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The Mountain of White Snake had turned into a world of chaos. The fruit had ripened, and so began the fierce fight for the great cone.

Silver Wing and Kong Kim were meters within the tree, but their hands were tied up by the blows that were constantly exchanged between the two.

All the contestants were itching to crash through the mountain pass and charge at the verdant tree; but to procure the purple cone was only possible after passing the two jostling mutants who were both bestial to say the least.

Who dared to contend for it? No-one was a match for the two.

Chu Feng had set off on his way too, but he was not going to contend for the fruit yet. He headed for a mountain that protruded in the horizon. His target was Mu. He wanted the personal resentment between them to settle once and for all.

When people from the crowd noticed him, a spontaneous look of astonishment and awe emerged immediately.

The fight that had only broken out minutes earlier ended abruptly, but during the clash that had only lasted for seconds, Chu Feng had made a history. With only a black stagger, he injured Silver Wing. Naturally, he had now become the center of everyone's attention.

"What is he doing?" people was baffled.

Chu Feng's speed was still as insane as ever. He was like a raging gale. As he quickly scurried forth, the sand and pebbles around him were all sent flying and rolling. It was truly an astonishing scene to behold.

Chu Feng walked with crushing force. He sped across rivers after rivers, hills after hills, and even the ambush of a team of elite soldiers could not hinder his progression.

On his way, there were men shooting bullets and firing shells. Their intent was simple but deadly. They wanted Chu Feng dead so they could live.

However, Chu Feng's sensitive instinct had always allowed him to predict dangers a step ahead. Amidst the intensive sounds of explosions and terrifying blaze, Chu Feng walked fearlessly by.

The scene astonished everyone from the crowd. They stood in awe of Chu Feng's fearlessness in face of hot bullet shooting and intense shell that fired.

He was there!

Chu Feng's speedy journey to the site where the culprit would be brought to justice was complete when he finally made his way to the foot of the mountain.

At this moment, Mu was already in sight. Beside him, there was also Lin Naoi. She was always the same gorgeous lady whose unfeeling frostiness had always been equally dominant. She stood by the cliff, watching Chu Feng as the latter looked up at her.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Mu flew into fury. The family of Mu had suffered considerable loss in just one day, and it was all thanks to this man in mask who had killed all the sixteen mutants who were working under him.

Now, seeing how this man had suddenly become the one who wanted to settle all accounts with him, Mu could stand the shame no more.

From beginning to end, he had made all the wrong strategic decisions, and now he was the one whose life was being threatened. Mu had lost all his dignities and reputations. He was itching to kill this man on the spot.

At the summit of the mountain beside him, there were cannons pointing their pitch-black muzzles downward at Chu Feng again. They fired many consecutive shots with each shell causing a tremendous destruction to the landscape where it struck. In the twinkling of an eye, the entire area below was turned into acres of scorched earth.

However, Chu Feng vanished into thin air at the blink of an eye. He had dodged all the incoming fires, dashing quickly upwards to the tip of the mountain. He made a circuitous route around the mountain so that he could circumvent the detection of his enemy.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Along the ridge of the mountain, a dozen of silhouettes whizzed by. They were all mutants, and each was equipped with a rocket launcher. They were fully confident that they were more than capable of executing the man of their target.

At the same time, Mu hopped into a military helicopter with a murderous look on his face. "I will crush you with my own hands," he viciously said.

The attention of the crowd was also drawn to the scene where the fight was about to break out. The scene was shocking as well as startling. They stood in awe, watching as Mu employed the attack helicopter to bombard Chu Feng with a rain of fire and bullets.

There were limitations to everyone's power regardless of how powerful he was. After all, Chu Feng was still a human. He might well dodge the raining bullets, but there was no chance that he could escape his demise under the bombardment of an attack helicopter.

"I don't care who you are or where you're from. You must die today!" Mu roared in a frenzy. His face had twisted out of shape.

It only took a day for Mu to be thoroughly discredited and deprived of all prestige. There left no alternatives for Mu but to dispose of Chu Feng today. Otherwise, how would he face his clansmen? How would those who worked under him be convinced that he was a competent leader?


The attack helicopter finally began its reign of terror. At first, it was a heavy rain of bullets pouring down, levelling the heavy vegetation below to acres of scorched earth.

Shame and humiliation had compelled Mu to lose his mind. He was a man of only hate but nothing more.

Meanwhile, the team of mutants had also made its ways to the foot of the mountain. Rockets were being fired salvo after salvo, delivering damage no less deadly than the rain of bullets sprayed down by the chopper.

There was a hint of fear in the mind of every mutant on the scene. They feared to be crushed by their opponent with the suddenness of a thunderbolt, so no-one dared to position themselves closer to Chu Feng than the range of their rockets allowed.

The Mountain of White Snake had become a world of sheer chaos. Every beholder of the scene was visibly moved. This fatal combination of rockets and bullets made the scene almost like an all-out war.

Chu Feng scurried across the jungle, effectively dodging the bullets left and right while bracing forward amidst the crowded gunfire.

"Angel Ox. Go to Hell!" Mu roared. Although he was high above hiding in a firing chopper, his roar of rage could still be heard by the crowd below.

People started to realize that Mu was now no more than a madman filled with murderous intents. The miserable failure and the tremendous loss had taken its toll on Mu's mental wellbeing. Nothing could stop him now from fulfilling his revenge and kill Angel Ox with his own hands.

Chu Feng's blood ran cold. He raised his head and glowered at the chopper hovering above.

Chu Feng could sense a severe pain precariously penetrating through the skin throughout his body. He could also feel the presence of a smothering sphere of danger in his proximity. It was a warning prompted by his acute instinct.


The entire hillside field on which Chu Feng stood had been erased to another patch of blackened wasteland, and nothing was left. Vegetation was reduced to ashes, and rocks and boulders to scorching lava. All lives were decimated.

It was an air-to-surface missile!

Clearly, Mu had lost his mind. To ensure Chu Feng's demise, Mu had given up all guns and rockets, resolving to rely on the sheer devastating power of a missile.

Mu had always been prudent and restrained, and although he knew that it was a sheer waste to have employed a missile, his unrestrained fury had dictated him to resolve to all force necessary.

Mu must kill him today. The earlier he was disposed of, the less the trouble that would ensure in the future.

"Is this a war?!"

In the distance, the crowd had all been shocked by Mu's employment of a missile. It was a horrid explosion that they only just witnessed. "Who could withstand such destructive force with their body?" the crowd thought to themselves. "Even Silver Wing and Kong Kim would have perhaps been torn to pieces by now."

Mu had exhausted all means of killing to just bring down a single man.

"What! He's… still alive?"

"Oh, my god! Angel Ox is still alive!"

The crowd was astounded. Everyone's attention had been drawn to the brink of this blackened district of scorched earth.

Chu Feng got up to his feet then patted the dust off his clothes. He was not injured, but only a few tatters were left on his clothes.

Angel Ox had survived the deadly blast!

The crowd had burst into a hubbub of voice. Everyone was expressing their astonishment.

"How is this possible?!" Mu was dumbstruck. Was he a human or a god? Mu began to question his eyes.

The crowd at the Mountain of White Snake could no longer settle. They were filled with astonishment and disbelief at Angel Ox's force and power.

Moments ago, Angel Ox became the first man ever to injure Silver Wing, working miracles to astonish the crowd. Moments later, Angel Ox once again achieved the impossible and dodged a homing missile. Has he become completely immune to firearms and weapons alike?

"What an exceptional person!"

Someone from the crowd sighed. In their eyes, there was almost little to no difference between Angel Ox and those so-called gods of heaven and earth.

One of the most excited individual amongst the crowd was Zhou Yitian. He had been paying close attention to Chu Feng since the very beginning of the fight. That advanced filming equipment in his hand had been consistently and deliberately "slanted" towards Chu Feng throughout the shooting.

At this moment, he realized that he placed his bet on the right person.

"You won't live long!" Mu roared in the chopper. He was a man who was handsome alright, but right now, the anger and fury boiling within his chest had driven his face utterly contorted out of shape. He saw his failure to kill his enemy as a profound humiliation to him.

All dignity would be lost if he still failed to dispose of his enemy with the firepower of an attack helicopter. There would be nothing left of him for his clansmen to be convinced that he was a competent leader of the team.

His image in the eyes of Lin Naoi would be utterly shattered if Chu Feng were to be left to escape scot free, giving how much resource had been invested up to this stage.

Chu Feng did not speak a word. He stood firmly on his feet, glowering up at the hovering chopper. There was only look of murder and indifference on his face.

He was in a fury too. The situation just then was immeasurably dangerous. In the eyes of others, he was a man who possessed untold magical powers, so his escape might have seemed easy; however, he knew that it was a dangerously close call. He had only been allowed for less than a few seconds before the deadly ballistic missile struck down.

"Mu, you're a f*king mad dog, aren't you? You want death? I will give you death now!" Chu Feng cursed in a bitingly chilling tone.

The crowd was shocked Angel Ox's murderous exclamation. By what means would he be able to attack the hovering chopper in which Mu was in?

Could there possibly be a pair of wings growing beneath that thick layer of leather clothes in which he was clothed?

The crowd was doubtful and unsure. They held their breath and kept their glowering glaze at Angel Ox.

Mu had been greatly enraged. His cheeks and his eyes had all gained a ruddy color. Ever since he was born, he had been sailing an easy voyage throughout his life. No-one had ever dared to call him a mad dog before.

"You are dead, bastard!" he roared and bellowed.

However, he immediately grew dumbfounded at the very next moment. He ordered his men to cease fire, then he stood in his chopper dumbfounded, bewilderedly looking down at Chu Feng.

It was not only, but almost everyone from the crowd had turned petrified.

Chu Feng pulled out a giant bow from a sheath at his back. Then, an arrow was lodged to the bowstring, aiming straight at the chopper overhead.

What was happening?

Bow and arrows against a helicopter?

Was he just mucking around here?

In this post-civilization era, a military-grade helicopter was mostly made of special materials. Even guns struggled to shoot down a helicopter, let alone a bow and an arrow.

Mu paused in disbelief for a split second, then he burst into a fit of wild laughter.

"Your f*king moron! Is your brain so traumatized that you can hardly have a grasp of reality right now? Withdraw your shabby bow and cease being an utter idiot!" Mu taunted. He started to question whether this man was just a country bumpkin who was only let out to the civilized world outside his savage domain just now. No wonder he would vainly hope to shoot down a helicopter with his bows and arrows.


The mutants in charge of the rocket launchers also burst out into a fit of laughter. They could not understand how a man would be so valiant yet so stupid.

Even the crowd became stupefied by Chu Feng's incomprehensible act. What had happened to Angel Ox? Was this an aftereffect of shellshock?

The crowd turned speechless, clueless as to what remarks they should make.

"What should we do, director?" one of the crew members forced a smile and asked.

"Don't get side-tracked, soldiers. Keep your camera trained on him!" Zhou Yitian spoke between clenched teeth.

Meanwhile, the men who worked under the direction of Mu were revelling in the stupidity they were witnessing with fits of laughter.


When the next moment came as Chu Feng released his arrow, this symphony of wild laughter all died down at once.

Thunder rumbled along with blinding bolts of lightning. Strings of electric arcs sparkled and projected in all directions. Then, with a thumping boom, the arrow left the constraint of the bow.


It was the sound of a bolt of lightning striking down. Then, the blinding bolt was accompanied by an ear-splitting rumble of thunder. To Chu Feng's proximity, the scene was no less dramatic. Dust was flying and pebbles were rolling. Sparkles of light pierced through the retina of its beholders. As for that arrow, it carried the electric arc, darting straight ahead at the chopper overhead.

Everyone on scene turned dumbstruck. What was happening? How was this possible?


The rear of the chopper split in mid-air, disintegrating into millions of fragments and broken pieces. Blazing fire erupted along with smothering smoke rising from the explosion. Then, without a second to spare, the wreckage plummeted into the depth of the canyon below, falling into its demise.

Mu's ruddy cheeks turned pale. He was terrified; he was scared; it was to his disbelief that his chopper could be shot down by a primitive beast like Angel Ox with only a bow and an arrow!

"No!" fear compelled him to vent out the last word of his life.

That team of mutants, on the other hand, had long withdrawn their contemptuous laughter and sealed their lips. They were all frightened out of their wits.

The Mountain of White Snake resolved to silence and peace at last. Even that crowd of onlookers had been dumbfounded. This unusual scene that appeared in front of their eyes was rather too surreal.

Zhou Yitian's mind had gotten into a muddle. He could not ascertain whether the scene he saw was real or just a wild dream.

"Director, we've got all the footage with us now," the cameraman cheered in a overjoyed mood.

Silence prevailed for a long while before finally, clamors erupted as everybody on the scene started to express their disbelief.

"F*ck me! This is sheer fantasy! Am I imagining things or is this real?"

"What did Angel Ox do? Who can give a scientific explanation for this?"

Chu Feng, however, did not pause for a second to celebrate his victory. Moments earlier, he had deliberately aimed for the tail of the chopper, sparing Mu a chance to live. Mu's fate was now all in the grasp of himself.

Sure enough, as a mutant himself, Mu had managed to thrust himself out of the chopper seconds before the chopper crashed. He was now left hanging in the branches of a tree.

Meanwhile, the chopper continued its downward thrust. Then, the whole body of the chopper exploded into many pieces. Flames burning in columns surged up to the sky.


In the twinkling of an eye, Chu Feng made his way to the site of the explosion. Chu Feng gripped to Mu's collar and picked him up.

Mu was still alive, but he was not well at all. All the bones and tendons on his body had either been fractured or snapped. What was left of Mu was only a lump of limp flesh hanging lifelessly in the tree.

"Don't kill me!" Mu was profoundly terrified. He had ditched all his dignity and pride for a chance of living. He begged and entreated as his face was pale as a sheet.

"What a beast! Angel Ox's power is way too powerful and terrifying!" Clamor rippled across the crowd. Everyone was quaking with terror.

What Angel Ox had proven to do today was beyond anyone's imagination.

Chu Feng carried that lifeless limp with only a clutching hand, marching to a wide and open area in the middle of the crowd. He cast a glance at the mutants who were still whimpering at the foot of the mountain.

At the summit of the mountain, Lin Naoi calmly stood as she watched the events unfolding below her. She still exuded that air of indifferent elegance to the atmosphere around her. Her eyes seemed to carry some sort of profound messages.

"Spare me, please!" Mu entreated humbly and under his breath. He finally admitted his defeat.

Chu Feng ignored him.

"I warn you in case some amongst this crowd is still having some sort of funny ideas. Don't provoke me, or this will be your end!" Chu Feng reprovingly shouted.

Then, he lowered his head and casted a contemptuous glance at his sworn enemy. With profound resolute, he raised the stagger in hand. Puff! In front of the entire crowd, Chu Feng slit Mu's throat and freed his skull from the rest of his body!

"You f*cking mad dog! You just have to force me to draw my 'thunderous' bow this early, don't you?" Chu Feng cursed under his breath.

Then, he suddenly raised his head. "Since my bow is now seen by everyone, why don't I just press on and finish the job?"

Chu Feng started running with big strides, heading towards the other half of the battleground where the tree that bore the fruit was near.

Now, it was clear to everyone that Angel Ox was putting up a fight for the purple cone.

Chu Feng kept himself at a distance, then he drew his bow, installed the arrow then pulled the bowstring, aiming straight at Silver Wing!

What was he doing? Was he going to shoot and kill the man who existed at the summit of the pyramid?

Right now, the tension had reached a boiling point. Everyone from the crowd was astounded.

Earlier on, Silver Wing was the initiator of a lackluster fight between him and Angel Ox. It ended as a miserable failure for Silver Wing. Now, it was time for Angel Ox to take the revenge and slay the god himself!

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