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Since the revival of Mount Kunlun, everything was different from before the mountain peaks were lush and vibrant; waterfalls hundreds of kilometers high hung from some cliffs, truly a magnificent and divine sight to behold.

Yellow Ox however, was dispirited; he and the black ox were drowned in self-blame. There were three of them when they headed over to the Vatican, and now only two remained with Chu Feng dead in a foreign land.

He was naturally dispirited and his voice was not much louder than a whisper. This caused Chu Feng to be surprised but he didn’t take long to realize what was wrong.

"Who are you? Speak," Yellow Ox impatiently said.

"I am god," Chu Feng replied, laughing.

At that moment, Yellow Ox’s eyes went wide and his ears stood up, trying to listen more attentively.

"What’s the situation? Why are you so excited?" the black yak looked at him, puzzled.

"I think I have some problems with my ear," Yellow Ox mumbled as he suspected that he had heard wrong.

"What the hell are you two muttering about? Did you not hear this god?" Chu Feng raised his voice on the other end.

"Wait a minute, how come I’m hearing that brat’s voice?!" The black yak’s ears also stood up straight as he rushed forward, staring at the communicator.

The incoming number was unknown.

Chu Feng’s own communicator had been destroyed in the intense battle, and this one was bought locally.

The two oxen also got their communicators destroyed in the battle, but they reapplied for the same number when they got back.

"Yellow Ox, black yak, have you two gone dumb?" Chu Feng bombarded the communicator with his loud voice, leaving the two with their ears ringing.

The two oxen looked at each other, dumbfounded.

Hadn’t Chu Feng died? Even the West has announced the confirmation of Chu Feng;s. With Schiller’s cruelty, he would certainly not leave loose ends.

However, they had just heard Chu Feng’s voice.

"Yellow Ox, Black Boss, have your brains been kicked by a donkey? Have you both forgotten me?!" Chu Feng was dissatisfied.

"You’re the dumb one. You’re the one who got kicked by a donkey!" Yellow Ox retorted, finally waking up from his daze.

"Brat, you sure are capable. You can even fake death! Are you really looking to worry us to death?!" the black yak cried out. Even though he was complaining, his face was full of excitement and relief.

At this moment, the two oxen were both jumping with joy!

Recently, the two of them have been feeling rather depressed. Although they had advanced by leaps and bounds, becoming exceptional figures among the king level entities, they were rather unhappy, having traded these achievements with Chu Feng’s life.

"How could I possibly die? I’m living quite well, in fact." Chu Feng laughed.

The black yak madly laughed, shaking the whole mountain peak. The verdant pines were all swaying as the Demon Ox Palace trembled due to the great force.

In the distance, many beast race experts looked at each other and sighed. It appeared that the ox king had gone mad again; it had been happening quite often recently, all due to the mere loss of a brother.

Yellow Ox was also laughing, but he didn’t overdo it. His eyes shot up resplendent lights as the worries in his heart were swept away, feeling extremely relieved and relaxed.

"Old Ox, are you raving again?! Stop crying, the great battle is nigh; you’ll feel better once you kill a few enemies and avenge Chu Feng."

The Horse King on the nearby mountain peak shouted; as before, he was still a shiny baldhead, extremely tall and valiant.

"Nonsense, I’m very happy! Just you wait—before long, the whole world shall quake, ha, ha…" The black yak unrestrainedly laughed.

After knowing that Chu Feng was alive and well, the two oxen’s eyes shifted about, suddenly remembering many things that had happened in the recent days. These two were not simpletons and were extremely clever.

The two oxen were dead sure that Chu Feng’s survival and the earth-shattering series of incidents that had happened in Europe were definitely related one way or another.

The two of them were extremely wily; they had almost immediately guessed that most of the incidents were Chu Feng’s handiwork.

"Brother, where are you now? Return quickly so that we can welcome you with a drinking party!" The black yak was extremely happy inside and wanted to make Chu Feng appear before him immediately.

"I’m in Greece. In fact, I wanted to ask you about the situation in the East. Should I continue to cause trouble here? Or should I return to Mount Kunlun and join the defense?" asked Chu Feng.

With that, the two were now certain who was behind all those shocking incidents.

"You better return. We’re worried about you staying around Europe alone," Yellow Ox persuaded. After all, Europe was the enemy’s home field; once old Schiller finds Chu Feng, he would be killed without a doubt.

"Right, return quickly. Stop tarrying over there; we need you to join the battle!" the black yak also urged him to return. After being parted by death, the duo did not wish for him to encounter another accident.

At the same time, the two oxen were unable to hold it in anymore and started asking about what had actually happened since the last time.

"What?! The one who killed Ovidius and roasted the White Bear is you?! When did you run off to Jerusalem?!"

The two oxen believed that the incidents in Europe had something to do with Chu Feng, but as for Jerusalem, it was improbable, considering the distance.

"I was chased into the sea at that time and almost died after being swallowed by a giant Whale King. Miraculously though, I arrived in the southeast, hiding within his body," Chu Feng revealed the whole story.

The two oxen were greatly excited as they listen, sighing secretly that Chu Feng was indeed in a perilous situation. It was very fortunate that he was able to survive.

"Brother, the one who created the Gourmet Rankings must also be you, right?" the black yak enquired excitedly.

Because during the recent days, the only thing keeping the two oxen amused was the satisfying news of enemy king level experts being roasted and eaten.


"Ha, ha, this feels so good. You made me drool so much. If I knew it was you earlier, I would’ve run over to join in on the good food."

The black yak loudly laughed; he was slightly regretful that he didn’t get to join in on the feast.

Yellow Ox’s expression was slightly odd. The world famous fierce person, that deity, was actually his brother—this truly caused one to be dumbfounded. No one would believe him if he told them.

"This is too satisfying; that damned lion has been cooked and eaten. I remember that day at the Vatican, he was so arrogant and disdainful. I really wanted to give him a good beating. Well killed, well killed!" the black yak praised.

They talked extensively with Chu Feng, asking about the details of his journey and when he would return.

"After you return, brother, we will help you refresh the Gourmet rankings!" The black yak was in high spirits; this brother of his had caused a huge ruckus in Europe, granting them supreme ease of mind.

At the same time, the two were also sorry that they didn’t get the chance to fight alongside Chu Feng. If they were able to join in person, that would’ve been epic.

The black yak said, "Brother, the world is calling you a deity, the fierce person, etc. If your identity is revealed, the whole world will surely burst into a huge clamor!"

Even the Yellow Ox had to nod at this. "Now, everyone thinks you are dead. If you return and suddenly reveal yourself, this will definitely cause everyone to be flabbergasted."

"Do you want me to announce your identity right now? I’m really itching to scream this news out loud!" the black yak excitedly said.

Recently, the two were stuck in a depressed mood. Now that all their worries had been lifted, they were feeling extremely carefree and elevated.

Especially since the things Chu Feng had gone around doing were too shocking, so the black yak wanted to reveal everything quickly. He wanted to see the reactions of the Eastern punitive expedition—they would no doubt be stomping their feet in anger.

There was no doubt that they would be supremely shocked.

One could imagine how the various powers would all be dumbfounded. No one would’ve thought that a dead person would actually be able to cause such a huge stir.

"Don’t, don’t announce it yet. We’ll talk about it after I get back." Chu Feng stopped him.

Yellow Ox also glared at the black yak, saying, "If we reveal it now, the Western beast kings will all go berserk and probably surround Chu Feng instead of attacking Kunlun. The Black Dragon and the Arctic King have long since been incensed."

The black yak looked a bit embarrassed. He was so delighted that he almost forgot that Chu Feng had offended almost all of those experts with six severed shackles.

"Oh, and by the way, did you know that the Vatican has been saturated with nuclear warheads and flattened as a result? Any idea how that happened?"

"I did that," Chu Feng admitted; he had almost forgotten about this.

The two oxen’s eyes went round as they looked at each other. This was his doing?!

The Gourmet Rankings had already come as a great shock. However, the destruction of the Vatican was a supreme earth-shattering incident that shook the whole world. If they all knew who did this, there would be severe repercussions.

"Brother, do you still have things that you are hiding? Fess up quickly and shocking us."

"That should be all," Chu Feng replied before adding, "how many shackles have the two of you broken?"

When this matter was mentioned, the black yak slapped his chest and announced that he was now a beast king with five severed shackles, only inferior to the likes of the Elder Lion King and the Peacock King.

Yellow Ox was now a beast king with four severed shackles; his power had also risen dramatically.

One had to know that before this, Yellow Ox was the same as Chu Feng, with only one severed shackle, while the black yak had severed three of them. This time around, their powers had all grown exponentially.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded; these two oxen had actually become such valiant and powerful experts!

The power of the Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine was truly shocking; he had only gotten one flower bud, and the two oxen had gotten two each. Evidently, the effects were also double.

Merely breaking through from severing four shackles to five shackles exhausted a completely different amount of resources. It became increasingly difficult as one advanced, giving one the misconception that the flowers were more effective on Yellow Ox.

"You two have grown by leaps and bounds. Then I won’t hold back anymore, I should be able to break through to the fourth shackle as soon as possible!" Chu Feng declared.

He wanted to try growing the seeds in the stone box and use the mysterious pollen to break through once more to the realm of four severed shackles.

"Don’t rush!" Yellow Ox warned. He advised Chu Feng to return to Mount Kunlun first and advance only after the great battle.

At the moment, the Yellow Ox and the black yak were both faced with some problems. Although they had broken through rapidly, they were both unstable in their realms after severing so many shackles in a short period.

Yellow Ox had previously told Chu Feng that the reviving world had countless fortuitous encounters that would propel one’s cultivation by tens to hundreds of years compared to other worlds. Those were not empty words.

However, breaking through several realms at once in this manner caused some realm instabilities.

At the moment, the two oxen were trying their best to stabilize their power. Otherwise, if their dao foundation became unstable, it would cause huge problems in the future.

However, Yellow Ox also acknowledged that Chu Feng’s continuous battles in Europe had probably allowed him to stabilize much sooner.

Either way, he advised Chu Feng to return to Kunlun first and observe the situation.

Chu Feng nodded; he had also broken two shackles in rapid succession and really ought to give himself time to stabilize.

However, he felt that there were no problems with his stability. The battle with the Golden Lion King could be considered a life and death battle. The battle had allowed his spiritual energy to reach its peak and stabilize his dao foundation, not leaving any residual defects.

"I’ll break through after returning to Mount Kunlun, then join in the battle!" Chu Feng muttered.

The conversation had long since ended, but Chu Feng had not set out as yet. He was a bit worried that the red crystals that he had gathered were insufficient to empower the seed to sprout.

After all, that seed was also continuously evolving, and every time it did, it required resources that would increase exponentially.

His target was the Vatican!

Chu Feng remembered the location of the red crystals—the last time they came here, it was in a rush and he was not able to collect all of them.

Although the whole place had been decimated, he believed that the boundary underground would not be harmed. Furthermore, he knew that there was a tear in the boundary that he could make use of.

Chu Feng blended in with the civilians and boarded a flight which landed him in Italy. Afterwards, he traveled to the Vatican and re-entered the divine grounds.

However, the landscape at the moment was completely different from before. What remained were only rubble and broken walls, with the exception of a single majestic cathedral which stood standing despite the devastation.

The whole area was drowned in radiation; apart from beast kings, one would not be able to approach unharmed.

However, this terrifying radiation did not affect Chu Feng at all; his constitution was now extremely strong and was impervious to the destructive effects of radiation in addition to the layer of protective mysterious energy.

Chu Feng walked slowly through the deserted and overgrown land. The medicinal garden area formed a huge pit.

He dug out a path with his flying knife and entered the ground to thoroughly search for the red crystals once more.

This was originally mutant soil which, according to Yellow Ox, became so after being stained with the spiritual blood of various experts.

"The Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine has withered?!"

In truth, Chu Feng was also thinking about taking that brightly colored tree when he came here, but upon inspection, he realized that it had dried up.

The previous nuclear bombardment must have destroyed any vitality it had left. The divine tree root was protected by the boundary and was not destroyed, but it would no longer appear on the surface of the earth in a short while.

As a result, the brightly colored tree withered and brittled; one touch was enough to shed its leaves and turn it to dust.

"What a pity." Chu Feng sighed. At the same time, he realized Schiller must be extremely enraged at the loss. His scheming and efforts had all been wasted.

Chu Feng did not care about that at all as he continued to search for his red crystals.

After half a day, he was satisfied with the large haul of red crystals he had obtained. It was more than the previous harvest, filling a sack the height of a man.

Chu Feng rose from amidst the ruins and took a few photos to serve as a memorandum.

He had initially wanted to go to the Black Dragon’s lair, but later he decided to let it be. A long night would surely be fraught with dreams—it was best to go back to Kunlun with his abundant harvest.

Additionally, his bombardment of the Vatican had certainly alarmed the Black Dragon and the Arctic King, urging them to take ample precautionary measures for their lairs and moving away precious materials.

Chu Feng successfully returned to Greece and recovered his previous stash of red crystals before setting out on his homeward journey.

At the misty valley, Chu Feng trod carefully, afraid that Schiller’s men would be guarding the area. After all, he had killed many experts here just a few days ago.

His worries were, in fact, unwarranted because experts at the level of six severed shackles would not have the time to guard this valley. Hence, he crossed over uneventfully.

In truth, even if he came across people at such a level, he also did not have to fear them. He was confident that his speed was no slower than people like the Elder Lion King and the Arctic King.

Finally, Chu Feng was back on Eastern Land.

"I’m back!" he loudly roared.

Recently, the people in the outside world all thought that he was dead, yet today, he was finally back.

Standing on the Eastern earth, Chu Feng contacted quite a few people, telling them that he had returned, alive and well.

Except for Lin Naoi, others like Lu tong, Ouyang Qing and Ye Qingrou, etc. were all shocked.

Lin Naoi, however, simply stood there on the seas shore, smiling gently. She had always suspected that Chu Feng had not actually died.

That day, within the Hollow Jade Temple, Lu Tong shouted out loud, almost tearing out his own beard.

"Aou…" This was the howl of the clairvoyant and clairaudient duo; they were both extremely excited.

However, these people did not dare to publicly disclose this matter. After all, Chu Feng had not yet returned to Mount Kunlun, and they were afraid that the disclosure might harm him on the way. They had all guessed that the shocking incidents in the West had something to do with Chu Feng.

"Mount Kunlun, I’m back. I’m going to breakthrough here and sever my fourth shackle, then I’m going to join the defensive battle!"

Chu Feng loudly shouted as he ran in huge strides, raising his speed.

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