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After the revival of Mount Kunlun, the area outside of the mountain range was extremely vast, truly a natural battleground.

The reddish-brown earth had been tempered by the trampling of many large lifeforms throughout the years and was as solid as rock. Sparse vegetation could be seen decorating the area here and there.

"Be careful, don’t blunder." Yellow Ox chased Chu Feng down the road and spoke in a hushed voice, warning the latter not to be rash.

After all, the Elder Lion King, the Black Dragon and Schiller were all fearsome existences—if one became targeted by any one of them, it would be a disaster.

Chu Feng’s long hair sparkled behind him. He was actually not the first to start rushing down the mountain, yet he had almost arrived. He could not wait any longer; he only wanted the battle to begin immediately.

"Stay low!" the black yak ran frantically and yelled while trying to catch his breath. He had finally pushed past the crowd and caught up to Chu Feng, pulling him back and issuing a stern warning.

There were a lot of people at the mountain entrance blocking the path. Otherwise, there was no way he would catch up to Chu Feng and Yellow Ox.

"I know." Chu Feng nodded; he naturally understood that this battle was bound to be intense. Many experts would bleed and die here.

The kings of Mount Kunlun brought their men and went out to meet the intruders.

Facing them in the distance was a sea of small black figures, surging with murderous intent—they even had armor giving them a sense of eeriness. This was the Eastern punitive expedition. A combination of humans and beasts, their numbers were in the thousands.

These were no normal soldiers; all of them were powerful experts. They had actually brought so many of their elites!

If one was to consider pure numbers, the Eastern punitive expedition held the advantage!

"Oh god, what am I seeing? A Western dragon! There are also giants and so many mystic races; it’s as if we’ve walked into a Mythical nation!"

A blonde reporter spoke, astonishment written all over her face, which, however, quickly turned into excitement.

"Shut up, stop shouting!" someone else warned the lady.

The area they were in was on the other side of the battlefield, furthest from the two armies. It was still considered safe at the moment, and as such, many reporters and intelligence agencies have gathered here.

These people had risked their lives to come to Mount Kunlun; everyone wanted to be the first to gain new data.

The East-West War was about to begin; the eyes of the whole world were upon them!

Throughout the battlefield, an austere aura hung in the air. The men were all silent, with not a single person shouting.

The Eastern punitive army had superior numbers; tens of fire lizards and fully armored knights stood among their ranks along with jade white unicorns and blonde beauties.

The expedition stood in large numbers, most of them were in their human forms while a portion of them revealed their true state. The large patches of black over the horizon were like the dark clouds before the imminent storm.

The display of strength gave one a sense of dread and suppression.

"They actually have so many experts on their side!" Even though the defenders were prepared, they could hardly force a smile at this point.

The kings of Kunlun and the reinforcements that they had invited all had solemn looks on their faces; the Eastern punitive expedition was more powerful than they had imagined. It appeared that their confidence was justified.

"There are at least a couple hundred king level entities!" the black yak cried. He suddenly felt quite stressed; this was sure to be a bloody battle at this rate.

It was fortunate that they had invited many experts throughout the East, otherwise, they would be hard pressed to hold Mount Kunlun with the people they had.

On the other side, at the fore of their dark army, the king level entities formed a large row, emanating astonishing energy fluctuations. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

However, the most eye-catching were those in the center of the row; their aura was too terrifying. The intimidating atmosphere emitted from their midst swept over the whole battlefield and silenced everyone.

The Black Dragon stood there with his hands crossed behind his back, looking disdainfully at the crowd before him. His hair flowed like a black waterfall as beams of light shot out from his eyes and tore through the skies above everyone.

He possessed such confidence because he was a dragon—a race that was superior to all others. Furthermore, he had evolved to the extreme and was widely known as being on equal level with the gods, his combat strength, unparalleled.

The Arctic King possessed a head full of white hair and looked rather barbaric. However, the chill within his eyes caused everyone to shiver in fear, for he could, without a doubt, look down upon all the other kings.

An old man with dense blonde hair attracted everyone’s attention; his whole body was glowing, emanating light golden blood energy which surged to the skies. He was able to suppress all the king level experts across the battlefield with his terrifying strength.

There was no need to especially introduce him for it was noticeable with a glance. He was none other than the Elder Lion King!

The masses were rendered speechless; they knew that this old lion was a peerless expert and a fearsome existence.

The Ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin of India stood there conspicuously; his head was bald like a monk, and his whole body exuded a solemn glow. One could even vaguely see a divine halo appearing behind him.

The people sucked in a breath of cold air as this was a sign of having reached the pinnacle of bodily cultivation. This was, no doubt, a fearsome enemy.

Beside Fanlin was the Vampire King. His blonde hair shone brightly in the sun as he stood there in full suit; he appeared refined and elegant, and he wore a friendly smile, completely unlike one who had come to participate in the battle.

However, all the experts were able to sense the terrifying aura within his body. He had drank the blood of many experts throughout the years, staining him with a dense murderous aura.

Schiller was also among them. The King of Vatican, who also happened to be the evil mastermind, stood there calmly, neither troubled nor joyful. However, his mere presence struck unease in the hearts of the Mastiff King and the other peerless experts; their expressions turned solemn.

Because, the Mastiff King had clearly sensed a resplendent radiant energy within him, along with a mass of frightening darkness. This supposed holy knight, the last of his kind, was a man possessing two extremely opposing auras.

Those were the pillars of the Easter punitive expedition; experts who had severed six shackles numbered a full six. They stood at the fore of the army like six tall and lofty mountains, causing the onlookers to feel greatly stifled.

"The experts of Mount Kunlun hear me. These days, we have not charged into Mount Kunlun and neither have we launched night raids. This is sufficient proof of our sincerity."

A king level entity walked out from the Western crowd; his extremely loud and powerful words reverberated throughout the mountainous terrain.

He was a human with bronze skin and brown hair which gave him a heroic look. A long golden spear strung on his back, his eyes flashing with cold light. His name was Kuntuo.

Language was not an issue in this battle; many from both sides were proficient with both languages.

The Horse King walked out from among the defenders. A bald man over 1.5 meters tall, the horse king was valiant and strong; an intimidating light shone in his eyes.

The Horse King spoke with a sarcastic smile, "Your words sound so just; it almost sounds honorable. But, you lot are just waiting for Schiller and the other experts to arrive."

"I can’t help it if you do not trust me. Then let us duel in an upright fashion, what say you?" Kuntuo issued subtle provocation.

In the distance, people such as the Black Dragon and the Lion King were completely silent. They stood there like tall mountains, powerful and unmoving.

"This is obviously being done, as instructed by those six peerless experts, to test out the strength of the Eastern experts."

Whispers arose from the king level experts of the East.

The Horse King glanced at the Mastiff King, asking for his opinion.

The Mastiff King nodded; they also wanted to test the waters.

Chu Feng was ravenous at this point; he truly wanted to rush out for the kill and was rather disappointed that Kuntuo was a human.


The two experts rushed out at extreme speeds and immediately started to fight.

Kuntuo, being an expert with four severed shackles, was extremely powerful and was rather famous among the Western experts. His name was probably only second to people like Schiller and Augustus.

He held a long spear in his hand which shot out streaks of lightning, causing no small amount of trouble for the Horse King. As the two fought, sand and stones flew in all directions as large cracks appeared in the earth.


Kuntuo’s spear thrust out, accompanied by arcs of lightning and incomparable brilliance like a small supernova. However, a palm struck the side of the spear with a deafening sound.

The Horse King’s palms were extremely solid; he once trained with an old llama in the palm arts of the Vajrayana. His palm was as strong as divine metal, and was even able to withstand the direct impact from a missile.

The two were embroiled in intense melee. Like two beams of interweaving lights, they were as swift as wind and lightning.

"Who of the same realm will fight me?"

At this time, a black-garbed lady walked out from the expedition camp. She appeared cunning and was accompanied by an air of evil algidity.

"The Black Widow!" someone spoke in a hushed tone, revealing her identity as a spider who had risen to power through evolution.

"I shall accompany you!" From the Kunlun side emerged a lady clad in court attire; she was just as beautiful as her opponent. She was the Weaver King of the silken cave and was also a spider who had undergone evolution.

As the two clashed, neither was willing to give the other an inch; it was a battle of the same race.


Two white beams of light crisscrossed the battlefield as strands of corrosive spider silk were shot out from their midst. After the silk fell to the ground, it corroded and sunk into the earth, charring it black; it possessed the power to ruin even divine weapons.

Thump… thump… thump…

The two clashed time and again in intensive melee.

Someone else emerged from among the Westerners. A red-haired man who had evolved from a scorpion; his strength was unfathomable.

Chu Feng was frantic; how come all the challengers were humans and poisonous bugs? None of them were edible! The hunger was burning inside him, and he could not wait to fight.

An expert from among the invited reinforcements walked out to meet the old scorpion in combat.

And with that, the combatants from the East camp and the West stepped out in succession to do battle on the vast fields until there were eight battles raging at the same time.

Chu Feng’s eyes were green; there were a couple of edible beasts among the challengers, but he was always one step late in stepping out.

Only when the tenth challenger appeared did he decide to take action!

His opponent was an Avian beast king; he spread his wings high up in the sky, emanating a bright radiance and enveloping him in a powerful light barrier.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng rushed over. He had, of course, suppressed his true speed to a mere mach two. Even so, his speed caused sand and rocks to fly everywhere as the air exploded thunderously behind him.

At this moment, blood had already been spilled on the battlefield—some had been wounded.


The Horse King had received a wound as the opponent’s spear penetrated his chest, spraying fresh blood everywhere. An expression of pain appeared on his face; his wounds were apparently severe. However, at that moment, his millstone-sized right hand also struck his opponent. Like a divine ability, red light surged out from his fist and encompassed the enemy before him.


Kuntuo received a heavy blow. Although he had avoided being struck on the skull, his shoulder had been completely deformed, and with all the bones and tendons broken, he was sent flying.

Numerous king level entities from the West were shaken; they all knew how powerful Kuntuo was. His strength was completely unfathomable and was at the level where he could challenge even the Golden Lion King, the expert who claimed to be unparalleled in the same realm. Although he was confident, he never got the chance to fight the lion.

The two adversaries had both received grievous wounds. Unable to continue fighting, the battle ended in a draw.

Actually, the experts of Kunlun were equally surprised; they knew the Horse King’s combat strength was exceptional and it was even famous within the mountain. Especially after training under the llama, his strength had taken a great leap.

Even such a barbarian had been wounded; the opponent was apparently quite powerful.


Another battle had come to a conclusion as the black widow’s head fell to the ground and her carcass reverted to its true form.

Pff! Pff! Pff!

At almost the same time, the curtains fell upon quite a few battles taking place. Kunlun had secured two victories and suffered three casualties.

The battleground was a cruel place; king level entities were fighting to kill each other. One slip up meant blood and likely death.

It was also at this time that Chu Feng rushed into battle against the avian beast king. He held nothing back as a fist was thrown out with a boom.

The power was astonishing; mysterious energy raged as intense explosions resounded.

However, that avian beast king was too fast; with a flap of its wings, it rose even higher. After swiftly dodging the incoming blow, it circled around Chu Feng and began its counterattack.


Chu Feng raised his left hand, and with a single push, arcs of lightning shot out diffusely. Not wanting to waste time here, he decided to take down his prey quickly. He was starved to the point of seeing stars.

Although he had suppressed his strength intentionally, the moment that the lightning shot out, it electrocuted the bird king quite badly. The unfortunate opponent was unable to dodge his attack and fell from the skies.


Chu Feng grabbed his potential meal and made a beeline for Mount Kunlun.

What was this situation? Gazing at this vanishing silhouette, everyone was dumbfounded.

At first, most people didn’t even notice that he had killed his opponent. Because, most of the experts were of the opinion that this battle would be uneventful and had instead directed their attention to the other battles.

However, within a moment of distraction, the battle here had ended.

"Wow, did anyone catch a glimpse of that silhouette? How did the battle end so quickly?" In the distance, many agents and reporters were complaining in a daze.

"Why do I get the feeling that the man looked like Chu Feng?" some people exclaimed in astonishment. Rewinding the recorded images and slowing it down many times, they caught the side-view of said person. Indeed, it greatly resembled Demon King Chu.


A great commotion arose. If it really was Chu Feng, it would cause nothing short of a great sensation because many people believed that he was already dead.

On the Kunlun side, many kings were dumbfounded. Seeing Chu Feng take off with the avian beast king, they did not know what to say.

At this time, Chu Feng’s eyes were burning with anticipation; he was incomparably excited as if he was carrying a bride of peerless beauty in his arms as he ran away at full speed, afraid that someone would snatch away his quarry.

Some people from the Western camp were also suspicious.

"What happened just now? How did the battle end so quickly? Is that brat also a bird race expert? Why did it look as if he had snatched the woman of his dreams? His eyes were almost green, and his face was rather perverted!"

"It seems that the Hummingbird King would be able to keep his life, that brat was looking at him as if he was looking at a peerless treasure," someone from the Western camp softly said.

After hearing that, the people felt relieved, knowing that the Hummingbird King would not encounter fatal misfortune.

However, not long afterward, some noise could be heard from the Eastern camp. Someone was starting a bonfire and there were people discussing the type of herbs and sauce best suited for grilling fowl.

"Wait a minute, something is definitely wrong!" The people from the Western camp looked over in great alarm.

"Dammit, someone is preparing to roast the Hummingbird King!"


The experts of the Western camp were shocked.

Within the Kunlun camp, many king level entities felt dizzy when they thought about Chu Feng. A great battle was raging in the mountains and everyone was tense with nervousness, and yet, there he was, roasting a bird king over a bonfire with a few others. This truly caused one to be speechless; it was like a "clear landslide"!

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