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Chou Quan climbed up next to him. Even though he was fat, he wasn't clumsy. He was up with Chu Feng in a few seconds.

The few strong lads behind, felt less panicky now, when they were together in this and climbed up after Chou Quan.

"Was he….acting in a movie? What is he wearing?!" Chou Quan exclaimed after looking at the corpse, he nearly cursed out loud.

"Who….is he? Why is he dressed like that?!" a young lad chimed in.

"I think he's from the past, could he have been buried here in this battlefield? But why… he hanging in mid-air?" another guy joined in.

After he said that, a chill was felt by some of the people on the train. It made the area they were at, seem much more desolated.

"Is that….chains on his body? Where did it come from?"

Chou Quan was no longer calm, he pulled Chu Feng's sleeve and whispered, "Brother, we can't afford to anger this thing. Since we encountered something unexplainable, let's just quickly go!"

The mist was still too thick to see much of anything.

In mid-air, shadows danced. It was as if chains as thick as arms were extending down and clung to the body. The scene looked somewhat like what you would see in hell.

A few heard what Chou Quan had whispered and were fighting the urge to return to the compartment. This place made them feel unsafe, they could feel their neck hairs standing on ends.

"It's okay, those are vines, not metal chains."

Chu Feng's sudden revelation made the others jolt.

"Mountain vines? How could it have grown here?" Chou Quan was suspicious. In the thick mist, he observed it again and again. It was true that the "metal chain" had some leaves growing from it.

"Yeah, I think it's a vine." a few nodded their heads and sighed in relief.

"I guess they came from the mountain. They really give their all to shooting movies – even their lives." a tall lad said, shaking his head.

Chu Feng took off his coat and grabbing one sleeve, he threw it across. It caught the vine and he pulled the cadaver towards him.

The cadaver momentarily swayed from the impact.

"Ahh…..!" two guys screamed.

"I say, brother, you really do have guts. Just like that, you managed to pull it over." Chou Quan was still afraid, but he quickly settled  down and helped Chu Feng to pull.

"Quick, lend a hand!" Chou Quan called out to the others.

Some repressed their fear and came over to help even though they were unwilling to touch the body.

Chu Feng jolted again. The moment they managed to pull it over, he saw something ancient.

It was a sword. It was pitch black all over and there was no glint. It seemed to be casted in black gold. The corpse was holding onto it tightly. Even in death, he did not let it go.

They untangled the vines.

"A sword?" a few were stunned.

Chu Feng pried loose the corpse's hand and grabbed the black gold sword. He was flabbergasted. It was merely a meter long but it was very heavy.

"Let me have a look at it! Oh my!" Chou Quan grabbed the sword from his friend. His hand shook and the sword nearly fell to the ground.

Stunned, he cried, "How can it be so heavy?!"

Some were disgusted by it and did not wish to touch it. Instead, they stared at the corpse.

"Let's place him on the ground." Chou Quan gave the sword to Chu Feng and called a few other people to move the body.

Not long after that, a few people from the compartment appeared and circled the corpse. Their hearts were pounding.

The body belonged to someone who was tall and strong. The clothing style was not of the modern era. He also had a very serious wound at his chest. The wound was as big as a fist and blood was still trickling from it.

"He seemed to have been punctured by a large machinery, even his ribs were sliced clean." someone muttered.

The scene was too gory. The women on the train did not dare to take a look.

"Brother, why are you still up there?" Chou Quan shouted at the direction of where Chu Feng was.

Chu Feng waved him up.

Again, Chou Quan climbed onto the roof of the train and walked towards Chu Feng.

"Look!" Chu Feng pointed.

In mid-air, the vines were tangled in a mess and sagged under their weight. It was just a hand's stretch away from them.

"Why are there so many vines here? If anymore vines grew, this train can no longer pass through." Chou Quan muttered.

"They don't look like vines to me. Because, yesterday when the train stopped, I saw we were in between the mountains and were quite some distance away from the closest one. It's impossible for vines to sag so much like that." Chu Feng said, looking upwards.

Chou Quan widened his eyes and with a shocked expression written on his face, he replied, "If it isn't from the mountains, could it have been from the sky?!"

He then looked up.

However, the mist was too thick to see anything.

Chu Feng used the black gold sword to cut some of the sagging vines and walked ahead.

He stopped abruptly. His body was shaking and his pupils contracted. He was in immense shock.

"Why did you stop?" Chou Quan asked from behind him and approached.

At that moment, he froze in his tracks and couldn't help but curse.

"What the hell! Could this be what rocked the train last night?!"

He couldn't believe his eyes. And like Chu Feng, he stared and was dumbfounded.

That thing was tangled with vines and rested on the train's roof.

Chou Quan looked up and said, "This……is a satellite…being tangled around vines. It came from the sky?!"

He couldn’t believe what he saw.

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