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The so-called housekeeper (か せ い ふ) for the Japanese language is rarely used in the Chinese language.

The reason this terminology started to become popular began in a drama. A Japanese actress starred in “The Household’s Queen” with a leading role. Chinese regions broadcasted the series, and the play received high ratings. It became a popular alternative to the traditional Chinese language.

However, if the word “housekeeper” is literally used, it is defined as “a woman who is taking care of the house”. The definition is akin to a servant. And because the majority of women are engaged in this industry, there are only a few men. Therefore, the word “woman” appears frequently in the housekeeping business.

“Efficient Home Cleaning, A Family Management Company” is located in Dunhua South Road on the boulevard. In recent years, the large Taipei area is rushed with buzzing noises. “Efficiency” is the most famous systematic management. In addition to the network road platform, it also has a physical store. To top it off as a housekeeping service, it is also a well-known European Department of kitchen utensils that import to companies.

Different from other businesses, the membership system of Efficiency does not accept a temporary single case. Insiders, regardless of gender or age, must undergo a strict professional steward course training at work. Each link must be in accordance with the company’s sop procedures to operate. Requiring all the work to be done in the utmost efficient way. Another group of people are also responsible for the self-audit to ensure that clean areas will never have a speck of dust. It is needed to maintain the best quality and high standards which Efficient is known for.

The gold-plated Efficiency has three shareholders.

The first one is called Xia Li Huan.

She is twenty old years old. Money was her life. As Efficiency was a major company, all things needed to be properly organized. She was a single mother. When the baby began to kick her stomach while she was working, she endured it. Xia Li Huan is indeed the best portrayal of “a mother is strong”. When the company was founded, Xia Zong was still small. Li Huan carried her daughter to help guests while mopping the floor. Even then she had to do odd jobs such as washing the toilet and being the cashier at the cash register. She did not consider her life as laborious, for she had really loved doing those things.

Second, the company’s gold master, Mu Yue, male.

Mu Yue is thirty years old. He is gentle, easy-going, and very chic. His appearance was so beautiful that it made women green with envy. A charming smile could always be seen on his face. This was one of Mu Yue’s amiable features, but never say his appearance was effeminate. He might seem harmless and amicable, but Mu Yue will hold a grudge.

In addition to Efficiency, there was also the CFO. When going out for a walk, he usually stops for coffee. Sometimes he looks at other small businesses. He is strong, but a bit lazy. At least he should make some people in Efficiency work a bit, right? Moreover, the company posseses a type of beauty that entices people, and he was glad to be a part of it;

Third, Efficiency’s real gold medal businesswoman, Song An Yi.

The twenty-seven years old Song An Yi is not selling baby milk powder. She is very powerful, and has an innate talent for selling things. Obtaining small housekeeping contracts here and there that’s adequate enough to buy a full set of European styled kitchen utensils. She needed her job for the sake of surviving this word full of capitalists.

Song An Yi is similar to Xia Li Huan. They both treated money as life. If the highest love for money was ten, Xia Li Huan probably was an eight. There was still a long way to go before they reached the mainland of money. Need not mention the excruciating thousands of miles they had to go before they reached the end of the rainbow filled with money. Unfortunately, business was akin to war. It would be hard to take a big break until the war was over.

Money loving Song An Yi vowed in her heart that her personal preference would only be money – even romantically. In life, friendships may suffer from hardships. Love can have betrayals. Only money and family are timeless, remaining unchangeable. Of course, she and the other two shareholders are comrades-in-arms. The company’s foundation must be solid.

Efficiency’s three shareholders are powerful business-minded people. All of them have had successful careers and lived life with a confident soul.

To say regret, the elders could only sigh-

It’s spring? When does the housekeeper for spring come?

Yes, let’s see what kind of home ours will turn into after the housekeeper from Efficiency comes in.

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