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Even though it was fast approaching dawn, it was still dark. Especially with the mist swirling and engulfing the entire mountain, making it so one couldn't see much.

People were already tense even before the young man’s scream. Now, things were worse, some were not taking it very well.


The men who got off the compartment with the others were so frightened that they backed away a few steps and nearly tripped over themselves. They too, screamed in horror.

"What the hell are you shouting for?!" Chou Quan glared at him.

But he too was shaken by the scream, the hair on his neck was standing on ends.

"What did you see?" Chu Feng asked.

He was beside Chou Quan. He and the other group were still quite a distance away and with the mist, they couldn't see pass a few meters ahead.

That man's teeth were chattering and he was blabbering gibberish. His finger pointed to something in mid-air. It was as if his feet had stopped listening to him, he wanted to back away from there but instead stayed frozen mid-stance.

"There's a black mass over there, I see it!"

"What is that?"

The other two who were the first ones to be frightened looked up at the same time. They too, started to blabber incoherently and quickly staggered backwards. They were shaken to the core.

Afterwards, the whole train couldn't keep silent any longer. The people onboard had heard the screams from outside and some women began to shriek as well.

This was an ancient battlefield. According to rumours, many people had lost their lives here. And now, this place was covered in mist and their communicators weren't working – how can it not scare the people?

Terror ensued.

"We haven't even seen anything much yet, why are you guys screaming?! What is there to be fearful of?!" Chu Feng shouted.

He and Chou Quan approached the area and saw the black mass hanging in mid-air. It was very misty, they couldn't see much.


The man who screamed first screamed again. He was nearest to the black mass. In fact, he was just under it. Terrified, he dropped on his butt and tried to crawl away.

"Blood, blood! I saw him!"

Initially, he was frozen to the ground, but he finally muster up some strength to half crawl and half roll away.

"Oh my gosh, you have blood on your face!"

The two men who were not far off saw the blood on his face and were instantly terrified. They could feel chills right down to their bones.

"It's not mine, it's from there, it dripped from his body!" he pointed to the black mass in mid-air, face still filled with horror.

"There really is the smell of blood!"

Chu Feng with big steps rushed towards the scene. He saw the black mass in mid-air. It was as if someone had been hung there. Blood was flowing from it.

"A malicious ghost, there's a malicious ghost hanging in mid-air!"

The man who first screamed was scared shitless. He picked himself up and dashed towards the compartment. The other two men quickly followed suit and rushed.

Chou Quan was also feeling the chill, but he bravely approached Chu Feng and did not follow the others back to the compartment. At least he had some guts.

"Someone really died here. Is this murder?" Chou Quan looked up.

There was a pool of blood on the ground. The black mass hung in mid-air, swaying with the wind. It was a cadaver. Till now, blood was still spilling out of it.

"How can he hang from mid-air?" Chu Feng asked, feeling the chill in his bones. Even if he was brave, he still wasn’t immune to the ghastly sight.

"I know right. There is still a distance from here to the nearest tree, how can he possibly hang from mid-air?!" Chou Quan's eyes were wide and he started to slowly move backward, he could no longer withstand the bad feeling he had.

The ones onboard who overheard their conversation were quickly overcome with fear. A girl let out a scream and someone cowardly cried. The atmosphere was tense.

"A malicious ghost…'s hanging in mid-air!" the first man who managed to jump onboard said. His face was deathly pale and he still had the drops of blood on his face. It made him look ferocious and wild.

With his apearance, he made the atmosphere onboard even worse!

The train had stopped in the mountains and here, many had died. With the mist still roaming, it seemed even more ghastly, how could it not petrrify them?

"Don't be afraid, it's just a corpse. There's no ghost!" Chu Feng claimed. His voice was loud and it somewhat stabilised the people’s emotions.

Chou Quan also calmed down. It was because he was still standing and nothing had happened. With confidence, he said, "If he starts yelling and scaring people again, drag him down the train."

But the truth was, Chu Feng and Chou Quan doubted their own words.

It was because the cadaver which was hanging in mid-air had thick long hair covering the entire face. As the wind blew, it too swayed with it. It made them uneasy.

"Come, strong lads! Let's try to move him down and find out how he died. It's just a corpse, nothing to be afraid of!" Chou Quan bellowed.

Despite of what he just said, he was shaken himself. He had wanted more people down to gather up his courage.

Seeing that the two were so calm and courageous, alleviated some of the uneasiness.

After awhile, a few strong guys came to Chu Feng and Chou Quan, and tried to bring the mysterious body down.

Chu Feng climbed onto the roof of the train to take a better look. From there, he could grab onto it to let it down.

But after he was safely on the roof, he was surprised to see that the corpse's clothing style didn't fit into the modern standards. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like some garment worn in the ancient past!

With the thick hair clinging onto the skull, it made Chu Feng even more anxious and surprised.

Was something supernatural going on? He felt fearful.

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