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Silver Wing had come to blows!

Many mutants from the crowd were palpitating with fear.

As he was hanging in the air, the silver radiance gleaming around his body exuded a frightening set of pulsations.

As a mutant who stood proudly at the top of the pyramid, even the air he breathed could form a rhythmic pulsation, instigating an oppressive atmosphere over the crowd, preying on the mutants' mind.

Especially as he flew at a low altitude overhead, unease and restlessness spread across the crowd. Many were greatly frightened by his godly presence.

"Silver Wing… he is… he is such a frightening beast!" someone from the unsettled crowd whispered. In face of that sphere of silver radiance, the mutants found it struggling to even raise their heads.


The brilliant radiance finally drove off, but it was at a speed that was utterly beyond imagination.

Only to this stage had the crowd finally vented out a deep sigh of relief.

There was a mutant in hold of a camera. His complexion was pale as his heart palpitated. As the silver radiance skimmed by him overhead, he felt as if that he had been watched by a prehistoric beast.

"What are you dazing for? That was one of the four most powerful mutants in the world! Quickly! Start filming! Don't miss out a single footage of him fighting!" Zhou Yitian roared.

Then, he took the job to himself. Carrying the camera in hand, Zhou Yitian bolted like a wild horse, chasing after Silver Wing.

"Director. We haven't missed anything. Everything was on camera. Take it easy!" said a man beside him.

Silver Wing marched over the Mountains of White Snake unhindered.


Chu Feng's pupils constricted. He glowered into mid-air. He had planned to land his killing hands on Mu, but he was instead greeted with someone even more terrifying. The danger was imminent.

With an air of sheer invincible dominance, Silver Wing flew over the head of Chu Feng.

That pair of silver wings opened to unleash a mysterious gush of force. The wings were like a pair of lustrous blades; they were swift as well. In the twinkling of an eye, the wings had pierced their cutting blades through the thickness of the air. The exquisite pitch arc, albeit terrifying, drew a perfect curvaceous trajectory through the air.

"Ah…" the crowd nearby all cried an unearthly cry. Their eyes had been pierced by the blaring radiance that exuded from that pair of blossoming wings. It was like a second sun rising to the heaven to scorch the world below.

The crowd could not stand the dazzling radiance. Most of them quickly retreated with their eyes veiled under their hands.

In the distance afar, there were a few women screaming in excitement.

Silver Wing's popularity had been skyrocketing ever since the footage of him battling against teams of mutants was uploaded to the internet.

Silver Wing's had an almost perfect build, and his countenance was one of the most handsome as well. He was also a mutant who stood on the summit of the pyramid. His appearance and his power combined had helped him garner a lot of attention from around the world.

Although most of the mutants present today could not bear the typical domineering demeanors of Deity, many were still partial to Silver Wing despite their disapproval of the company to which he was affiliated.

At this moment, most of the mutants on scene were filled with excitement and expectation. They stood in awe of the imperiousness as he launched his attack.

"Kong Kim, Fire Spirit, and White Tiger are the only contenders for Silver Wing. No-one else would ever stop him!"

A woman in the crowd assuredly asserted. The looks in her eyes were fervent as she watched the silver sphere diving down for its prey.

"It is really a shame that Angel Ox will have to end his journey now. He is a powerful fighter, but it was his misfortune that he had made himself Silver Wing's enemy. I'm sure he is now good as dead," someone from the crowd said with a visceral sense of empathy.

This was a battle between the masters. Whether one was to receive his glorious triumph or to face his fatal defeat was only a matter of seconds.

The look in Chu Feng's eyes grew intense. He could sense the forthcoming peril, but he was calm, showing not even a hint of panic.


Chu Feng pulled his stagger from the sheath when it finally came to the crunch. He did not use the "Thunderous" bow.

Silver Wing's intent was clear. He wanted to resolve solely to the overbearing power of his wings. He spread the wings and exposed the torso underneath. This was an opportunity for Chu Feng!

Clearly, Silver Wing had not taken his opponent as worthy of a well-planned attack. He chose to employ the simplest method when launching the attack so that his enemy could be immediately executed; however, this also came with great risks; he had now become a susceptible target for his enemy.

The unparalleled firmness of his pair of wings was known to all. It could both function as a vehicle to deliver his deadly attack, or it could serve as a formidable bullet-proof shield.

It was only moments ago when the power of the wings was witnessed by all. It took him only a single strike before that monstrosity of a beast was lacerated in half. It was truly a shock to everyone present.

Even the bombardment of the most potent rockets had been to no avail when used against the beast!

Chu Feng raised and wavered his black stagger, warding off the domineering strike that Silver Wing tried to deliver.

"It's over. There is no hope in it. Angel Ox is trying to meet the tough with toughness. He's just digging his own grave by doing this," someone from the crowd sighed.

Even if the blade of that stagger was cuttingly sharp, could it be sharper than bullets or even rockets shells?

Silver Wing was fearless of firearms. It was a fact well-known to all. His wings had displayed many times its invincible all-conquering quality it possessed.

People could not help but show their empathy for Chu Feng. The death of Angel Ox was certainly a regret for many.

All in all, it was Mu who had been pushing people too hard; it was him who wanted Angel Ox to die. The latter had to deliver some sort of counterblow against the aggressor to ensure his chance of survival; but in the end, unfairly, it was the party who was in the wrong who seemed to have had the last laugh.

However, there were a still many people who were oblivious to senses or justice. Determining who was in the right or wrong was secondary to their sheer adoration for their hero, Silver Wing.

"This is a perfect example of someone overestimating their own strength but ending up paying a hefty price for their arrogance. It's just sheer stupidity to fight against someone like Silver Wing," a mutant from the crowd said.


It was the sound of clash between the stagger and the formidable wing!

The site where the clash was instigating burst into a globe of eye-piercing light of silver. The entire region had been lit into a glittering and glamorous world. The light was blinding to say the least.

People knew that it was the unleashing of the power of his silver wings. The wings themselves contained mysterious forces; as the forces finally broke loose of the constraints of its physical form, the light became glaring.

This was a force that surpass the power of any firearms!

"Angel Ox couldn't match the power of Silver Wing after all. The difference between the two is still massive," someone whispered.

"We can only empathize for him now. You know, he could've decided to challenge anyone then win an easy victory, but he should've known his limits and withdrawn himself before clashing with Silver Wing. All in all, Silver Wing is the one of the four who were standing high above at the summit of the pyramid. This result had been predestined for them since the very start." Someone from the crowd shook his head.

In the eyes of the masses, no matter how powerful Angel Ox might prove to be, he still could not be mentioned in the same breath as Silver Wing after all. Chu Feng's defeat was a foregone conclusion. The two were simply not in the same league.

The radiant silver luminescence gradually died off. The silver silhouette of a man started to reveal itself amidst the thick air.

"Silver Wing is unrivalled!" a young girl from the crowd shouted.

Her age was relatively young. In her eyes, there was only the silver silhouette. Her eyes had turned fervent, and so was her head. She could not wait for the final revelation of the result before she started cheering for the man of her dreams.

Beside her, there were another few echoing her cheerful clamor.

"Angel my as*! Yes, you can dodge bullets, but for what now? Boom! Dead anyway!"

"He's so handsome. That domineering handsomeness is boundless in him! It was only a single dive and a single strike to kill a powerful opponent. Invincible!"

The girls were getting all jumpy and clamorous. They were overjoyed at their hero's triumph.

In the distance afar, Zhou Yitian sighed. He had big hopes for Angel Ox, but it was not his fault. Who would have thought that he would have to battle against Silver Wing this early and this fast? It was Angel Ox's misfortune.

The other few camera carriers also felt that it had been a great pity that their shoot of this legendary "ox" had to end prematurely.

The eye-piercing silver radiance finally dissipated. Silver Wing was no longer just a silhouette flowing in mid-air. His torso, his wings, and his limbs were now visible to all naked eyes. The battleground had revealed its true face.

It was right at this moment when everyone froze.

"What just happened?!" Someone from the crowd recollected himself from the shock brought by the scene. His clamorous exclamation broke the silence.

The young girls who had all just been cheerful seconds ago were petrified. They could not believe their eyes.

"Impossible!" People were astounded.

"Director! We've got a plot twist here! Quickly! Don't miss it! Quickly! Film it in all direction!" one of the cameramen reminded Zhou Yitian on his own initiative.

Right now, the gaze of everyone present at the Mountain of White Snake was fixated on the site where battle only just concluded.

In mid-air, Silver Wing was bleeding. The blood stood out against the man's silver body. He had been injured!

There was an obvious wound on his wings. Blood was dripping from there.

His silver clothes had been drenched in blood, but there was no expression on the man's face. He looked just as indifferent and frosty as he had always been. His eyes were, too, fixated on Chu Feng.

Angel Ox, on the other hand, was unscathed and unharmed. He stood on his feet with one hand clutching to a black stagger, pointing it towards the enemy in the air!

The blade had been stained with blood. It glistened with a grim radiance!

Zhou Yitian was both excited and astounded. "Continue! Keep shooting!" he yelled to his crew. He could not afford to be careless. Every scene was of vital importance to his production.

Silver Wing's eyes glistened with coldness. He realized that he had been careless. Had an extra bit of tactics been employed, he would not have injured himself so easily.

He neither used his boxing style nor had he taken on any skills in the fighting. It was all just a show of sheer crushing force that he had wanted to put on. He committed himself to the fight with only a blunt trust in his all-conquering wings, because the wings had been proven to have the ability to cut diamond.

However, with a pair of wings that could offer him protection against rocket shells, he could be injured by a man's stagger. He saw the blood dripping down from the wound, staining the purity of his image as well as the integrity of his fame.

All in all, it was all because of himself being overly conceited. He had underestimated his opponent.


Silver Wing roared as he was about to dive down for his enemy a second time.

The injury was solely caused by him taking the enemy too lightly. It was not because he was weak or incompetent; so, having learnt his lessons, he promised to himself that he would not let his arrogance and his carelessness take over him ever again.

"Quickly! Stop him! Kong Kim is going to get the pine cone!"

Suddenly, there came the alarming exclamation of someone from the crowd.

Kong Kim had emerged in sight. Every time he leaped into the air, he would then find himself landing somewhere hundreds of meters away from where he was a second earlier. He travelled at a jaw-dropping speed towards that verdant pine tree.

On this one-meter tree, there was a purple pine cone. The last bit of yellow had disappeared, giving form to a more enticing color of purple. An alluring aroma also started emanating from the cone.

Silver Wing ceased his attack on Chu Feng. He drew a curvaceous pitch arc in the sky, and like a bolt of lightning, he hastily flew over to where he would stop the marching of that sworn enemy of his from Bodhi.


It was not the first time that the two exchanged blows. When the two came to clash once again, the earth started trembling as if it had been hit by a major earthquake. Silver Wing flew to the sky while Kong Kim was pushed miles back by the force generated when the two clashed.

"Go! Get the fruit! Go!"

Groups of mutants roared and bellowed, darting towards the same tree all at once like a batch of madmen.

Of course, there were more people retreating further away from the scene as others marching forward. Although the fruit was alluring and persuasive to one's mind, they knew that they had no luck in getting it. Dashing forward against the odds would only yield them death and no further.

These people came to witness the ripening of the fruit. It was an experience that once fulfilled, their journey would not prove to be made in vain.

Angel Ox, however, had surely attracted astonishing gazes from many. No matter what, people still found it difficult to believe that the clash would end in such an astounding fashion!

He would forever be remembered by not just the people present, but all those around the globe. He would be known for being the first person ever who had injured Silver Wing. The clash had only lasted seconds, but it was enough to shock the world.

Chu Feng's attention was attracted by the pine tree, but he was scoping out the movements of Mu at the same time.

"Mu, it's time to end!"

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