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A Rare Treasure

Within the Ox King Palace, Chu Feng was staring at the seed hanging upon the tree. It was continuously growing at a visible pace, pouring out strands of mist.

The tree itself boldly stood, full of vibrant vigor. Its barks had opened up in some areas, and like a dragon holding a draconic pearl in its mouth, all of its essence had condensed within that single pearl.

This was the mysterious tree’s true portrayal—all of its essence and power would converge within that single seed.

The tree was aging at a visible rate, growing dim by the second as its leaves withered. All of its essences were being concentrated and stored within the mist-shrouded seed resting at its crown.

Finally, with a bang, the tree cracked open as all the sword-shaped leaves lost their life energy.

As Chu Feng gently exhaled, several withered leaves fell from the tree in a steady stream and turned into ash.

This gave one an odd feeling; one had to know that just earlier, these leaves were as if they had been cast from metal, ringing and jingling as they brushed against each other, glowing with sword lights.

Yet now, they were all returning to ashes and dust.

The whole tree had very soon become barren, leaving only the trunk and the single seed at its crown, which was now close to maturity. One could even clearly see its shape.

A treasure bottle!

Chu Feng was surprised; it was just a seed, so how could it grow into such a shape?

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if it were a flower bud; there were certain flowers with a similar shape. But, being a seed, it was rather strange to have taken such a shape. It had never been heard of!

Especially since if one looked closely, it could be seen that there was a space within that could be used to store liquids.

Chu Feng was stunned; this occurrence was simply too unusual.

The seed was over two inches long and could be considered relatively large compared to the past states.


The tree was as if it had seen the vicissitudes of ten thousand years as its whole trunk dried and cracked. The radiance receded back within, and fine cracks appeared all over it as it used up the last bits of its life energy, with all of which given to the seed.

It was such a mystery—growing within the night and withering within a day—it was as if many years had been compressed into a single night and day.

Finally, the old tree disintegrated and fell open, its brilliance no longer present.

The scene was comparable to an old dragon at the end of its life, spitting out its draconic pearl as an inheritance for the next generations before it perished entirely.

Even the roots had completely collapsed.


A clear sound came through as the whole tree shattered. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust—particles streamed down along with that single seed, which Chu Feng safely caught in his hands.

It was translucent and sparkling with a tricolor radiance. The bottle was pristine and white, with many little starry spots dotting its surface, mostly green and gold.

The more he looked at it, the odder he felt about the whole thing. This exquisite little bottle was empty inside and some things could be placed inside it—a seed could actually grow into such a shape.

The base of the bottle was originally connected to the old tree. After detachment, that area was as smooth as jade with no mark of any sort to indicate its original state.

Chu Feng flipped the bottle over and over, observing it carefully. It was comparable to the masterpiece of a crystal sculpting grandmaster, devoid of any blemish.

The bottle itself was two inches tall, and upon its clean body, starry patterns could be seen. The golden spots were fewer in number, as if they were the suns of each system, while the green dots were more numerous, comparable to the ordinary stars.

The more one looked, the more incredible it seemed to be.

Chu Feng weighed the thing in his hands and felt that it was heavier than metal, and after pinching it, he concluded that it was extremely solid.

His heart was shaken—he decided to use his spiritual arts to try using it as a weapon. Immediately, energy poured out of his forehead, dancing about like flaming lights.

The treasure bottle was lifted into the air and had separated from his palm. It hovered there for a moment before, with an urge from Chu Feng, it shot out as a sword light.

In the blink of an eye, the whole palace wall was cleaved open—what sharp energy!

"What the..." Chu Feng was astonished; he utilized the bottle the same way that he would a flying knife, but the resultant attack was different!

This was a weapon!

Absolutely not a mere seed!

Naturally, he did not doubt that he would still be able to grow something from it in the future.

Chu Feng tested his newfound weapon once more. Sword light gushed out from the bottle; the energy was even more powerful than the crimson flying knife by a great margin. This item was truly extraordinary.

Following that, with a thought, the translucent little bottle landed on his palm. He utilized his physical arts, and his whole body brilliantly shone.

Into the little bottle, he poured the mysterious energy drawn out from his physical body by virtue of the special breathing technique—the energy flowed without any hindrance.

Following that, Chu Feng held the bottle in his hand and released a blast of dazzling lights. Like a divine waterfall, the torrential energy blasted through the walls of the Ox King Palace. The energy was, indeed, fearsome.


Chu Feng was shocked; the bottle could not only be utilized by spiritual arts, but it could also be used along with the physically generated energy. This two-inch long bottle was really too mysterious.

Was this a seed? Was this a weapon? Either way, this was an extremely rare treasure.

Chu Feng’s eyes glowed with streams of light as his gaze concentrated on this exquisite work of art. He was extremely satisfied; this item must be kept safe at all costs.

He still wanted to try utilizing the bottle with a combination of spiritual and physical energy to see how powerful the output would be, however, the situation at hand was not ideal. At the moment, a group of king level entities had appeared outside of the Ox King Palace, and the two oxen could no longer hold them back.

He safely stowed the bottle along with the two other seeds within the stone box.

On the ground, the red crystals had become entirely dark and many had even shattered. The energy within had been almost completely exhausted.

Chu Feng felt the changes within himself. His whole body was filled with vitality; he took this opportunity to start breaking through. He would try severing his fourth shackle!

A huge bang resounded as if a metal chain had been pulled taut and then violently severed.

Chu Feng could clearly see that, within his left arm, a chain that resembled a streak of lightning was being broken and collapsing. From then on, it would no longer bind him.

A warm surge of energy akin to an erupting volcano gushed out, accompanied by resplendent lights. The energy flowed throughout his entire arm and then spread diffusely throughout his whole body.

Within a split second, Chu Feng had, once again, entered a state of freedom. A state compared to having struggled his way out of a swamp—his whole body felt agile and light—as if he had struggled free from a great constraint. He was now completely relaxed and at ease.

After severing the shackle, his whole body felt light, and with his left arm as a center, an astonishing flow of mysterious energy diffused throughout his muscles and bones.

This time, Chu Feng broke through with a single push. With relative ease, he had broken through the fourth shackle and achieved greater power.

After severing each shackle, one would obtain a corresponding increase in power. Chu Feng raised his left hand—very swiftly, arcs of electricity seeped out from his palm and took the shape of a long spear!

Chu Feng was shaken; the ability he had gained this time was astonishing!

He felt the fearsome power of the spear in his hand; once thrown, it could possibly cause serious damage.

Finally, Chu Feng retracted the mysterious energy and dispersed the electricity!

At this moment, there were a lot of people outside the Ox King Palace, and Chu Feng was not willing to expose his abilities in front of so many people. He would need to keep this ability for use against certain… inflexible people.

He stood in place, his whole body sparkling with a translucent radiance akin to metallic Bodhisattva. His physique was flawless, and a fragrance could be noticed surrounding him; he had once again taken a large step on the road to sanctifying his physique.

Chu Feng believed that his power at the moment was definitely above that of the Golden Lion King. If they had to battle again, he would not have to put in as much effort nor battle until coughing up blood like the last time.

If he were to kill the Golden Lion King today, it would not be a difficult task. He could show the people of the world what it truly meant to be undefeated in the same realm.

His radiant self was permeated by fragrance as if made from suet jade; even his hair had undergone explosive growth during his breakthrough and had grown to his waist.

Back at Mount Tai, he had also undergone such growth. After a physique evolution, one would be filled with fragrance, and the hair would swiftly grow long.

Chu Feng stretched his four limbs; every move of his arms and legs was filled with boundless energy waiting to be unleashed upon the enemies in the upcoming battle!

At this point, Chu Feng had evolved consummately and raised his strength by a great margin.


His stomach began protesting. The confident and powerful Chu Feng just now was now grimacing in discomfort; he was simply too hungry. The sequelae of the evolution was rapidly showing itself.

He was speechless. He had just eaten so many king level entities, and he could be considered to have supplemented himself greatly and was hoping that he wouldn’t be as hungry after this breakthrough. However, the result was that he was just as hungry as he was the last time.

Chu Feng dressed himself again and walked out.

Outside of the Ox King Palace, a scene was occurring.

Earlier, the two oxen were under heavy fire and were close to being unable to hold back all the king level entities. However, with the arrival of an uninvited guest, they were able to divert everyone’s attention.

The experts of Mount Kunlun no longer mentioned about entering the palace. They were all looking at the experts from the reinforcement party with odd expressions. They wanted to comment but ultimately didn’t.

Among the uninvited guests, two were leaders. One of them wore a black and white gown, smiling gently. He was the Magpie King, who had evolved to this level from a simple bird.

The other was thin and small with blonde hair. However, he appeared full of spirit and within him hid a vast and majestic blood energy. This expert was the Golden Monkey.

"What? Why are you two angry? We only said that Chu Feng is destined to die, do you really need to glare at us like that?" The Magpie King laughed.

The Golden Monkey also chimed in, "A mere dead person doesn’t warrant your wrath. That so-called Demon King Chu had always been tyrannical and domineering. We always knew that he would not have a good ending."

They were extremely relaxed and laughed with little restraint, throwing salt on the two oxen’s wounds by loudly discussing the matter of Chu Feng dying in the West. Their sarcastic words contained hidden thorns within.

If Chu Feng had really died, their provocations would surely hurt the two oxen. But, Chu Feng was still alive and well.

The two oxen glared at him, not even bothering to clarify things. They only wanted to drag things out, allowing Chu Feng to evolve without disturbance.

"Oh, actually, it was quite fortunate that he died in the West. Otherwise, the Peacock King would not let him off so easily."

The Magpie King and the Golden Monkey taunted with increasing boldness.

In the vicinity, the experts of Mount Kunlun were all speechless. They truly could no longer keep looking on at this spectacle and wanted to warn them, but they also felt that these two were not the sincere type. In the end, they just decided to watch a good show.

At this moment, Chu Feng walked out from within the palace. From afar, he had heard everything that had transpired. He did not utter a word but instead walked towards the Magpie King and the Golden Monkey in silence.

"He is a person already destined to die; it merely came earlier," the Golden Monkey shouted.

"However, the Peacock King feels regret that he could not personally kill this man…" The Magpie King was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly became tongue-tied.

He stared in front of him with expressions of great shock. A brilliant youth with long hair swaying behind him was walking steadily towards him.

"How is this possible?!" he shouted.

He was just talking about how and why Chu Feng had died, and now that person was walking towards them.

"This is…" the Golden Monkey also oddly cried, flabbergasted. He felt that it was unbelievable; how could this Demon King Chu be alive?

The two looked at each other and felt their faces go red. They realized that they had become fools before the crowd; everyone was watching the pitiful show they were putting on with great delight.

The Magpie King and the Golden Monkey felt their chests grow tight with great discomfort, almost coughing up blood from the embarrassment. The two worthless oxen also did nothing to help—they just stared on and waited for their awkward downfall.

Thump! Thump!

Chu Feng walked over and suddenly attacked; each of them received a kick, sending them through the air, coughing up blood.

"You…" The two were furious.

"King Chu, please stay your wrath!"

"Brother Chu, a great battle is at hand and these are reinforcements."

The experts of Kunlun all stepped in to dissuade Chu Feng.

"You want me to exchange pleasantries with the people who were cursing me to die behind my back?!" Chu Feng coldly retorted as he stepped forward.

At this moment, the Magpie King and the Golden Monkey felt their hair stand on end as they discovered Chu Feng wiping the drool off of the corner of his mouth. It was as if he had locked onto his prey.

"This is a misunderstanding," the two shouted in unison, seeing that the oxen were also closing in.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The next moment, the two were miserably screaming under the onslaught of Chu Feng and the two oxen. They were reduced to nothing more than punching bags before being sent flying afar. If not for the help of all the other beast kings, the two would have lost their life without a doubt.

Finally, the two were carried away by the others. They could not let them come into contact with Chu Feng and the two oxen again, otherwise, they would truly be crippled.

Chu Feng was truly regretful. His stomach was grumbling, assaulting him with extreme hunger; he really wanted to find a king level entity to fill his stomach.

That day, Chu Feng ravenously ate. He ate many kinds of food, but they were all useless. He required high energy ingredients in order to be fully satiated.

He had asked Yellow Ox and the other kings how to deal with this problem. They all sighed and replied that one could only endure and slowly supplement the required nutrients.

However, the others were never starved to this degree.

That night, Chu Feng was repeatedly prowling about the area where the Magpie King and the Golden Monkey resided. This caused the two beast kings to be greatly frightened; they could not sleep at all.

They had long since heard that Demon King Chu would be extremely hungry after each breakthrough.

Early the next morning, Chu Feng was so hungry that he was seeing green flashes in his eyes. He really wanted to make a move against the Golden Monkey and the Magpie King.

However, at this moment, an alarm sounded loudly!

"The great battle has begun!"

"Brothers, to battle!"

The kings of Kunlun all rushed down the mountain, while the mysterious reinforcements circled around. The decisive battle between the East and the West had erupted!

Chu Feng’s eyes were green as blood rapidly flowed throughout his body. He had long since passed the point of his endurance. He rushed out with large strides—he would take first blood and roast a beast king before doing anything else.

At this moment, the whole world was focused on this great battle.

Outside of Mount Kunlun, the fearless agents of various intelligence agencies were gathered with countless cameras pointed towards the battlefield. At the same time, there were also many reporters from the East and West who were risking their lives for the ultimate scoop. It appeared that the battle would be streamed live!

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