and smooth figure was perfect especially when he wore this snow-white robe. The image reminded Li of Chu Liuxiang featured by Zheng Shaoqiu.

"A woman drooling looks so…"Qin Dong said, with his tongue clicking. Transfixed Li Yexue was gazing at Qin Dong, but woken up by his sigh.

"Ah? What? Drooling?" Li Yexue wiped the corner of her mouth, and found it wet. Her pretty face blushed immediately.

"Brat, what nonsense are you saying? Who is drooling?" Li Yexue felt irate by the embarrassment and shouted at Qin Dong in her tender voice.

"Let it go. What you say is truth." Qin Dong said in an indifferent look.

"Bad boy, is this your attitude to answer me?" Qin Dong's attitude made Li Yexue awkward. She abandoned her lady-like behavior, ground her teeth with vexation, and shouted at Qin Dong.

"Are you hungry?" Li Yexue was enraged, but Qin Dong still looked indifferent, gnawed at the meat in his hand and asked Li unmindfully.

"Eh…yes, I am hungry…" Regaining her composure, Li Yexue nodded and answered honestly.

"Come, here is something to eat!" Qin Dong guided Li to the bonfire.

Qin Dong cut a piece of meat with his father's golden messenger sword, and passed it to Li Yexue, "Eat it! Be cautious, it is hot."

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