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Song Anyi is a golden businesswoman. Therefore, each day is always busy developing new members. While at the same time, servicing the old members attentively.

Usually after each order, the list will then enter the company’s system through the foreign affairs department. Colleagues took over the single row of task. It wasn’t the same as before. Each list needed to be properly taken care of, and each had certain conditions. There were still some exceptions. As long as the VIP members of Efficiency paid more than two years for their membership dues and required a good consultation. Even if they asked her to clean the toilet every day, she would do it. Song An Yi loves her job. Most of all, she loves money.

“Professor, do you want tea?”

Song An Yi smiled until it reached her eyes. The man in front of her was Efficiency’s money maker. Zhou Mo has made three years of payment for his membership, and has never missed his fees. He is regarded as a Platinum VIP, so she must do her best to please this person.

Currently, this Professor was sitting leisurely in the Zhou family’s study room to read. It was early winter, the warm sunshine from the window obliquely projected into the air. The scent of tea permeated throughout the room, creating nostalgia of the ancient times. This kind of atmosphere was difficult to describe as it had an ethereal feeling.

Before the story begins, let’s take a look at the full-time Professor Zhou.

Zhou Mo is a visiting professor of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Arts. Also known as the collection of international heirlooms and antiquities master. Ah, mentioned here was the Zhou family!

During the past few years, the Zhou family owned the largest pawnshops in the capital. In 1949, due to the chaos of the situation, led to the influx of wealth. A lot of treasured antiques were sold into the pawnshop. Although, the Zhou family no longer has operating pawnshops as of now. The Zhou family’s heir, of this generation, is still collecting antiquities and occasionally auctioning them off.

Experts say, “The world’s richest person is not a banker, but a collector.” These days, regardless of whether your style was Chinese or Western, the Zhou family still had the largest collection. It was to the point where the Zhou family required strict regulations to control the management of their treasury. Also known as the World’s Little Palace.

Ah, her whole day would be spent on interacting with this eccentric man and breathing the dust of ancient antiques. It was very sophisticated, no? People say Professor Zhou was handsome. She looked at him and saw he had a high nose. His facial features were akin to a knife. Deep and charming, his sharp brown eyes were hidden behind his frameless-plain glasses. He seemed like the person who had a good temperament. His physique was tall and straight. The phrase that could describe him in this moment was, “tall poppy”.

[According to Wikipedia, “The tall poppy syndrome describes aspects of a culture where people of high status are resented, attacked, cut down or criticized simply because they have been classified as superior to their peers.”] 

Professor Zhou was taciturn, but he possessed an intimidating aura. Even if Song An Yi has known him for six months, she was still scared to be friends with him. He was mysterious which naturally made people curious, but Song An Yi wouldn’t dare to inquire about his life.

“Professor Zhou, how is the taste? Today, I added mint leaves and Shengjin licorice.”

Recently, Song An Yi was experimenting with tea. She bought a variety of herbs and tea while making some unique combinations. Whether it was chamomile tea plus roses, or orange blossom tea with cinnamon leaves, she has mixed most of them. Her tea style was bold. She was honing her skills, so she could let her brothers and sisters in Efficiency taste her tea making abilities. No one wants to be a guinea pig. Therefore, she can sacrifice this Professor Zhou to become her scapegoat and try her first batch.

Of course, Song An Yi carefully thought of which flowers to add and which tea she should use. If she wasn’t careful, she could lose their Platinum VIP members. Then Efficiency would suffer abasement from other companies by being through stingy with their tea. No one was willing to drink her tea yet, but she has known Professor Zhou for six months. There was a bit of hesitation in handing him the tea, but he should consider their friendship.

One was a mysterious collector

One is a mysterious collector, a family management company’s gold medal business, two people in different worlds how will there be an intersection? This goes back to six months ago, Song Any’s mother because of the relationship between calligraphy and calligraphy, and the community’s calligraphy teacher hit it, the two are intimate to the sister of each other, and the calligraphy teacher is Professor Zhou’s mother, Zhou mother worried about living alone son On the home clean and not good, so good sister Song mother will recommend their own daughter for the teacher to solve this trouble.

This is Song Anyi professional, she could have arranged the company’s most experienced aunt took this heavy task, arranged every Monday to 35 to Zhou Jiajia home cleaning work can be, but the trouble is that Professor Zhou strange personality But do not love to clean the environment, he can control their own activities of the block (such as the bedroom and bathroom) to keep clean and bright, but even other areas of the family has been covered with a layer of gray, he can turn a blind eye.

So strange personality, but also do not love strangers in and out of the home, the conclusion of this work can only be handled by Song Anyi, and Professor Zhou’s reason is very simple – “about the time, Song Anyi came to his house” – turn Into the vernacular is not to let the other people to his home.

Kazakhstan, does not matter friends, vip members speak, what are good to discuss, but think about it, both parents know, based on this relationship, Professor Zhou and she is not “completely” strange, so she is the only one can Holding the magnetic card free access to the professor at home, the woman is also the only one can climb the week professor bed – change the bed of a woman, she knew that let other women jealous and jealous, like this mansion of the beautiful neighbors every time To her, which is not a bite handkerchief face is not convinced?

But in Song Anyi’s idea, Professor Zhou is the company’s vip member, also the son of the teacher’s mother, she seriously carry out her task, occasionally share some interesting news, but only so, she is not strabismus, not presumptuous See more handsome guy, my heart is not half of the reverie.

The focus is that she has a boyfriend, so charming Professor Zhou is really safe, beautiful neighbors really do not bite handkerchief, a look of resentment.

“Today’s mint leaves are picking, I went to the flower market last Sunday to buy a pot of mint home, mint should not be difficult to raise it? Back I heard that casually species can be harvested nine towers to death, my mother And summer total ridicule for a long time –

“Yeah, Professor Zhou remember the total summer, right? We ‘efficient’ boss, every time I call the phone to speak loudly that. So, this time to say anything can not put the mint to death, or else summer will always be very loud laugh at me, maybe the entire office building can hear it. ”

This six months, their interaction has always been the case, although Professor Zhou little words, expression is also less, often only one of her own hot, but she was full of vitality, with no scruples swaying her enthusiasm, the dictionary did not ” Quiet “the word, the beginning is not familiar with, maybe still quiet for a few days, but played a few times after the face, what fun, delicious, interesting news, she always could not help but come out with him Share, even if Professor Zhou does not respond or only some micro-reaction also does not matter, as long as no call her shut up like.

See Professor Zhou’s cup empty, Song Anyi raised her specifically to the school professor of tea with the British pastoral style porcelain teapot, the cup filled, this group of British wind vessels are everywhere in the antique Professor Zhou home, look Particularly fashionable.

“Professor Zhou to some handmade biscuits do?”

Zhou toast toast the hands of 0.1 seconds of stagnation, light, such as vertical curtains like long eyelashes Yi Chan.

Song Anyi shrugged, red lips Gao Duqi, the heart to understand the brave is also the limit, the last back of the longan rice cake is clearly frightened Professor Zhou. She raised her hand and said earnestly, “Please rest assured that I swear that today ‘s almond tiles do not add any ingredients that are not found in the recipe.

I’m not really sure, but this might be a picture of Shengjin licorice. Please don’t hesitate to email me the correct picture. Thanks.

Chamomile Tea (but imagine the daisies as rose petals):

Orange Blossom Tea:

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